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Teleport around, dodge missiles and lasers all day.
Submitted by WinRawr (@TheWinrawr) — 42 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#54.4174.417

Ranked from 24 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
Whenever you teleport, you leave a hologram of yourself. You can teleport back to these holograms whenever you want.

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes. All code, art, music, and SFX are by me.

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Literally the best game I've played so far. Spent an hour or two beating it and each level felt rewarding. Half way through I thought it couldn't possibly get harder. Then it did. This game feels like if Wii Tanks and Portal had a baby in the best possible way. Amazing job. (I would add a pause screen and save feature if you plan to continue with this because I know I could've used it)


If you scroll down I did release a version with an autosave, unfortunately I didn't get enough time to put it in during the jam. I'm glad you enjoyed the game tho :D


I love the game. The best game that i have played in this jam. It has only one thing that i miss, a fullscreen mode. Great game. Well done! :)


I absolutely love everything. The gameplay, the story, the graphics, the audio... everything. I have no constructive/negative feedback to give you, only praise. Very well done, I love it.

There is only a single issue. You don't lock the mouse to the screen and you don't allow fullscreen mode. I would allow the player to play in fullscreen, in one of the levels I kept pressing outside of the game and dying because of it. There's an option in Godot to scale the window properly, it's on Display->Window->Stretch. And then you need to play with the options.

But overall, a very solid game! Good job!


Ah! That didn't even cross my mind while making this game. I was so worried that stretching out the window would muddy up the graphics that I forgot to consider the mouse pointer going out of bounds.

Thank you so much for the feedback, I will definitely keep in mind to enable fullscreen the next time I make a game that relies heavily on mouse inputs.


The gameplay, level design, and difficulty curve are amazing! You've done an awesome job of incorporating the theme into the game, and have created a game I'd definitely play more of. I might suggest making the rewind-jumps a bit more generous when restoring the warp distance for the player, or else the game kinda feels a bit pixel-perfect. Aside from this, the game is amazing!

Well done!


I really liked this game! Fun and good movement, interesting mechanics and a really good aesthetic and music. Really good job!


This is truly awesome! Simple & interesting controls leading to a challenging mechanic. The story is told in a perfect pace - doesn’t annoy you & makes you want to play further to learn more. Outstanding job!


Great work. thumps up!


First of all, fuck you. I hate the controls of this game more than any other thing in this planet, And yet, the work, they fucking work, and whole game works because of them. You took the controls, added a bunch of interesting mechanics, and took them to their extreme. And when you get the last power up, they get the chance to shine at their fullest.

I also hate the fact that we had sort of a similar idea, at least regarding the theme, but yours is executed so much better it's not even fair to compare them

What else there is to say: the theme is well implemented, the music fits very perfectly, the visuals are very polished and there is even a story (by the way, should the entire facility be secured, contained and protected?). 

The truth is that once i started playing, i couldn't put it down. I started last night, so I had to leave the PC on not to lose progress (I didn't notice the updated version, my bad) and  i could continue this morning. It was worth it

Seriously, if this game had just a bit of a better ending, it could easily be sold on steam and even gather many praises. The best game I've tried this jam and one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to play. I really hope this game will get much more attention


Hey, thanks a lot! I'm actually really impressed you beat the game, I made the final levels pretty cheese lol. I did have an ending in mind (was gonna draw some art for it), and I was going to add cutscenes for when you reach certain points of the game, as well as more of those terminals, but unfortunately I ran out of time and had to rush the story. I'm really glad you had fun with the game though! And congrats on beating it.

And yeah, I see you caught the little reference there ;)


This game felt great due to the great audio and visual effects alongside responsive controls.

This game had some really fun to use controls! Maybe it's just me, but it was really difficult to get used to them, which made the well thought out ease into them a very nice touch. The recall ability is really cool, very creative!


Really interesting game and the sfx are amazing, good job!

Submitted (1 edit)

Really nice game, specially interesting with a storyline. This game gave me good old "Bounce" vibes though :O


Very polished game! It's incredible that it really feels like a complete game while also having some lore into the mix, really nice!


good game and really fun


This game felt very well polished and was designed very well. The game did a great job introducing both the story and new mechanics. Like Mario Odyssey, there is often an easier way to tackle each level, but it is rarely the fastest. 

Amazing game. Super well done and the mechanic fits in really well. Graphics and sound are perfect and the level design was great. Pretty hard for me but I spent a long time playing it


really fun and polished experience!


Really good mechanic and nice music. I want to play all level but I am bad at controlling the character. Overall It's still fun to play :D


It's fun to play, and an interesting gameplay. Good job.


UPDATE - If anyone is interested, I made a version with an autosave system since there's a lot of levels. That should be the only thing different though, and you don't have to download it for rating purposes if you don't want!

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