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Thank you for the valuable feedback! I agree with you about the weapons. I actually wanted to make different sound effects for the weapons to differentiate them better, but I ended up running out of time. I'm not sure what you mean with the disappearing bullets, unless you're talking about the end of each stage, in which they're supposed to disappear when you clear a stage.

Thanks for playing! That's a weird error, I've never gotten that one before. What's the resolution of your monitor so that I can test it out?

Thanks! I think I'll implement a version of your suggestion where you get a +1 heal after you get a powerup, I do think life is a little too sparse right now. Thank you for the feedback!

And so I left, with everything but my sanity. I like the Risk of Rain nod there lol.

Excellent game, I love the visual aesthetic and how the music fades when the bullets spawn. I also really like how you incorporated different room sizes, which makes the gameplay and the dodging a lot more varied. The visual feedback and sound design is also really good, I can really feel the oomph behind those attacks. Having two difficulty modes is also really nice.

I would make the giant bullets a different color and put them under the smaller bullets. Especially in the tiny corridor room, it's really easy to get blindsided by a small bullet because it was covered up by the giant ones.

Overall, excellent job. I managed to beat lunatic mode, it was really hard but I had fun.

When you move the character, the camera follows you instantly. It makes it pretty hard on the eyes when you're constantly moving in different directions. To fix this, there should usually be a small rectangular area around the player where they can move freely without the camera following them.

Solid entry. I love the scribbly art style. I also like the wall mechanic where getting too close to the edge causes them to shoot you. That was super creative. The guns themselves are fun to use. I love how varied they are, and some of them come with their own disadvantages so they're all pretty balanced in that regard.

I think you should reduce the time it takes for the boss to spawn. The fight itself is very fun but it feels like he takes forever to spawn. The boss health bar should also be moved to directly above him. The first time I fought him, I didn't even notice the bar until he was almost dead. Finally, I don't think the gun that shoots exploding bullets should push you back. It's the only gun that affects your movement which makes it kind of awkward to use.

Overall, very fun and addicting game. I got a score of like 70000 before dying.

The upgrading mechanic is really, really cool. I like that you put the upgrade list on the left so it's easy to tell what each upgrade does and how many you or the enemy have. The game itself is really fun, especially once you start getting lots of upgrades. Maxing out spread in particular is super satisfying.

I would make the tiny enemies bigger and make the background color darker, because it's really hard to see them. You should also add in a sound and visual effect for when you get hit. Since the screen is usually filled with bullets, it's very difficult to glance at your health bar to check how many you have.

Overall, fun game and a pretty creative mechanic. I managed to beat the boss too.

Looks really good visually and the sound effects are excellent too. I also appreciate that you added in control remapping. The gameplay itself is very fun. I especially enjoyed using the flamethrower and getting up close at enemies to kill them.

My main gripe is that the overall goal of the game is too confusing. At first I wasn't sure what the coins did, or why I wasn't dying from getting hit so often, until I replayed the game several times. A quick tutorial or a guide screen would've been really helpful. Once I figured out the game's win condition, I still found it to be too difficult to win. I think instead of losing all the coins on the screen when getting hit, you should just lose a handful from your already collected amount. It will make fulfilling the win condition much easier.

Overall, great job on the game! I had fun playing it.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the boss fight. I definitely should've made it easier, or added a continue option so everyone can see the rest of the game. Thanks for checking my game out :D

Thanks for playing! You're right that it's probably too difficult right now lol. I should've made the bosses easier or added a continue option.

This game is actually a blast. Giving your enemies an attack pattern each round is a super creative idea that makes the game really fun once you give them enough. The visuals are good, and I like that there's a hitbox indicator f or your shop.

You definitely need to add some audio though. A few sound effects as well as some simple background music will make your game twice as good. I would also make it so that you choose which type of attack to give out of the given choices, rather than have a set order.

Overall, great game and I had a ton of fun playing it.

That was a fun game. It took a few tries, but I managed to beat the boss. I like all the different bullet patterns, having them be so varied makes it fun to dodge them.

