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Really fun and addicting game. I like the overheat mechanic a lot, it's simple but it's really satisfying to hit the middle each time. The sound cue makes it a lot easier to time it correctly, so I appreciate you putting that in.  I also like the camera shake you get from hitting an enemy, it makes blowing them up a lot more satisfying.

I don't mind the amount of monsters, but sometimes a monster will spawn on top of me and I have to react extremely quickly to avoid it or else I die. You should also give the purple monsters and the enemy bomb projectiles a different color, because they blend in too much with the background. Jumping felt kind of awkward, it was a lot easier to just stay on the ground and under the platforms. Whenever I jumped I usually died pretty quickly after. I also think you should be able to shoot through the platforms, because the flying enemies are really hard to hit otherwise.

Overall, great game and I had a ton of fun with it. I played like ten rounds and managed to get a run without dying and a score of 52,300.

I love the whole neon look in this game, the graphics looks super polished. Lots of cool and unique mechanics too, like diving under the water and jumping. The maze also has a lot of unique level design so the game never really felt boring. I also like the death animation, it looks really cool.

I think the difficulty ramps up too quickly with the blue and red gates. The game is actually really chill and easy until that part, then I spent several minutes struggling to get the snake through the door because it was so big. The game also wasn't very clear about what happens to the previous color when you pick up a new one, so it took me a while to figure out that puzzle. I also think the water should have some color, because it's a little hard to tell what's water and what isn't.

Overall, great game with some cool mechanics. I managed to beat the whole thing.

I really dig the art style of this game, it looks really good with the mix of 2d and 3d. The camera shake and sound effects make each hit real meaty, and I like the health bar mechanic that slowly drains so you're forced to go on the offensive. I also like all of the quality of life stuff you put in, such as the arrow markers and the seeing enemies through walls thing.

The gameplay started feeling repetitive until around round 15, which is when the difficulty kicked up with the pink enemies. I would have ramped up the difficulty progression faster, as right now it feels like I'm not really doing anything until the later rounds kick in. Adding weapon upgrades or offering different types of weapons would have also helped make each run more interesting. 

I also think that enemies should visually explode on death and leave their remains behind. The weapon hits sound super good, but they also make it seem like the enemies should do more than just disappear after they die. A simple implementation I would've done is take each enemy sprite and cut them up into pieces, then when an enemy dies, their pieces get flown across the floor randomly and disappear after a few seconds.

Overall, great entry! I had a lot of fun playing this. My highest score was round 26.

Pretty fun game. I love the pulse cannon mechanic, it's simple but also really fun and allows for some interesting gameplay.  I do wish there was more because I would've like to play more levels with the cannon jump, but I understand that it's just a demo.

The camera definitely needs some work, it feels like it's way too high up so it's hard to see below me. The controls could also be a little snappier, sometimes they don't feel precise so I end up making a bunch of accidental movements that make me fall to my death. I would also add in a small sound effect or a clear visual indicator for when the cannon finishes charging so that I don't accidentally release it too early.

Nice game overall! I made it to the end and had fun playing the game.

Fun and intense game! I like the different weapon types and the variety of enemies. The charged shotgun one was my favorite, as it let me charge a really satisfying attack while I ran around avoiding the enemies. I also like that you progressively get more powerups throughout the game.

I'd add checkpoints in the game, because four health isn't a lot and it's pretty tedious going through all the rooms again if you die, especially if you get hit by those giant 2-hp bullets. I also think the boss has too much health, considering he only has one attack so I'm basically making the same movements for five minutes straight. Finally, the ranged enemies should wait a little before they start shooting. I noticed they shoot immediately when they spawn, which can cause you to get sorta cheap-shotted.

Fun game overall, I managed to beat the boss after a couple of tries! Nice music and cool 3d graphics too.

Great job on the voice acting! There's a lot of passion put into it and I really enjoyed listening to the conversations. The game is also quite fun. I like how the hornets' detection area is clearly defined and how you have a chance to run away if you do get caught, instead of auto-dying.

