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Thanks for playing!

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Hey Spencer!
We'd like to submit our game, Haque. It's a narrative roguelike with lots of depth and a playful glitch aesthetic.


Kevin Cole (Developer, SuperTry)

thanks so much!!

Love the art and the music and just the overall vibe. Everything's very cute and the gameplay is crisp and elegant. Great job!!

So polished! Love the beetles and the humor. Great stuff!

This is brilliant. Great puzzles but nothing so tough that I ever felt lost or too frustrated. Excellent job integrating your tutorials into the gameplay!

This aesthetic is so cool! Chucking the scrap into the fire has a great weight to it. Well done!

Really cool art and vibe. The text reveal with the lantern light was super neat, always love an in-game title reveal!!

This is totally one of my favs so far! Great puzzle design and creative animal choices! Dynamic music was a flex and you pulled it off super well!

Very cute and wholesome interpretation of the theme. Other folks have said it but that double jump animation is just fantastic!

Very smart and satisfying! Love going out of bounds and the music is very chill. Love it!

Very cool! Loved the chain mechanics and the atmospheric music. Well done!

Great music and style! I like the mechanics but I kind of wish there was an "auto" mode for actions that don't require me choosing anything.

One of the prettiest games I've played in this jam! Love having my team of slime healers backing me up. Well done!

thanks so much!!

Very cute and fun! Loved all the accessories and expressions!

Loved that death was very forgiving in this game and the blood effects for the puzzle pieces got a laugh out of me. Great fun, especially the portal segments!

Thanks so much! I definitely will!!

Yessss! Straight to the top!!

Great game, great vibe. Loved it!

Very fun and elegant idea! I like that you can't just camp at the back of the train and shoot bandits, you gotta heal and stoke the train at the front. Very clever!

Hey great minds think alike, we both did disassembling robot games! Really liked your interpretation of the theme. Ejecting my legs mid jump to hit a button felt awesome!

This was great! Loved the bit about "Off-Course." The writing, art, and sound design are all very sharp!

Screen wrap around was a genius idea. Love the big green laser too. Just super fun all around!

Super fun!! The mechanic where enemies have different hit point shapes is a winner, I'd love to see that in other games.

Excellent puzzles! Love breaking out of bounds in level 4, that was a great twist on the mechanics. Well done!!

This is definitely one of my favorites of the jam. When the buzzing in the music started I was like "this is magical"

Tough but very clever! Love seeing this much mileage and complexity coming from simple mechanics. Great job!

LOVE the vibe and the atmosphere!

Love the amount of chaos this game builds up to! Tons of great design decisions and interactions. I love that the snakes get longer when they eat mice.

Gameplay is super smooth! Kind of feels like Sonic at times. Love the music!

You are RUNE a young upstart wizard eager to prove yourself and pay off your wizard debt.  Your favorite professor gifted you a map to a secret dungeon that contains fabulous treasure and magical instruments from ages long past, though the danger inside may be great. Through an app on your crystal ball you match up with WRACK, a firebrand of a warrior and a gentleman of some renown. Though you and Wrack have some trouble cooperating and communicating, perhaps this dungeon will forge you into a team that can face any challenge!

Huh, haven't run into that problem before. Thanks for reporting it!

Are you using the number row on the left of your keyboard or the number pad on the right of your keyboard? Is NumLock on? I have no idea what Num Lock actually does but maybe it makes my game break?

Hm well:

1) Walk up to them and then when you hear their "!" noise, start running. They'll detect you faster if you just run at them.

2) Chase them toward the center of the map. They'll escape out of bounds if they can and you can't follow them.

3) Try and remember what obstacles will be in your way in the *next* map square you chase them into.

4) Don't give up if you hit a tree but if they have a big lead on you, let them go and try again when they settle down.

5) Try chasing them diagonally? For... math... reasons you move faster diagonally.

This was like roguelike meets rubix cube and I loved it. Key puzzles are an incredible addition and the action economy was a great way to pace out a turns and the difficulty. Using the classes as difficulty levels was really smart and considerate, love that there's a "all randos" class too.

Well done! One of my favorite 7DRLs of all time!

Whoa thanks so much! That's really high praise!

Thanks so much! You gotta chase down the fairies!

Yeah I think it goes up to KABOOM pretty quick and I think could make the transition from POW to BOOOOOOM a littler better and gentler.