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Great game, very well made and fun.


It feels kinda weird how asteroids and planets push you and make you rotate, but great game.

Great game, it has a lot of potential if you polish it more, I really liked the particles and effects. Maybe you could limit the movement speed because it becomes too fast and starts sliding, change the shop backgroung, add some music, particles for the punch and an animation for the helpers attack.

Very cool and fun, maybe you could add a bit of color or more contrast to the background because it's a bit hard to see.

Nice idea, but the characters slide too much, also, the buttons at the start are overlapping.

Very cool, the only problems are that it's too complicated to control more than 3 characters and when you're under ground the new character spawns on top of it.

Very cool and fun!

Yes, I'll fix it after the jam.

I mean the sprite doesn't touch the player, but if thats made on purpose then it's OK.

Cool idea, I'd like to see a finished version.

Nice idea, maybe you could add some audio and check the enemies' colliders because they push you without touching you.

Seems cool, I'd like to play it after the jam.

Nice game, maybe you could make it more clear where to go for the extraction.

Nice game.

Very cool idea, the aiming isn't very accurate and when you defuse the enemies appear to close, but it's a good game.

Cool game, it needs more work and polish. The enemies can't attack when hit, so the character that shoots faster is always the best.

It's a cool idea, but it takes way too long to finish a task.

It's nice for a first game.

Very cool and fun game, the art and music are really good. Maybe you should add a restart button because sometimes the player makes a mistake and can't go back.

Thanks, I'll fix that issue.

Thanks for playing.

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It seems very fun and good, unfortunately, I'm terribly bad and wasn't able to finish it.

Very fun, i really liked the music and the animation when reaching the objective.

It needs a lot of work, but idea is cool.

It's so good, I loved the sounds and the music especially, they create such a good atmosphere.

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Cool idea, it has some bugs, and the camera movement doesn't feel right, but if you update it after the jam it could be a great game.

Seems like a fun game, so bad it doesn't load.

Seems like a good idea that nedds more polish. Also, it's really hard to read the text at the beginning.

Cool idea, but need more work, especially in the UI and balance.

Very good, super fun and relaxing.

Simply awesome, it fits the theme perfectly and is super fun.

Very fun and well made.

Thanks for playing.


Very cool and fun game, it needs a bit of balance, but is still really enjoyable.

Very nice, the texts when failing were really fun.

Very cool game with very good art.

Very fun and well made.

I don't understand what I'm supposed to do, you should add a little tutorial or explanation.