During the cutscenes, I'd add in a spider and hornet sprite with speech bubbles to show who's talking. I got a little confused when I heard the voice actor for your spider boss also voice an enemy. I'd also put in a map feature where the paths you explore get marked down, because the last few mazes get really big and it's easy to forget where you've been.

Great entry overall, I managed to save the queen. Well, she didn't really need it, but I had fun either way!

The dialogue and voice acting are definitely the highlights of the game for me. The robot is hilarious and the janitor sounds like he's so done with life, haha. It's also really funny when you headbutt a robot and it instantly explodes.

I would definitely get rid of the doom timer. I know it's part of the game because of the story, but I don't think it's necessary for gameplay. I would have liked to explore the whole map and find all the blue laptops so I could hear what the robot has to say, but I felt like I had to skip a lot of them because of the timer.

I would also decrease the player speed. Right now you can rush through the game simply by running past enemies, you don't have to attack or pick up their guns. I think decreasing player speed, but compensating by increasing ammo or something would allow for more strategic gameplay where you'd have to use the guns and shoot the robots to progress through the map. Finally, I would get rid of the doors. I don't think they add much besides forcing the player to wait around for them to open.

Great entry overall, I had a lot of fun with the game and I managed to beat it. Great work on the voice acting too, it really adds so much to the dialogue.

That was a very cute game. Love the music and the overall chill vibes. The butterfly graphics are also very pretty, and it was cool seeing more of them fly around as you progress through the game. I also really enjoyed the dialogue, it's as if I'm playing with another person as I'm figuring out the mazes.

It's actually pretty hard for me to think of something to improve on here. I guess maybe mention that you can jump repeatedly on the bubble columns? At first I thought you only had one jump before I tried spamming it.

Great job on the game, I enjoyed it a lot. Super charming and relaxing.

Fun game! Controls feel really nice to handle and I like the time mechanic you implemented. I also like the addition of the crowns, which provide the player an extra platforming challenge. Your checkpoints are generous, which I appreciate, and the visuals and sound design is really good.

I think the falling platforms and spikes should move slower. Certain areas feel luck-based when I try to stop time because the objects are moving so fast that it's extremely difficult to react to. I think the platforms should move at a speed that's fast enough so that the player has to use the time mechanic, but slow enough so that they also have time to react and strategize a path. I also think a bar that shows how much time can be rewound would be useful. Sometimes it rewinds a different amount, like when you're using it repeatedly, so a visual indicator would be nice.

Great game overall. I enjoyed playing through it.

Fun game! I like how each of the choices affect your current status in different ways, so there's actual risk and strategy in picking what to do. The only thing missing are some sound effects and music. I think it'd be really neat if there was background music that gets drearier as you get more stressed, and happier as you increase your mood. Great game overall!

Absolutely love the graphics, they're so cute. I also really like how you represented the time mechanic, with the days changing as you run around the globe. The interactions are super flavorful, and I like how each animal serves their own purpose in this game.

I think this game is a little too easy in the sense that it basically plays itself. It's not really a flaw because a game with this atmosphere should be easy and relaxing, but near the end I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing or paying much attention to the environment. I think having like one or two puzzles in the game that requires you to go back and forth in time more than once would help keep the player a little more engaged.

Beautiful game overall. The setting is great and I love the characters, so I'm glad I got to play this!

I like the approach you took with the time mechanic. It's a cute and simple idea that works wonderfully. The gameplay is pretty fun and the art is really cute, and overall it's a really nice casual game.

I would definitely decrease the time between restarts, it feels like it's three seconds too long. I would also highly consider making levels without random elements. If you can set what cars come at what time, it would let you build more complex and creative levels without having to deal with the randomness. Finally, I would have preferred to see arrow markings on the road that showed which way the cars were moving. When I stop time, it's easy to forget the direction of the traffic, which is fatal when the duck is walking right next to a vehicle.

Great job on the game. I managed to beat all the levels.

The prologue at the start is really cool and has some very funny dialogue. I also like the unique art style. The colorful clock animation in particular is very cool. The controls also feel nice to handle, jumping and running feels really smooth.

