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Thank you for the supportive feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed!

This game is awesome. Such a fun unique idea that works really well as a roguelike. The art is absolutely fantastic too

Nice game! The multiplayer is really impressive work and makes for a very interesting mechanic

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it and that you needed to think about load outs. I didn’t even know there was an itch app. The game only works on browser and Windows at the moment, I haven’t tried building on Linux but it is a good point that I should look into in the future. I am not sure what was happening with holding directions, you should be able to move continuously by holding a direction. I’ll look into those points though, thanks for the great feedback!

I like the style and the idea is fun. It took me a while to understand which levels were going to be hard or not but once I did I started to really get into the game. Weighing up the risk vs. reward was really fun.

This is an awesome game! Such a clever idea that makes for some really cool gameplay. I also really loved the art style.

Nice stealth mechanic, it is pretty fun to try sneak around the map. It unfortunate that there isnt more randomness in the game though

This game is really impressive, it was really cool to mix the old ascii style graphics with a flying plane. I was a bit confused about what all the symbols meant at first but then I got the hang of things and got really into it. Great job!

This is a really cool concept for a game, so unique and fun. The graphics were very cute and gave the game a fun vibe. I sometimes struggled with knowing how much damage my monsters would do but that was only a minor issue. This game has great potential, really fun idea

This game is awesome! The mechanic of being the bullet and firing yourself to move is really cool it was very fun to play. The controls were a bit hard to use sometimes, it seems like the aiming points in the direction that the cursor relative to the center of the screen rather then to the player. So sometimes it is a bit confusing but a really fun concept and enjoyable to play. Great job!

Really clever game mechanic and a lot of depth in the potion making. I really enjoyed the game. Nice job!

Awesome game! Ver y classic aesthetic and fun gameplay loop. The cooking idea was really fun and added a lot to the replayability of the game.

I imagine that it is a mix of some bugs and an unintuitive inventory system. I spent so much time making the RPG mechanics that the inventory became difficult to make intuitive in time. I appreciate the feedback, it’s a shame that the mechanic was problematic but that’s game jams!

Interesting, thanks for letting me know. I will look into those issue

Thanks for the feedback. What sort of glitching were you experiencing in the inventory? I didn’t experience any when doing play tests.

Thanks for the feedback! I was just curious what bugs you experienced in the inventory? I am not aware of any major bugs, it might just be that the inventory is hard to understand (which it is unfortunately).

Really cool game. The art is truly incredible, everything looked so good. The fighting was also fun, there was a lot of depth in the few controls. I did get stuck on the second boss, I didn't really understand why I wasn't hitting him, or how to properly dodge the attacks. I suppose I will have to keep practicing. Amazing game!

Awesome game. I liked how it was a game about running out of disk SPACE in cyber SPACE. Double theme interpretation. I also liked the variety of levels in the game. I sometimes found it hard to know what would hurt me if I hit it. A lot of the walls did damage instead of actually colliding with me. But I really enjoyed this game and it had a great sense of humour

Really fun game and cool art style. I found the controls a bit tricky to get used to but that is just a minor gripe. Awesome submission!

This is a great game. Really cool art and very well designed levels. I found the movement a bit slippery (not sure if that was just meant to be low gravity though). But all around this is a really great game

This is an incredible game. Seriously, how did you make all this in one week?! There is so many items and mechanics. So much beautiful art and cool enemies. And then you just throw a basketball game at the end?! Really crazy stuff, amazing job.

Really cool game. I love the art and the character dialogue, it was a really fun world. The levels were also great though, there was a nice variety of enemies and bosses. So much content.

Really awesome game. Great story and beautiful art. It was so good that I just had to complete it

Nice game! Really fun mechanic and it is satisfying to move through the levels

Ah that fixed it, thanks

Yup this game is badass! So much fun to move around in this game, the art and music are great. I especially liked the black and white effect when you kill an enemy. I found the diagonal controls a bit unforgiving, I often tried to move diagonally and move left or right because I realized one key a bit after the other. But that wasnt too bad because it was so quick to restart. Awesome game

The game is crashing for me my I try to launch the exe unfortunately :/. I will check back later to see if its fixed because the game looks cool.

Really solid idea idea and it is executed so well. Moving and placing the boxes feels really nice and the audio and art provides satisfying feedback. The puzzles have a really nice progression of difficulty. Nice job!

This game is awesome! I really love the vibe and setting of the game and the mechanic is so unique, I havent seen anything like it before. The depth perception and movement is a bit difficult to get used to but I think that is just part of the challenge. Really fun game, my favourite so far!

Nice game. The car feels really great to control, and it is just very satisfying to move around in the game.

Awesome game. Great use of colours, even with the limit the game had a really cool aesthetic. The variety of abilities at the shop was also really cool and added some nice replayability 

When I used Godot 4.0 a few months ago for a game jam I did have some issues on Itch io with the WebGL but I think it has since been fixed. To get it working I you just need to make sure you use the "Compatibility" Renderer (it is an option when you make a new project). Also when you export, make sure you use the name "index.html" for the web build (Godot will use the project name by default when exporting). And when you submit to Itch io make sure you check the box that says "SharedArrayBuffer support — (Experimental) This may break parts of the page or your project. Only enable if you know you need it"

I am using Godot 4.1 and tested it earlier today and it worked correctly for me with very little problems. It is always good to test that your builds are working on Itch io early in the jam (I do it as soon as I get something on screen), to avoid the stress closer to the deadline.

This game is AWESOME, it's like a Psychonauts level. And so incredible to have made in one week. Everything about it is so well polished. The world looks great and the controls are really tight, I never had trouble controlling the character or getting on to smaller platformers. Really good job on that.

Great game. The spin mechanic for using items was very cool. I wasn't using the shovel or axe at all in the first few levels and let the monsters take them. Then things started getting very hectic and I saw the error in my ways.

Awesome game, the art is great and it is so well polished. It is also really well designed, I always had to really think about which cars I play and in what order. Nicely done!

I’m glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the detailed feedback too, I will look into those issues

Glad you enjoyed! Yeah it is a bit too tough, I didn't have much time to balance it and play test it. I will have to give the levels a bit of a rework after the jam

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I ended up pretty happy with the game concept myself but there is a bit of work in getting it to feel good and balanced. I'm keen to flesh out the game more so stay tuned! 

This a fantastic game. The intro scene alone was awesome. The rule changing mechanics is so clever and leads to some clever puzzles. Great job, very well designed game

This is a really clever game. The depth in the movement is really enjoyable, it is a fun challenge to find new way to maneuver around the map. The art style is also really nice, great job!