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Love the art and the music and there's some neat mechanical stuff going on too! My first build was all-in on slimes but I noticed that made my bats more like a quick, low energy attack. There's so much potential here!

Really cool interpretation of the theme! I have not played anything yet that lets you be an entire item shop! Also love the big charge-up jump you gave the shop. Very fun! Great work!

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing! I agree with you, it's too hard to hit with the up attack. I'm gonna mess with the hitboxes in the next update!

Thanks for playing! I was also surprised this ended up having a story, I don't normally go that way with my jam games.

Thank you!!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the kind words!

Love the chaos combined with a typing game. The visuals are really incredible too! Fantastic work!

Excellent use of the theme and really cool to see all the hazards stack up as you play. Well done on all fronts!

Great game and excellent implementation of the theme. Not enough games let you throw a whole Death Star at a mosquito!

A role reversal game with another role reversal in it!! Great implementation of the theme.

Took me a little while to get the hang of it but once I started getting chains of enemies it felt sweet. I like how the difficulty ramps up over time with the enemies gradually disappearing. For only five hours of work this is really incredible! I can't do anything in 3D. Hope you keep working on it!

Yesss! Thanks so much for playing!

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Absolutely love the art and this was an incredible interpretation of the theme! Scooping up a bunch of neat new cards at the end of a fight reminded me why I like deckbuilders so much. Well done all around! Can't wait to come back for the goblin and siren cards.

Very cool art and I like how smart and fluid the camera is. Nice work!!

Very fun and well scoped. It doesn't waste my time and it was intuitive enough to learn without reading the instructions first. A great jam entry for sure!

This is an incredible entry with many good ideas and tasty mechanics but I think the decision to use rain ambiance instead of music is my favorite part. It gives the game a unique and cozy vibe. Really thoughtful and well done!

Super cool! This is a really neat interpretation of the theme!

Thanks so much for playing!!

Time well spent!

Thanks so much for playing!!

A jam game with an intro cutscene??? Incredible! Love the interpretation of the theme, love the watercolor graphics, love the peppy music. One of my favs of the jam for sure.

That title sequence is incredible, the music rips, and hittin stuff with a bat feels crunchy and good. Amazing jam entry all around!

Awesome interpretation of the theme! Hilarious that the camera does not even follow you. I can see a bunch of potential for the Lasso mechanic should you expand this game later, and I hope you do!

Really fun! Great monsters, great OOFs, and I love the Dungeon Cleared music. Nice job!

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This was cool! The music has great vibes 😎

Beautiful visuals and I love the message and mechanics. My cat moves me around my apartment the same way!

Super cool! "Refill tractor beam by eating grass" is an incredible game mechanic haha

Loved this one! Diving seems to increase the spawn rate for rocks and bats which is a cool risk/reward mechanic. Music is a bop too

So much style! Love the look of this one and getting a kill feels sweet.

Very neat! I love the nonplussed expression on the diamond when you possess it. Great work!

Love the cute art and the humor! Nice work!

Very cool! getting that triple laser rocks!

Berzerker Master appreciates you! Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it 😊

Thanks so much for playing!! We came really close to running out of time!

Thanks so much for playing!!

Sticky feat is diabolically hard. Love it! Great work.

Really well done! A game about what could have been 💔

Really cool interpretation of the jam theme! I think this is also just a dang decent twin-stick style shooter. Setting up slow moving bubbles as traps with sq- I mean the turtle was really fun to pull off. Nice work!!