Gameplay wise, it reminds me a little too much of those rage games like I Wanna Be The Guy. Near the edge of the level, there are platforms that I phase through that look exactly like solid platforms and I have no way of differentiating between the two. There was also that jumpscare monster that was REALLY loud, I would tone down the volume of that. Checkpoints would have really helped, it was getting repetitive restarting all the way at the beginning just because I fell through a fake platform or touched a crystal. I would also make the crystals one color that's very easy to see, like bright red, because it can be hard telling where they are at times.

Good job on the game overall. I couldn't beat it, but I enjoyed playing it regardless.

Thanks! I originally did have a pixel art font but it was very hard to read for some reason, so I had to switch to a regular one. As for the aspect ratio, I experimented around to make the rooms look more horizontal which is why I chose something weird, but you are right that 16:9 is usually best.  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Very cute pixel art, and the music goes really well with it too. I also like the way you designed your levels around the very limited controls. There are parts where you have to jump in order to hit a block and turn around, which I thought was a very clever trick. Overall, the game is very simple but also fun and satisfying to play.

My main issue is that I don't really see how this game ties into the theme of time. I didn't actually know what the numbered boxes did until you mentioned it further down in the comments. I thought you had to hit them in order or something until I saw multiple ones with the same number. I think you could've been more creative with the time theme, like maybe boxes that slow down or speed up time (and thus speed up the character.) Also, a quality of life change that I'd make is provide an option to restart the level when I beat one. There are levels where I missed the red gem and I would've liked to try again, but it throws me into the next level immediately.

Great game overall, I had a lot of fun with it. I got a time of around four minutes and 35 seconds.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I would've liked to put more, but there's only so much I can do in seven days lol.

And sure! Here's the download link:

Hopefully I did it right, I've never exported to Linux before.

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Thanks! I tried to put in a lot of clues into the writing, so I'm glad that got through.

Here's a hint: The date in the newspaper is red for a reason. Did you also meet the technician?

Edit: I made a walkthrough for the game in case anyone else gets stumped! It's in the description of the game.

That was an absolutely wild ride. The gameplay is super fast paced, which I really like. The revive-rewind system is really well implemented, and I like how it puts you right back into the action and continues the flow of the game. The boss fight is fun and hectic, and it's pretty funny seeing a bajillion clones shoot a bunch of bullets. The best part of the game is the movement though - it's super fast and the slide and down-attack jump allows for a lot of skill expression. 

I think you could have made more use of the enemies. The flamethrower one in particular is actually really well designed, since you have to be careful with your shots so your clone doesn't mess it up, but it's used in so few levels. The level with the turrets had some really fun dodging, but again, I would've like to see more levels using them. Controls felt finnicky at times - in particular, sometimes the walljump didn't work. I also completely forgot about the slow-down mechanic. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but I managed to beat the whole game without slowing time down.

Overall, very enjoyable and hectic game. I had a ton with this one!

Very cool storytelling game. I like the show don't tell aspect of it. It encourages the player to explore the environment and unlock bits and pieces of the story. I think I got the general gist of the story - the coughing dude is dying, and he stole the Uplink technology to upload himself into the computer only for it to shut down anyways, right? If so, that's pretty dang dark.

As for the gameplay itself, a cursor would've been useful so I could tell what I was pointing at. I also think the windows being platforms should be made more obvious, it took me a while to get that I could jump on them.

Overall, very cool and unique experience. I enjoyed playing through it!

The puzzles are super challenging, but very fun to solve. I really like the rift mechanic, because it's very unique, and you use it very creatively in your puzzles. The graphics look very nice, and the levels are well-designed.

I actually think you put in slightly too many controls in this game. In particular, the grabbing mechanic felt very unnecessary to me, as the game would have stood fine without it. Maybe it's just personal preference, but I think puzzle  games shine best when you focus on a single mechanic, such as the rift, then build your levels around that. The grabbing felt like it was overcomplicating the gameplay. I also would've preferred jump on W and push/pull on space. Moving my index finger between the D and E keys feels very awkward, since it causes the player to stop whenever they want to grab a box.

