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Little Martian

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I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with the textures.

I haven’t done any other textures, but I’m planning on adding lots more to this pack, across lots of different themes. For example, I’m currently working on some toxic waste/laboratory textures. And after that I might do some more natural textures such as rocks, stone, grass, wood, etc, but all in the same style so that they can be used together nicely. :-)

Haha, you’re right, and I realised too straight after releasing the door textures, that they’re more suited to a Quake map than a DOOM map.

But don’t worry, the next version has some vertical DOOM doors. 😎

Thank you!

Thank you so much! That’s very kind of you to say!

Thank you! ☺️

Hey, so I added a whole bunch of extra textures over the past couple of weeks, including tech doors, computer terminals, more crates and colour variations, and some natural stone tile textures. I’m planning on working on more outdoor/natural textures next.

Also, do you think the alt version is perhaps a bit too dark? I think I might recolor those to be lighter, but still distinct to the grey/yellow version.

I can’t believe I didn’t think about the tops of the crates!!! So today I drew crate variates without the forklift holes, for the sides, and some plain versions for the tops. They aren’t in the asset pack yet, but here they are for you to try out…

I just added some 32x16 and tiny 16x16 crates in the latest version! Enjoy!

Oh yeah, I’ve mostly got you covered. I have 64x64, 64x32, and 32x32, but no 16x16 yet.

This is looking really great. I started drawing some crates earlier, that should fit with the rest of the texture more closely. Here’s a sneak peek…

Nice, I’m following you now so I can keep an eye on progress on this! :-)

Nice! I like the lighting, and of course the DOOM double-barreled shotgun is a nice touch! What engine are you using?

Hey, thank you so much! :-D

I have around a dozen new textures that are partly drawn. I’m hoping to finish those up and add them to the pack very soon. What sort of outdoors textures are you interested in?

Thank you! Once I started drawing them I found it to be really kind of addictive, and I’ve actually learnt quite a bit about different alphabets and languages in the process! :-D

Hi everyone, so today I just released my first ever premium asset pack “PHASED”. It’s a sci-fi themed pixel font and it comes in 2 variants and 3 different sizes (16px, 8px and 5px). It currently features 214 glyphs, covering extended Latin characters, Greek, Coptic, and Cyrillic. And I’m working on a vector version, to be included in the pack very soon at no extra cost.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the demo. :)

Thank you so much. I’m so happy you enjoyed the demo and I think you’re going to really love the full game when it eventually releases! :-)

That’s cool, there’s really no need to feel bad at all. I like to draw textures as a way to help me practice pixel art techniques, and I thought it’d be nice to share the outcome with others! 😊

You’re welcome, I’m glad you like them! :-)

Hi, I’m glad you like them! I do indeed to add more textures once I’ve released Little Martian, which is my main project, though I’m not sure I’ll ever do a premium pack though, because I don’t have the time to support it right now.

Thanks. I’m really glad you like them!

Thank you! Be sure to share screenshots of your game, it’d be great to see the textures used in a real game! Best of luck.

Hey, thank you very much. If you have any ideas for new textures you’d like me to add to the set, let me know and I’m l I’ll try to add them. 😃

Hey, I’m glad you enjoyed playing the demo. Yeah, I guess you’re right, the survival genre is pretty saturated, but for my first game I just wanted to build a game that I love to play myself, and Little Martian is kind of the result of taking a bunch of my favourite parts from various survival games and mashing them together with some ideas of my own. ☺️