I wish getting hit didn't make you lose power, because it makes the gameplay last much longer than needed. The boss should also have a health bar, since you can't tell how close you are to beating him without seeing his health. I also think there should be sound effects when the enemy shoots, as well as visual indicator for your hurtbox as it's much smaller than your shop.

Overall, great job! I had fun playing your game.

The game is super pretty with all the glowy graphics, and I like the slowing mechanic too. The dash mechanic is also creative, though it could use some refining. It's really hard to pick up the bullets, making this game really difficult, so I think the collection radius should be increased. Missing bullets with your dash is also really detrimental, since the dash has a cooldown and you only have 10 seconds to beat each level.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you had fun playing it. Keep on trying, I believe you can beat it :D

The visuals are super good and the music matches the gameplay very well. The game is super addicting, I died like a billion times but still managed to beat it. The weapons are also really fun to use. The minigun in particular feels extra punchy, and I love the camera shake that comes with it.

I do think the camera is too jumpy in general though, there's a ton of zoom effects and there's no smoothing in the camera movement. Some of the levels are also too difficult to the point where they feel entirely luck-based (especially the last one) since the bullets move way too fast for you to react to.

Overall, great game and fantastic aesthetics. I had fun playing it!

I love the visuals, they look super pretty. I also really like the heart mechanic - it forces you to be on the move so you can't just stay in one spot all the time. The bomb effect is also really pretty and satisfying when you get it.

I'd add more lives, because the game gets really fun later on but it sucks getting hit once then starting over and having to go through the really easy waves every time. I would also add in some visual indicator for where the bullets are about to spawn, because it's easy to get blindsided by a fast-moving bullet that spawned near you.

Overall, simple but very fun game. Great job!

Amazing work on the sprites, and I like the background music. I also like that you added in different types of ships with different shooting patterns. The dodging is fun and I like how the enemies move and shoot differently from each other.

The bullets blend in with the background too much sometimes. This is especially a problem in the first stage, where it becomes really hard to see them over the water when they turn blue. I would add a thick outline around them, or just make them bright red or something to contrast with the darker look. I also think the boss takes way too much time to come - I thought it was an endless shooter at first until I saw the screenshots of the bosses. Finally, there should be some audio cues for when you get hit.

Overall, great job on the art and the game! I managed to beat the whole thing.

This game reminds me of the Touhou series lol. Which isn't a bad thing, those games are excellent in their own right. I like the story going on here, and the bullet patterns are super creative and varied. The dodging in the game is super fun as well, so nice job on that.

To me it seems like you spent a lot of time trying to make cool bullet patterns but then ran out of time for the smaller but necessary components, like a health bar or some visual indicators. There should be a sound effect for when you get hit as well as a health bar, as right now it's impossible to tell how much health I have. There should also be some checkpoints, as starting over at the beginning repeatedly can get really annoying. Finally, it feels like the enemies take too long to kill, especially early on, so I'd reduce their health points.

Overall, great work! I had fun playing it.

The graphics look really cool, I especially like how pretty it gets if you have multiple shot upgrades. The dodging in this game is also really fun, and I like that there's multiple types of enemies with different shooting patterns. The nuke is also a pretty creative concept - at first, I thought I didn't need it, until I started getting swarmed by enemies.

I'd add more visual or audio cues for the nuke. Right now, the only way to tell if your nuke is full or depleting is by looking at the indicator, which is an issue because if I'm looking at the bottom of the screen then I can't see the gazillion bullets I'm trying to dodge. I would also make it so that charging the nuke prevents shooting, but doesn't prevent movement, as 10 seconds is a long time to charge. That way, it turns into a "congrats, you dodged stuff for 10 seconds, now here's your board wipe" button. Finally, I might be wrong on this, but I think some bullets do more damage than others? It's really hard to tell because they all look the same, but I feel like I was getting one-shot by the later enemies.

Overall, very pretty game with fun dodging mechanics. I had fun playing it!