Overall, excellent game with some great puzzles. I managed to solve all of them except the last one.

The dodging in this game is really fun and I like how varied the bullet patterns are. I also like how slowing down time will let you outrun the bullets, which opens up some interesting strategies. The speedrunning aspect of this game is very fun, and getting a good time is actually quite challenging. I managed to get three stars on the last level after multiple tries.

One part that I thought was sort of inefficient was having to use the enter key to restart the level. I used a mouse for my controls, so it would have been a lot more convenient to click the menu buttons instead. I also thing the bullets should be brighter, since they can blend in with the red nebula in the background pretty easily.

Great job on your game, I had a lot of fun with it!

Amazingly cute game, I feel so bad for pulling on the grandma lol. I love the cut-out graphics. There's a lot of games with tug-and-leash mechanics, but this game is one of the better ones because of the setting behind it. It's a dog tugging its owner everywhere, so it just makes sense, and you don't have to give the player a tutorial or anything on how to play. For the soundtrack, I would have preferred some instrumentation with the drum loop, but that's just a personal preference thing.

I actually disagree with the comments saying that it's not hard enough. Not every game needs to be challenging, and this one works perfectly fine as a chill and relaxing game. I do, however, agree that the goal isn't clear. When I first played, I thought it was gonna be an endless type of game until I saw the gate. What I'd do is, when the game starts, have the camera over the gate first with an arrow pointing at it, then pan to the player. I'd also give the birds and the trash can a different color outline to indicate that they can be interacted with, or a border like with the fire hydrant. Everything has a white outline and also happens to be an obstacle, so having a yellow or red outline over the collectible objects would make them stand out more.

Great game overall. I thoroughly enjoyed playing through it.

Thanks for the feedback! That's actually a really good idea, I might change the lasers to work that way in a future update.

I like how there's different room types to build from, and that you're encouraged to use the enemy rooms since those give you more powerups. The weapon is pretty fun to play with, since the tether means your positioning is pretty important. I also like how the enemy bullets leave themselves behind for a little bit, requiring you to put a little bit more thought in your movement.

I'd definitely put in some visual and audio feedback for when you hit and kill an enemy, the damage number alone isn't enough. An enemy should flash red briefly and a short audio blip should play when it takes damage. I'd also put in a small camera shake effect when you kill an enemy. Those additions alone would make the gameplay feel much more satisfying. The game would also benefit from more types of enemies. I'd add in something that explodes into bullets when it dies, so that you'd have to be more mindful of where you're shooting. Finally, I would decrease the number of enemies in the starting rooms, then scale it up. The first time I played, I was overwhelmed in suddenly dealing with 15 things shooting at me.

Great game overall, the weapon was very fun to use and I really like the level building concept. I had fun rampaging through the rooms with a gazillion damage upgrades.

That was very fun. I really like how the wrench restores your health, allowing the player to make risky plays by beelining all the way to the last train and then back. The whole game is quite hectic since you're constantly running back and forth to speed up the train and prevent bandits from detaching the cars, but that's what makes this game really fun - that constant feeling of motion.

There's a couple of quality-of-life things I'd add to improve the gameplay. First, I'd definitely put in a button to reload the gun. I'd also add a warning cue for when a bandit it detaching a car off-screen. That way, the player gets alerted when they have to rush all the way to the end to prevent losing a car. Finally, I think the player should be able to drop down through some platforms, like the really thin ones. It would make navigating the train and shooting the bandits a little easier.

Great game overall, I had a lot of fun playing it. My best score was around 25000.

This game is wild. I see two mechanics at play here: the shadow knight that's following your steps, and the perpendicular laser between you and the shadow. You put these two things together to create a gimmick that's really creative and super fun to play with, so top points for that. The graphics looks really nice and I like the time stop mechanic, this game would be impossible without it. I also like how you indicate the speed of time with those top and bottom black bars, it's a really nice touch.

I think the game could be a little easier, though. My biggest issue are the enemies that look like pots, because they seem to change direction at random when you hit them. It makes them difficult to predict and dodge, even with the time stopping. The ghosts could also be a little slower, I had a hard time outrunning those. You could trim down the number of enemies on the second-to-last level, I often found myself getting cornered by them with no way to move.

