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yeah, I'm aware of this, but it still takes away from the gameplay a bit. While, yes, it makes sense that what's on the TV may not match the TV itself, you will still find that making the art consistent throughout the whole game will significantly improve the quality of the game, including the tv.

I would recommend working on the physics, since floaty physics tend to be quite annoying in platformers. Level design could also be a bit better.

Aside from this, I love the concept and I love the game!

Would suggest making the game a bit snappier, since slow bullet travel and slow shoot rates are painful to sit through. Graphics and level design was absolutely amazing. Would also suggest adding a hp system, since it can be frustrating walking around a corner and dying instantly from an alien that shoots at you

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We have every intent on creating a full version of this game post-jam :D

I would suggest stepping players through how to play one step at a time rather than having a controls panel that shows once (I know, I'm guilty of this too) since a lot of the time they're just going to skip it and become clueless on how to play

I would seriously consider giving the player a bit more instruction and direction, as well as working on the level design a lot more. I didn't know what I was supposed to do when I got into the game, which really isn't fun. The level design could also seriously be improved. You've tried to create an open-world game and it just really doesn't do much for the game, other than confuse the player.

I love this game!! Only thing I would suggest would be to increase the difficulty curve, because atm if you get into the rhythm of it, you can last for quite a while without feeling like the game's getting harder

But, honestly, amazing game, well done!

Great gameplay! It took a while to work out that everything was being done to the beat of the sound track, but if that's communicated a little bit to the player you've got yourself a really unique and fun game

Great gameplay! It took a while to work out that everything was being done to the beat of the sound track, but if that's communicated a little bit to the player you've got yourself a really unique and fun game

Thank you so much for the feedback!

For the ghost randomisation, I'm afraid that having ghosts spawn at random intervals will seriously mess with the flow of the game. If a ghost is even a second off target, they'll start missing shots which will turn into more threats to the player as bullets fly around, and would just be unfair. Likewise, with the random weapons for each ghost, if a player dies to a randomised weapon, the ghost the next round might not die from it, resulting in a ghost that will just die for no reason.

However, I think a good way to combat this would be to give the player random stats and random weapons at the beginning of each round, with the weapon being constant with their ghost throughout the rest of that game. That way we still have different enemy types as well as different gameplay without messing with the syncing of the ghosts.

And with the whole "exploit-proof" comment, you really tried to exploit the game, didn't you? xD

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Almost every single game so far has used the "Rewind" theme as something to help the player, like a tool at their disposal. It's great to see that your game has the rewind theme being used against the player, like its own type of enemy. I would suggest making an Enemy AI that uses this mechanic rather than having the mechanic be a very scripted sequence of events, like an all-seeing entity that's directly against the player with a similar antagonist to the one in Jonas Tyroller's "Will You Snail". I like your idea and I seriously think this could be made into a really engaging and unique platformer

Will definitely keep this in mind while updating the game :

Thanks for the feedback! :D

A lot of games have done what you've done, but very few games pulled it off as well as you did. Level design was on point! Well done!

Yeah, there's a reason why the music sucks. There's a bug where whenever you load into a new room, the music is played again, on top of the music that's already playing, and it just get's really messy if you play multiple rounds.

Otherwise, thanks for the review!

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Yeah, there's a reason why the music sucks. There's a bug where whenever you load into a new room, the music is played again, on top of the music that's already playing, and it just get's really messy if you play multiple rounds.

Otherwise, thanks for the review!

Very few games have attempted to do a controller-compatible game, and you sir have done an amazing job! I was just missing the ability to look around a little using the right joystick, as well as the ability to drift with the left trigger.

All in all though, great work!

It's very rare that you find a genuinely really fun top-down-shooter in a game jam, and you've made it harder on yourself by literally throwing progression out of the window, but honestly this game is amazing! I played all the levels and was only disappointed that there wasn't any more levels when I got to the end.

Felt most badass with the laser gun. Great work with this game!

Yeah, music wasn't ours. We got some royalty-free music from online. There was also a bug with playback, so that might also have caused some issues.

Title was just a stupid joke that I only slightly regret xD

Thank you for the review!

The gameplay, level design, and difficulty curve are amazing! You've done an awesome job of incorporating the theme into the game, and have created a game I'd definitely play more of. I might suggest making the rewind-jumps a bit more generous when restoring the warp distance for the player, or else the game kinda feels a bit pixel-perfect. Aside from this, the game is amazing!

Well done!

I would suggest trying to incorporate the rewind mechanic a bit more into the actual gameplay. What if rewinding would put you into the same level, but will instead change the player so that they can no longer access certain paths, but other paths are opened up to them instead. Just an idea, but I would seriously like to see the rewind incorporated more into the gameplay.

Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely keep this in mind when creating the full version :D

Thank you so much for the kind words :D

Definitely one of my favourite games submitted to this jam! My only suggestion would be to incorporate the rewind into the gameplay, since atm it's nothing more than a cutscene

Still, amazing game, loved everything about it!

I'm gonna act like that was intentional xD

the visuals were absolutely amazing, even with the short amount of time we were given, but the controls were really slow and the level design could've been a lot better. Improve these two and you could have yourself a really cool game

D: my highscore was 1800 lol

Thanks for the positive review though (even if you demolished my high score...)

Yeah, just having a butt-load of yourself on the screen is probably the most fun part of this game imo. During development, I created a script that would spawn a new ghost every 15 seconds.... and then played for like 10 minutes and had the time of my life xD

This tweet shows it all:

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Yeah, we didn't want floaty gravity since it didn't really fit with the pacing we were trying to create. To compensate though, we made the jump really high and even added a double jump to make the jumps as fair as possible.

As for the difficulty, we have every intention of adding different difficulty settings so that the player can enjoy the game regardless of their skill level. We just have to wait until the rating process is finished before we can update the game, which is like 9 days from now I think

Amazing level design! Very few game developers are able to communicate a story through the environment as well as you have done in this game! Keep up the amazing work!

I would suggest giving the player more direction. I'm not suggesting to just tell the player what the answers are, but rather teach the player to know what to look for before throwing them into a room and telling them to look around. Aside from that, the game is quite polished and the concept could be taken much farther

Yeah, the idea was originally going to be a puzzle game where past versions of yourself would attack you, but we figured that this idea would be a much cooler game if we made it a puzzle game in disguise!

Thanks for the review :D

Lol music wasn't ours. But aside from that, thanks for the positive review :D

That was the plan :D

I might just be a terrible person, but I found the game a lot more fun to intentionally ruin the business >:D

But, honestly, the game is amazing! The amount of polish is unbelievable!

Thank you so much for the positive review!! And, yeah, we're working out how to make the position of the player much more obvious... 

Will absolutely consider this! Thanks for the feedback!

Will absolutely be adding a way to go fullscreen. Considering transferring the project to unity to access certain features that would definitely improve the quality of the game (like easy fullscreen capability)

lol music wasn't us. It was royalty-free and we added it to the game with 10 minutes left on the clock. credit is on this page.

Aside from that, thanks for the feedback!

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We are fully aware of the crashes. The worst part is, we can't replicate it. Everyone we've asked has had it crash once, didn't look at the crash message, and couldn't replicate it to try again. We will definitely be fixing this bug... when we can finally get a look at the crash message xD

Edit: Just saw your DM. You're an actual legend!