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Soul Engine

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I'm always amazed by what is made by the Super Try team. Keep it up!

Yes, we noticed the firing just a little too late before submitting but are implementing a fix! A mini-map is a great suggestion as well. Thanks so much for taking time to play our game!

I think with leaning even more into the minimalist style, this could be a really cozy feeling game! With some music and little interludes of sipping tea. I like the task management idea!


This is a fun concept! found myself chuckling trying to managing the bribery and temper levels!

The retro yet modern arcade feel of this game make it a standout! The gameplay keeps you locked in from the start while the music keeps you whimsically captivated all the while.

The responsiveness of the ball was fun to play with! The physics are well done and the concept is straightforward yet quirky enough to get behind- nice work!

The art and presentation is fantastic-equal parts zany as it is charming!

Gave off some retro SNES style side-scroller shooters a la Earthworm Jim when starting! This is a creative idea for the jam to have the player lose abilities after getting hit! I did find it a bit difficult to keep track of damage as the screen flashes for all instances-maybe blinking red when hit by enemies instead? Either way, nice job on this concept!

This is a really great implementation on the theme of the jam! The fluidity of the platforming is also very satisfying. Great work on the art and music. Loved the Yoshi Story-esque mechanic of losing the letter too!

This is a stellar entry for the jam! The last few levels left me head-scratching in all the right ways. For a week long jam, it's incredibly impressive the work that was accomplished by SuperTry from the animation to the level design,  down to the skillful execution of so many unique mechanics (frog wizard is best wizard) The music gave off some big Curse of Monkey Island vibes and I was here for it. 

Amazing work- don't miss out on this one!!

We got a little ambitious with the intro cutscene haha but thank you for playing!

Reminds me of some Sega Genesis style games! Love the concept and made me chuckle  throwing all those red cards- nice work! The only thing I think that would benefit would be some background sfx or light music!

Thank you so much!!

Aw thanks so much!! We definitely took some good good inspiration from that classic! So glad you enjoyed it!

I actually like the slidey-ness of this! It gives it a sense of active space even with the minimalistic vertical style. Absolutely love the graphics and art, the HUD, color design, and the SFX are fantastic! Only thing would be to add some music!

Charming, hilarious, and so very nostalgic- awesome work!!

The sound effects and music are fantastic! Very cool  concept too of the slot machining!

Thanks so much for letting us know! Should be zipped correctly now and ready to go!

We are so excited to have been apart of this! From having our initial vision and trying our best to see it through, we learned so much from this experience.  Can't wait to see what everyone has come up with and share in the creative catharsis together. 

Very sleek retro style and addictive gameplay! The only issue I encountered was once collecting all the items, moving between some parallel paths was a little tough (leading to some frustrating deaths lol) Awesome work!

Very sleek retro style and addictive gameplay! The only issue I encountered was once collecting all the items, moving between some parallel paths was a little tough (leading to some frustrating deaths lol) Awesome work!

Another superb entry from SuperTry showing their prowess with puzzle based platformers. It's incredible charm and head scratching levels keep you engaged from start to finish. Some incredible depth and mechanics here for under a week of development. Great sound design and music too create just the right inquisitive yet dire mood for your incredibly cute protagonist. Nice work!!

Great mechanics, simple yet eye-catching design, and incredible depth for a week long jam! Felt fulfilling to successfully circumnavigate those pipes like a boss when you finally do get it. Even gave me some Fez vibes while playing. Nice job! 

Great first start! I found the gameplay a little tedious but overall it has a charm to it. If you continued the concept I think you could definitely have something! Especially that froggy king- the sprite is so good! 

Really nice job creating a fun game you can jump right into! I appreciated the save function to keep the momentum up which is something this game does great. The pixel art is great and retro and the music is also stellar. The gameplay is succinct but equally as fun! 

Really nice concept!

Really nice concept!