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The game is fun, entertaining, love the visual style and the variety of items :)

The game is really good, difficult at some points but fair.
Love the art, SFX, VFX, gameplay mechanics.

The game has good visuals, great SFX and interesting teleports, enjoyed fighting the jumping boss.

Thanks for the feedback !

Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to play it !

Thanks Craig !

Love the puzzler skills ! Strategy and technique are very well conceived in this game !

Interesting concept, had to master the mouse skills though :)

Feels like an old school PC game, love the minimalistic pixel art and the action level design !

A professional game with a variety of fun components which make the game really engaging !

The game is fun and intuitive, well done :)

Interesting puzzler game :)

Amazing visuals, creative gameplay mechanics and concept, love the music and SFX, well done !

Thanks for the feedback !


Thanks for playing the game !

Thank you !

Yes, I made this easier, thanks for always playing my games !

Thanks for the feedback, learning from you friends !

This a fantastic game with a huge amount of professional details, well done :)

Fantastico !

El juego está bonito, unas explosiones como VFX le quedarían bien a los avioncitos :)

Great fun !

Interesting game :)

An amazing visual novel, love the story/structure/art, well done !

Thanks for the feedback, made my day !

Amazing as always, coming from a great retro game designer

Stay Brutal Bad Piggy !

Great game design in place ! Fun gameplay, smooth controls !

Thanks for the feedback !

Thanks, learning from you !

Congratulations !

Excellent way to develop the creativity, love the gameplay and art too !

Love the art, quite challenging though ! :)

Love the gameplay and the challenges !

Love the puzzle style, the items to try out and the freedom that the gamer can experience throughout the levels ! Well done !

This is quite smart, the most creative gameplay I've played so far in this game jam ! Well done !

Love the exploration, the storytelling and the level design, well done !

Ate the insects, however I couldn't figure out what to do with the moving yellow square.