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Rollback: Tallinn 1993View game page

15 minutes of humorous characters in post-Soviet Estonia.
Submitted by Rauno Villberg (@Rvillberg), MrErvald (@MrErvald) — 3 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline
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Rollback: Tallinn 1993's page


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Game Design#1783.7623.762

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
You can rewind the odometer on the cars.
And the setting itself, time-wise... it's 1993, in Estonia. (Re-)Wind back time!

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Used Unity, some public libraries and tiny bits of self-written library code.
Assets drawn/recorded ourselves.

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Loved the art. The game was very unique, especially the take on the theme. Good job!

Could you please play and rate my game as well?


Thanks a lot; just played and rated your game as well :)


I liked the game's concept and simple mechanics! The art was cool and bonus points for authentic Tallinn theme!


Thank you, we will gladly take the bonus points :)


I really like the graphics and thought it was a really cool original take on the theme! Very interesting!

With a bit more polish could definitely be a nice niche indie game. Great job!


Awesome, thank you for the kind feedback :)


Weird game. But enjoyable. I feel bad for the guys I cheat with the odometer lol.
Made 320.... buck? $? Money.
Also love the credits part. Good game!


320 Estonian kroon :)

Glad to hear you liked it, thanks a lot for playing!




What a strange message, wonder what happened to that guy… (thanks for the kind words!)


I really liked it! Found myself playing for way more time than I expected. Definitely a solid idea and a pretty good game built around it, had so much fun taking my own decisions, well done!

Would really appreciate if you could check out my game and drop a rating :)


Awesome, very glad to hear that, thanks for playing :)

Just played your game too, rated & left some feedback!


That was great fun, really good writing - I'm going to go play it again now to find out more about the mysterious woman asking for the "big man" :D

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Awesome to hear that - “I’m going to play again” is basically the highest tier of praise <3


I like that there are choices you can make. It was rather fun to intentionally sabotage the business. It was an immersive experience since you have different customers and even slow days. The graphics are great and even better that they're originally made by the team. Great job!


Thanks a lot for playing & commenting!

The slow days worked out real well for us - an extra day of content & variety, but with no new art (for a character) needed :)


I might just be a terrible person, but I found the game a lot more fun to intentionally ruin the business >:D

But, honestly, the game is amazing! The amount of polish is unbelievable!


Haha, look at it this way - you were just helping people get cars for cheap, right?

Thanks a lot, glad that you enjoyed it :) We made a plan from the start to (try and) keep the scope itself (for like different mechanics) bit simpler so we could polish up the stuff we do make.


Good graphics, good astethics, good sound effects, good music, good dialogue with text nicely spaced out but poor design. It was very hard for me to understand what was happening and for someone who doesn't drive cars I didn't really understand what to do with the odometer, I wish there was more explanation in what was happening, and there is no real rewinding in the game

Game Design: 2/5

Fun: 3/5

Innovation: 4/5

Theme: 1/5

Graphics: 5/5

Audio: 5/5


Thanks for trying it out and for all the good words! The story definitely ended up more of a “loose collection of stories” instead of one cohesive, sequential thing and that is not ideal, perhaps, haha. We’ll think of ways to maybe tutorialize the odometer more, even a single line from the characters could help…

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

This game was so much fun! My favorite part was the credits. Well done!


Thanks a lot - very proud of the credits too :)


Wording, dude, lmao


I felt like i had no clear objective and the slow days were too slow, but i liked it, the sound are really good and it's an interesting way of using the theme.


Totally fair criticism - we had bigger ideas of “work towards this” but didn’t find the time to write & implement them, so it ended up more as a loose collection of individual days/stories. But I’m very glad to hear you still liked it & enjoyed parts of it :)


Interesting experience, I like the clever idea of rewinding odometers :)


Thanks, glad that you enjoyed the experience - that’s exactly what we were aiming for :)


-5/5 Counting game is pretty much impossible to beat

Not entire sure what the game supposed to do, I mean its quite fun interacts with the folks but it feels like it was trying to tell an incomplete story about... Car dealership? Corruption? A bygone era? Can't really tell you what the story is about

Overall pretty fun little game but the narrative feels incomplete


I agree, counting game is way too difficult - as a programmer, I’m only used to 1-s and 0-s, none of this “2 3 4 5” business.

Totally fair criticism. We had grand ideas of a story of course, but didn’t have a clear outline for it and so it doesn’t really “come together” in that sense. So we kind of decided “ah, a slice-of-life” thing is fine too, and to just try our best to make the individual interactions fun but not really connected.

So - agreed. Glad you still found it fun though :)


Loved it! You really found an interesting way to use the theme :) Hope to see that developed into a game later!


Thanks <3 Took us quite a bit of brainstorming time to stumble upon the idea, haha. Rollback: Tallinn 1993: Expanded Edition coming soon… maybe?


This is soo cool, the counting game is my new GOTY. Would love to see a full game like this, it reminds me of Jalopy somehow.


Very glad to hear you enjoyed it! You know, I was originally planning to make the counting game go up to - are you ready for this ? - ten! That’s right, 10, the big 1-0. I’d love to make it into a full game… you mean the counting game, right?

Jalopy definitely has that same vibe in some, sounds like a good connection to make :)


Really nice story, and witty writing with a big cast of characters. 😁 Especially enjoyed the silly credits. Only thing to note was that the game got cropped on ultra-wide when playing in full-screen.


Thanks for the kind words! I’m proud of the credits too, felt a bolt of inspiration strike when it came time to write them :D

Bug duly noted & will try to fix once the jam entries can be updated again. Thanks :)