Overall though, amazing game. I beat all the levels and had a lot of fun playing through it. You owe me a treasure now :D

First of all, amazing job on the visuals and the audio. This is absolutely the best looking game I've played so far. The dialogue is super cute, and I also really like how the main menu has some interaction going on. The lighting effect when you go on the charging pad is super cool, and I like how you put the battery charge indicator on the player itself instead of on a UI. In terms of polish, you guys nailed it.

The gameplay itself could use some improvement though. It's extremely easy, and there isn't really anything challenging or new popping up throughout the game. It's basically just shoot some bots, run out occasionally, then shoot more bots. I noticed that you can even keep the other bots dead as long as you keep one alive, so there doesn't seem to be an incentive in shooting all of them.

I also think the theme could have been implemented better. I really, really like the concept of babybots being linked to you, but if linking up did something gameplay-wise other than make a visual effect, then I didn't notice it. As of right now, you could remove the link-up effect entirely and it wouldn't change the game much.

What I'd do to incorporate the theme is to have linked babybots shoot bullets whenever you shoot. Then, I'd add in some virus-type enemies that spawn randomly. Suddenly, there's an incentive to link up with the babybots, you have more to shoot at, and the game becomes less repetitive and more challenging. That's just a suggestion I thought of off the cuff, I'm sure you can think of something much better than I did.

Overall though, I still had fun with it, and for 48 hours this game is really well polished. Like the commenter below me said, I wouldn't be surprised if it got 1st place for presentation.

Extremely fun and hectic game. It does take some time to learn the ropes, but once I figured out what to do I had a blast rampaging through the rooms and collecting ingredients. Visuals are top notch, the artist did an amazing job with the monsters and Velma. I also like how the cooking is conveniently timed so that when I'm done grabbing an ingredient, a separate dish is finished cooking at the same time.

The only thing is that I'm not really getting the theme here. The two health bars are "joined together," but you could easily get rid of the chef's health bar and replace it with a big Velma hunger bar and it wouldn't change anything. It would make more sense if the chef took damage from something, but I tried running into the enemies and they don't damage me.

Overall, very fun game, I'm looking forward to the dev log for this one!

Very well polished and the mechanic is super creative. It was really smart to limit which rows and columns could be moved for each level, allowing more room for creative level design. The warp mechanic is also really clever and adds on to the puzzle value of this game.

The only nitpick I have is that you could've done more with the blue walking enemies. Most of the time they kind of just die to the spikes without me paying attention to them, so it would've been nice to see levels that focused more on those enemies. Either that, or you could just replace the enemies with another mechanic, like a switch that deactivates spikes or something.

Everything else is top notch though. I had a lot of fun with this game and would not be surprised to see it in the top 20, it's definitely one of the best I've played so far.

Very creative gimmick that's done well. I really like the addition of the jump button, it helps out a ton and it introduces another way to dodge the flail and the bullets. I also like that you have to use the flail to hit the switches and break the walls, so positioning is important. The graphics and presentation looks great too.

The game could definitely use some checkpoint in some rooms, particularly the big room before the enemies are introduced. I also don't think the flail should pull you down into the abyss - since you don't have full control of the flail it's pretty easy for it to go just a little too far then fall down. It's how I died the most. Plus, trying to dodge the flail and the enemy bullets is already quite challenging enough.

Overall, great game and great mechanic. I managed to get to the boss fight but couldn't beat it, but I had fun with the game.

I used to play with tanagram puzzles as a kid. I loved them, and this game is basically a tanagram puzzle taken to the next level. The magnet gimmick is super creative, it's really simple but leaves lots of room for challenging and creative puzzles. The undo button is also a lifesaver, so I appreciate that you put that in. The graphics and music go well together, and I like that the outline of the empty space shows when there's a piece overlapping it.

