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thanks so much for playing!! :>

Oh heck yeah!! Thanks for supporting my stuff!

Thanks! I haven't quite figured out how to do controller support in HTML5 but I do have an updated .exe version of Hot Soul Laser Beam that includes controller support on my Patreon:

Thanks so much! I did end up slightly expanding this game with a new dungeon for my $5 patrons on my patreon:

1: Go to the northern map squares and wait for about 10 seconds without pressing any buttons. If there are any Ghost Caps they should pop up.
2: Kinda! If you get 5 Mushrooms of each type you can go back to each character for some special dialogue. Otherwise if you have at least 1 of each mushroom you can go back to the witch hut to roll credits.

haha sorry about that, if you play it in your browser it should work fine
some weird sites stole my work a while back and i got kind of paranoid about it

Thanks so much for playing!!

Thank you! That game was definitely a huge influence.

Aw thanks so much!

Thanks for playing! Glad the cheat button got some use!

Thanks so much for playing!!

Hey thanks again for the feedback! I think I fixed the block pickup input issue in the latest update and I added a fullscreen functionality. I usually do .Exe versions of my games for my patreon patrons if you're interested! Thanks for helping make the game better

Thanks again for the feedback! I altered that room a little bit so you should be able to get out of it if you have the walljump power.

Thanks again for the feedback! I think I fixed the bug and you should be able to pick up the box now.

Thanks so much for the feedback and thanks for playing!

Great stuff as always dude and one of the best takes on the theme I've seen in this jam!

Very fun! As a longtime Super Adventure Island fan, this totally scratched an itch.
I think my only note is that I'd appreciate a sound cue to go along with the visual warning for enemy spawns just because it's a little hard to take in the whole screen all at once.
Great job!!

Thanks so much!

Thanks for reporting this! It might be a browser issue? I mostly tested this in Chrome.

Ah yep, I see how that could happen now. Thanks for your feedback, I'll probably fix that!

Thanks so much for playing!!


Thanks for playing!

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Hey Spencer!
We'd like to submit our game, Haque. It's a narrative roguelike with lots of depth and a playful glitch aesthetic.


Kevin Cole (Developer, SuperTry)

thanks so much!!

Love the art and the music and just the overall vibe. Everything's very cute and the gameplay is crisp and elegant. Great job!!

So polished! Love the beetles and the humor. Great stuff!

This is brilliant. Great puzzles but nothing so tough that I ever felt lost or too frustrated. Excellent job integrating your tutorials into the gameplay!

This aesthetic is so cool! Chucking the scrap into the fire has a great weight to it. Well done!

Really cool art and vibe. The text reveal with the lantern light was super neat, always love an in-game title reveal!!

This is totally one of my favs so far! Great puzzle design and creative animal choices! Dynamic music was a flex and you pulled it off super well!

Very cute and wholesome interpretation of the theme. Other folks have said it but that double jump animation is just fantastic!

Very smart and satisfying! Love going out of bounds and the music is very chill. Love it!

Very cool! Loved the chain mechanics and the atmospheric music. Well done!

Great music and style! I like the mechanics but I kind of wish there was an "auto" mode for actions that don't require me choosing anything.

One of the prettiest games I've played in this jam! Love having my team of slime healers backing me up. Well done!

thanks so much!!

Very cute and fun! Loved all the accessories and expressions!

Loved that death was very forgiving in this game and the blood effects for the puzzle pieces got a laugh out of me. Great fun, especially the portal segments!