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"Arr, ye bankrupt!" Legit made me laugh out loud.

This was very fun! The pirate threat combined with the inability to overwrite previous directions made for some great spur of the moment tactical navigation. The little touches like the map rolling out, the hourglass animations, and the game over voice were all wonderful. I'd love to see this expanded out with a little more feedback and tutorialization but overall I thought this was a great jam entry!

Also good for my crew for demanding a pay raise even if they did bankrupt me when they started demanding more than $5 a day.

For two hours of work this is really impressive! If you end up working on this after the jam, I'd really love to see the ideas you mentioned in the story description worked into the game. I don't think I've seen too many games interpret the theme this way, so big points for originality! I liked the hopeful message.

Couldn't run it because I don't have an android but dang the video was probably the most I could stomach! I think that speaks to the strength of the sound design and the visuals. Man, the sound design is really really effective here from the bassy heartbeats to the ASMR slurping I was... repulsed I guess? But in an intriguing way! Very dark and extremely stressful all around. Also props for leaning into the claustrophobic interpretation of "passage."

Great ending and a cool and funny concept!

Really loved the ending! Great work!

My bird pulled an all-nighter to get her presentation ready for the Big Meeting and just found out it got rescheduled.

This was really great! I got big Portal vibes from the mechanics and I was able to learn through experimentation pretty easily!

I thought it was a good move to not gate the player in and let them skip segments but perhaps restarting them in the room they died in would have been slightly more convenient. But I also recognize there's a tradeoff in punishment there.

Lots of very good design choices throughout. Loved the mechanics and the sprites of the enemy ships. 10/10 would scrap again.

Thanks so much! There's a secret room in the bottom-right-most corner of the map that activates WASD+Space controls if you ever want to try again!

Thanks! Hm, yeah maybe I could have kept the camera more fixed or made jumping "icy" once a jump was initiated.

The mouse movement platforming controls were meant to mirror waving your phone for cell service but I don't think that came across cleanly. Keeping the movement to mouse only also kept tutorials simpler but intuitive did not equal precise or comfortable for a lot of players.

I kept the mouse controls because I think it's evocative and an interesting lesson but if you (or anyone!) would like to try the game with Keyboard controls there's a secret room in the bottom-right-most corner of the map that unlocks the alternate control scheme.

Thanks for the kind words and for asking! Hopefully this is at least illuminating for other game devs!

Thanks so much! I've been lurking on the tabletop pages but I'll work up some courage and participate. Thanks for keeping the itch community awesome!

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Hi everybody!

I'm Kevin, I'm from Massachusetts, and I make games as part of SuperTry Studios with my friends.

2019 will be my 6th year as a full-time indie game developer. I got my start doing game jams and I try and do a couple of them each year. SuperTry released it's first commercial game, Haque, in 2017 and  sales from that, contract work, and a side hustle editing podcasts is how I stay afloat. Right now I'm working on tabletop RPG called Space Kings and an educational game called Script Ship!

Even though I can't afford GDC, I feel super privileged to have been able to make games for this long. I want other game devs to know that you decide what success is. If success to you is going to GDC, shoot for that! If it's finishing a jam, go for it! If it's finally putting that design doc together, go you!

No one's better than anyone else, we're all trying to make this profession/hobby/obsession work. Be good to yourself and lift others up when you can.

Shout out to itch for giving me a place to put my stuff regardless of my stuff's direct commercial viability. Game jams I've done here have lead to some pretty cool friends and projects.

Thanks for reading. Keep making and playing games!

Kevin Cole (SuperTry Studios)

Really well done! The art, music and writing are all superb. Going with a VN for the cycles theme was an inspired choice as repetition and knowledge are the key to getting that good end. Especially love the cycles theme as displayed in Alma's backstory. Great stuff!

Yay! Thank you so much! I was worried those easter eggs would go undiscovered!

So this rules

Thank you! Yeah the game really starts once you get the crossbow. I didn't even know there was going to be a crossbow until I made it on a whim halfway through the jam and I just kind of kept the other levels around. If I ever build this out more there will be more and sooner crossbow :D

Yessss glad that moment hit somebody!


Hahaha thank you! Hope that won't stop you from making puzzle platformers in the future. I need more!

Yessssssssss glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much!!

YES! Love creative sound design like that!!

Hey thanks! I did not even consider this. Made a really quick update to allow IJKL to function as arrow keys.

Very satisfying! Love the bassy sound effects and getting a "combo" feels incredibly good. Beautiful and well done!
Final time: 1:59:43 

Thanks so much!! Glad you enjoyed it!


Whoa this looks incredible! Definitely going to be following this one closely.

Great name, great game! Loved the pattern for the blue saucers. Music is epic.

This is a really good suggestion. I've been playing some games with similar control schemes and they all do this.

Oh I didn't know about this one! I was actually kind of riffing on Baba Is You

Thanks for showing me this though! I'm gonna dive in for inspiration!

These are great points! Part of the reason I spawn Eddie off screen is because he’s usually in “Walk” mode and I wanted to give players a little more time to take in their surroundings. But spawning him on the first tile in “off” mode would be waaaaaay more intuitive. Thanks!

Thanks man <3 this gives me some good stuff to think about. Maybe the rhythm angle is worth exploring!