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Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hello wveryone!

Finally, after almost two years, my stealth game Cosmic Prisoner is released. I would really appreciate it if you gave it a try and shared your thoughts with me.

You wake up in a strange place and realize that you've been captured by aliens. Avoid being detected and escape from them.

As you return home during night, you investigate a misterious warehouse, but you get knocked out. Some time later you wake up in a cell.

You have to get out of there as quietly as possible without being detected.

Check out the game

No Puedes Escapar community · Created a new topic Feedback

El juego está entretenido y tiene potencial. Algo que podría mejorarlo sería hacer que los enemigos aparezcan en lugares al azar en vez de siempre en el mismo, y eliminar o cambiar el sonido que se escucha al perder porque es muy molesto.

Hi, nice to meet you, and thanks for checking my game. I'll make sure to check yours too. If you need something or just wanna talk, send me a message

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Also, you can download it too so you can play whenever you want without the browser.

Thanks for playing, your feedback is really useful.

It's a good idea, but the gameplay felt a bit boring after a few minutes.

The idea looks cool, I'm lookking forward to playing it after the jam.

This is very cool and interesting, I like that it has so many endings.

Very cool,  some polish would be nice tho.

It looks cool, so bad it doesn't work.

This is the definition of chaos. The gameplay is fun, the art style looks cool and the music really helps to create the chaotic atmosphere.

One bug I noticed, is that after losing, when I tryed to play again, the dinosaur was stuck and the game didn't start.

Very cool and fun. The music was nice, but I think it'd be better if it doesn't stpo suddenly after losing. Also, moving with a/d would be nice.

This is a very interesting idea, and so relatable, the gameplay is pretty simple, but the story is what makes it good.


I relly like the idea. With some polish (including adjusting the sensitivity and reducing the enemy speed) it would be a good game.

Very original and cool idea. Maybe a bit more of an explanation or some little tutorial could be useful.

Amazing how polished it is, really fun and good graphics and audio. It could be nice if it gave a little time when the game starts so you can think.

Very fun and well made. If you polish a little it's gonna be a relly good game.

Very simple, but fun game. Btw, the UI at the start is overlapping and the highscore doesn't update. The rest works correctly.

This is simply amazing, on of the best games I played in this jam. The only thing I didn't like was the "inertia" the character had, makes the controls feel weird. 

Btw, trere is a glitch with the collisions with the walls that allows to make multiple jumps.

It seems to not be finished, but I like the idea.

It seems to not be finished, but I like the idea.

Nice idea, howeve it doesn't fit the theme really well and the lighting makes it pretty hard to see. But with some work it could be a great game.

Simple, but entertaining.

Very good and well made. However, I think it'd be better if the player could control when to shoot.

Very original and creative way to approach the theme.

Very cool and fun game. It was really hard until I figured out the platform mechanic.

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Very cool game. The sprites and animations look really good, however it'd be cool if you add an animations for when the enemy is hit, otherwise there is no way to tell if it received damage or not. Also, while I was playing the music suddenly stopped, I don't now if that's supposed to happen or not.

Very good and fun, I really liked the music.

Very good game, the only problem I noticed is the controls that rotate with camera.

Very good game, the only problem I noticed is the controls that rotate with camera.

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for the feedback and the video.

Very nice idea. However, it would be cool if we could see the consecuences of the articles.

At first it seemed kinda boring, but after a while it became really fun with all the projectiles bouncing.

Very cool idea. With some and polishing and optimization could be a good game.

Very fun game, it's amazing how polished it its.

Yes, I know there is a lot to improve. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Very cool and fun game. One thing that I think you should change is the position of the "Chaos" button because it's easy to misclick or confuse it with an upgrade. For the rest, it's all really good.