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Really Interesting take! The level design is key in this kind of game and you pull it off well! It would be cool to have a pause button through, just to be able to quite the game or go back to the main menu. Over all solid entry! Check out my game too if you want (

Really well made! the game looks and feels very well, but i think the music doesn't go very well with the style of game it is. Nonetheless, a solid entry

The game was really cool, It does a very good job at rewinding time! however the collisions were clunky at times. Still a solid entry!

I like the story element to it! But it was really confusing to know where to go and what to do near the beginning. With a little more polish, this would be a very good mystery game!

Yo, this game is super good! I think this game probably does the rewind theme the best so far! the controls, level design, and gameplay are amazing!

I really like how the ship can terraform the land around it! I didn't end up using the rewind mechanic too much, which proves how good the controls were! (once you get used to them)

Nice idea, It's a really nice strategy game!

Interesting! The controls were really easy to use, it was kind of easy to cheat the enemy AI, but overall nice art and nice game!

Really nice vibes and art style. I found a little cheat though, I just went back and forth from water and food, making the offering mechanic a little useless. But the idea is super cool!

This game had some really fun to use controls! Maybe it's just me, but it was really difficult to get used to them, which made the well thought out ease into them a very nice touch. The recall ability is really cool, very creative!

Hey the game looks great! My computer can't handle these kinds of graphics, but I bet it was really well made!

Pretty cool game, but I didn't really have to use the time travel power to win. 

This game was really fun to make, I hope everyone enjoys!

Nice! I really liked the game. I really hope a little fan base is made by this, there seams to be a lot of mystery to it :]