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this is so fucking cool omg............................................... thank you

It was a good experience with graphics with a lesson in gameplay design lol

so much polish i loved that i really liked the whole style though I couldn't finish because I ran out of orbs and I couldn't shoot or pick up any more orbs because I didn't have one but until I got to that part it was super good!!

Ah I see the solution now. Also I had already turned my graphics settings to the minimum

My frames were kinda low, but it was a cool run though, I wish I could see more of it, but i couldn't figure out how to get past the part with the moving platform and the white cylinders blocking the bridge.

Omg when I fell in i looked around for a solid 10 seconds and then when i realized where I was I straight up literally burst out laughing I love it it was great very funny

:') i should talk to a therapist again thanks

I've gotta say I did enjoy sacrificing tomato fish to Artemis

Grappling was so fun! I loved everything about this one, you could totally expand it more! :)))

The fishing was a bit slow, but the entire game is so polished and complete looking, lots of potential!

vroom vroom

I felt like the game was a bit slow, but it was super polished and I loved the sounds and music!

Cool base for a game

The offscreen stalactites got me lol

A mini survival game is a cool idea, though it was really hard to see and there wasn't much to do, these are things that can always be improved on later, to make something even better.

Very very cool concept, with some more balance and polish this could be really great! :)

It's an interesting concept, identifying species, which could be used on a larger project even. Like animal crossing?

that end was the last thing i was expecting out of this damn

I thought the concept was super cool, just that the execution needed a little bit more, but other than that I liked the experience!

Y'all idk if you were planning on making a rage game because the game is tagged #casual but that's sure what it feels like lol

Like Honey Pony, I also had the same problems with level 2, but the game does seem to have a nice level of depth and strategy, like with the ships that shoot at your towers, teaching you to spread your cannons out. Now that I've tried blocking the ships off with towers I see even more depth potential!

I spent like 10 minutes just amassing an ungodly amount of wealth and then instantly died to a crab because I only crafted a spear lmao, but for real I really loved this one I love seeing numbers go up and I love top down combat stuff and it nailed what a fast survival game should really be honestly (very good)! :)))

bird got lost offscreen lol

I was totally not expecting a puzzle game at first, but it was super well executed! the time limit with the way you move the fish with the combo potential made for a really fun experience!

Lmao that big fish scared me and when I got sent to the game over screen it was staring, mocking me

Y'all I felt like a genius designing that shop because it meant that I wouldn't have to learn containers in the small amount of time I had left and I didn't have to worry about how aligned each button would have to be lmao

(1 edit)

I was definitely not expecting a 3 paragraph analysis on the shop-that-i-added-on-the-last-day-which-i-did-not-think-critically-about, but thank you! (edit: now that I'm thinking about it thats actually genius if a game focused on that (like the difficulty curve is based on the controls (like remember i am bread those controls were hard from the start but this is super smart)))

Pretty cool! Racking in big combos is a fun mechanic

I really want to play this after the jam!! Waiting for the bug to get fixed, saving for later

I loved the colors!

That was so cool! I loved the little adventure!! :)

It's already very engaging, enough to get me to 2000 points, so I do think it'll be great once it's done.

That was a very strange experience (in a good way), I don't know what else to say about it other than it was engaging for sure.

Though it was lacking some polish, I think the coordinate movement idea was super cool, and could definitely be expanded upon.

If there is such thing as a fnaf-like, this hits the spot perfectly. That was so fun and original, so much depth to the gameplay with all the kinds of monsters, you could make this into a whole game and I'd buy it!

What I was trying to say is that the game loop is very engaging, with a little more content this could go on for much longer.

The giant laser was super powerful and fun, and the visual effects were really good! I did have a hard time controlling the submarine, even on the windows build.

I think there was a bug with the octopus that just made you get basically infinite money when it hits an enemy? But other than that i liked the octopus as a close ranged tower, we don't see many of those in tower defense games :)

I liked the mechanics and it seems like there's a lot of potential here

The deliberate quality of the ships' movement (though a tad hard to control) made for some calculated and satisfying victories!