The only gripe I had with the game was the difficulty curve. I actually found some of the earlier levels to be harder than the later ones. I would've added in some more easy levels at the beginning. The game overall is very challenging since there's two sources of difficulty: figuring out how the pieces should fit, and actually moving the pieces around. However, this is overall a very tiny nitpick - I personally enjoyed the challenge and spent a lot of time on the harder puzzles.

Super great job overall. I love the mechanic and I managed to beat all of the puzzles.

The graphics are pretty nice and I like how the slimes behave like actual bouncy objects. I'm pretty impressed you got the bounce physics working, those usually aren't easy to code. The puzzles themselves are very creative and really make the most out of the split ability.

Controls are pretty finnicky to use, especially when moving horizontally. I noticed that when you press the left or right keys you do a little jump, which I would prefer without. I also would've liked to see more levels. There's a lot of potential in managing your slime balls with your movement, so it would've been nice to see more levels that take advantage of that.

Great game overall, I enjoyed playing through it!

Thank you for the valuable feedback! I agree with you about the weapons. I actually wanted to make different sound effects for the weapons to differentiate them better, but I ended up running out of time. I'm not sure what you mean with the disappearing bullets, unless you're talking about the end of each stage, in which they're supposed to disappear when you clear a stage.

Thanks for playing! That's a weird error, I've never gotten that one before. What's the resolution of your monitor so that I can test it out?

Thanks! I think I'll implement a version of your suggestion where you get a +1 heal after you get a powerup, I do think life is a little too sparse right now. Thank you for the feedback!

And so I left, with everything but my sanity. I like the Risk of Rain nod there lol.

Excellent game, I love the visual aesthetic and how the music fades when the bullets spawn. I also really like how you incorporated different room sizes, which makes the gameplay and the dodging a lot more varied. The visual feedback and sound design is also really good, I can really feel the oomph behind those attacks. Having two difficulty modes is also really nice.

I would make the giant bullets a different color and put them under the smaller bullets. Especially in the tiny corridor room, it's really easy to get blindsided by a small bullet because it was covered up by the giant ones.

Overall, excellent job. I managed to beat lunatic mode, it was really hard but I had fun.

When you move the character, the camera follows you instantly. It makes it pretty hard on the eyes when you're constantly moving in different directions. To fix this, there should usually be a small rectangular area around the player where they can move freely without the camera following them.

Solid entry. I love the scribbly art style. I also like the wall mechanic where getting too close to the edge causes them to shoot you. That was super creative. The guns themselves are fun to use. I love how varied they are, and some of them come with their own disadvantages so they're all pretty balanced in that regard.

I think you should reduce the time it takes for the boss to spawn. The fight itself is very fun but it feels like he takes forever to spawn. The boss health bar should also be moved to directly above him. The first time I fought him, I didn't even notice the bar until he was almost dead. Finally, I don't think the gun that shoots exploding bullets should push you back. It's the only gun that affects your movement which makes it kind of awkward to use.

Overall, very fun and addicting game. I got a score of like 70000 before dying.

The upgrading mechanic is really, really cool. I like that you put the upgrade list on the left so it's easy to tell what each upgrade does and how many you or the enemy have. The game itself is really fun, especially once you start getting lots of upgrades. Maxing out spread in particular is super satisfying.

I would make the tiny enemies bigger and make the background color darker, because it's really hard to see them. You should also add in a sound and visual effect for when you get hit. Since the screen is usually filled with bullets, it's very difficult to glance at your health bar to check how many you have.

Overall, fun game and a pretty creative mechanic. I managed to beat the boss too.

Looks really good visually and the sound effects are excellent too. I also appreciate that you added in control remapping. The gameplay itself is very fun. I especially enjoyed using the flamethrower and getting up close at enemies to kill them.

My main gripe is that the overall goal of the game is too confusing. At first I wasn't sure what the coins did, or why I wasn't dying from getting hit so often, until I replayed the game several times. A quick tutorial or a guide screen would've been really helpful. Once I figured out the game's win condition, I still found it to be too difficult to win. I think instead of losing all the coins on the screen when getting hit, you should just lose a handful from your already collected amount. It will make fulfilling the win condition much easier.

Overall, great job on the game! I had fun playing it.