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Whoa this looks incredible! Definitely going to be following this one closely.

Great name, great game! Loved the pattern for the blue saucers. Music is epic.

This is a really good suggestion. I've been playing some games with similar control schemes and they all do this.

Oh I didn't know about this one! I was actually kind of riffing on Baba Is You

Thanks for showing me this though! I'm gonna dive in for inspiration!

These are great points! Part of the reason I spawn Eddie off screen is because he’s usually in “Walk” mode and I wanted to give players a little more time to take in their surroundings. But spawning him on the first tile in “off” mode would be waaaaaay more intuitive. Thanks!

Thanks man <3 this gives me some good stuff to think about. Maybe the rhythm angle is worth exploring!

Hey thanks for writing this out and expecting so much from the game.  I think these are valid critiques of the level design, controls, and mechanics. About halfway through I decided the game didn't look pretty enough  and I spent a bunch of time tweaking the art. As a result of this and other decisions, level design was kind of crammed in at the end and I think the mechanics suffered and I fell back on established platformer tropes which did a disservice to the underlying ideas.

While I'm not sure if there was a chance of EW reaching its full potential in just 48 hours, that doesn't invalidate your critiques and if I end up going forward with this game I will take this post to heart.

Thanks again,


ooh good idea, if I end up building this game out I’ll try and incorporate a hint mechanic

Thanks so much! Zooming out in your browser (ctrl + mouse wheel in Chrome) might let you see both windows at once, but yeah the game size is a little clunky

v cute, best story

Wow graphics, sound, and mechanics are all top notch! Love the little idle animations too, this is fantastic!

Really like this idea! Super satisfying once you get rolling.

Lovely art! The main character is so cute!!

Utterly bizarre. I love it. My high score is 10.

Love the sprites!

Great writing! Loved all the little touches.

Hahahahaha this was awesome! Loved your lyrical additions!

Thanks! Fire tends to spawn around where your Chef is to encourage moving around. Since your multiplier gets reset when you're hit I find the best strategy is to play hyper defensively and keep your eye on your Chef at all times. Glad you enjoyed it!

I think you almost did too good of a job making this seem like a  markov chain bot with visuals when it turns out to be so much more! At the same time I almost feel bad spoiling the twist because its so affecting. Thank you for making it, I'm really glad I played it, I'll try to stealthily recommend it to some friends.

Man it's really crazy what these algorithms come up with!

<spoiler alert>

Harrowing, absurd, and a little hopeful?  This really drew me in and then knocked me around. Loved it!

Yoooo thanks so much for playing!!

Thank you! Yeah, I wanted to go for old flashgame-style graphics because it was in my reach and it just got weirder from there. Glad you had fun!

yayyyy!! thanks!

Hey Nalzok,

Thanks for reporting this. Shields only grant their stats after you use "Shield Up" and while the "Shielded" status is active.

If you still don't get a stat bonus after using Shield Up, let me know!

Thanks again, hope you enjoy Haque!

Kevin Cole (Developer)

While we figure this out, your purchase of Haque also includes a Steam key and the Steam version is apparently not having this error.

Hi Jonathan!

First, make sure you have the latest version of If Haque still doesn't run after a re-install it could be a Mac permissions issue, try enabling "Allow Apps Downloaded from Identified Developers " in Security & Privacy and if that doesn't work try enabling "Allow Apps from Anywhere"

Sorry about the inconvenience, we'll get it fixed as soon as we figure out what's wrong.

Kevin Cole

Hi Dan! I think I found in the first place because of Roguelight, so thank you! I love your style!

Hi, I'm Kevin Cole from Massachusetts!

I'm a full-time writer/spriter/designer/developer and I work with my friends to make games that are weird and important to us. Our first game was a puzzle-platformer in reverse called Project Maiden and it took two years and a successful Kickstarter to make. Right now I'm working on a roguelike called Haque which was successfully Kickstarted in October!

I work in GameMaker and I use mostly free stuff like BeepBox, Bit Font Maker 2, Graphics Gale, and sfxr to make my games.

I started game development by doing game jams in college and I'd love to do more jams and make small games too because those are the games I love to play on itch!

I mostly lurk and I'm pretty shy, but this community rocks and I wanted to say hey! Thanks for bein' cool.

I tweet stuff too.