Very impressive game considering it was made in a week! I love the theme going on here, where you're controlling different types of cells with their own abilities and win conditions. It keeps the game from being repetitive. I also like the different enemy shooting patterns, it really does make the game feel like a bullet hell. The white curvy bullets are especially fun to dodge.

I would increase the visual contrast between the walls and the background more. They're really similar in color, which makes it hard to tell when you're near a wall. It's especially a problem in the stage with the moving walls. Some levels are also considerably more difficult than the others (looking at you, platelets), so I'd considering some rebalancing in that aspect.

Overall, excellent game. I spent a while playing it and getting a high score.

The leaderboard is a cool feature and the level transition animation is pretty nice. I would have liked to see more types enemies though, fighting the same one over and over again can get pretty repetitive. Maybe add one that shoots homing missiles, or one that's really fast and chases you down. The mouse cursor should also be bigger as it can be pretty hard to tell where you're aiming.

Cute graphics and I like that each gun has a different shot pattern. I also like that you added an arrow indicator for the exit, it's helpful especially for the big maps.

I would remap the E/F keys to the spacebar. Since movement is with WASD, it feels awkward to let go of the index finger and temporarily stop moving when I'm trying to pick up or drop a gun. I'd also remap it to a single key and just have it detect if you have a gun or not.

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! You are correct, Blackbird was one of my inspirations for this game, and I wanted to take some elements of it and turn it into a story-based game that I thought would speak to a lot of people. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the valuable feedback too, I especially appreciate the feedback on the dialogue as I spent a lot of time working on the story. Writing isn't actually my strong suit, so it's very nice to hear what can be improved on in that regard.

That was an incredibly surreal experience. I really enjoyed the visual storytelling. You start off as a pair of feet, and as you regain your senses the world slowly reveals more of itself to you. I was actually kind of surprised when the other eye-thing started talking, as I expected it to be a fully visual story, but I liked the dialogue between the two.

I think it'd be really cool if you added some ominous sound effects once you get your ears, like the occasional low growl or a drum echo. I did get a horror vibe from all the shadowy graphics, and I was expecting some sort of dark storyline, like the player slowly realizing the world is dreary and lonely as he collects his senses. However, the graphics at the end though were really well done, and the bright and cheerful atmosphere contrasted really nicely with the beginning of the game. I think the story ended a little too abruptly though - you get a brain, you meet a friend, and all is suddenly well. I'd definitely like to see an extension of some sort for the story.

Overall, one of the most unique games I've played in this jam, and I'm very glad I got to experience it. Great job on the story, and I loved the atmosphere too.

Thanks for playing! Fair point about the graphics, art was never my strong suit so I often have to take inspiration from other sources. Glad ya liked the story though :D

Glad you enjoyed it! I didn't make a pause menu because I ran out of time, otherwise I would've added one in lol. The rewind thing is also a neat idea I haven't thought of, I might add that in future iterations. Thanks for playing it, I happy ya liked the story :D

don't think about it too much, I'm sure they figured something out :p

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you, I'm very happy you liked the story! If it got you emotional then I've achieved my goal, haha. I'm very touched by your kind words, and ya the dream is to release a game like this some day :D

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Agreed on the gates. The co-op thing is a good idea, if I expand on this idea more I'll def consider it!

That was a very somber story. I like the transition near the end when the background starts to glow red, which signals the bad news that's about to come. The graphics are very well done, and the gameplay is calming and relaxing.

The narrator's voice could be upped a little, or the music should be decreased while the narrator is talking. It was a little hard to hear her story, which was the most interesting part of the game for me. The enemy hitboxes could also be increased slightly, as I often found my bullets barely whiffing.

Great short game, I enjoyed playing it.

That was a very fun game. Love the graphics, and the concept is very unique too. The controls also very feel nice once I got used to the gameplay, it's quite hectic but also very fun when you start managing tons of ghosts.

A quality of life change I'd make is to have the shop reroll automatically when it's free and when you don't have ghosts to buy. Oftentimes I'd forget to reroll the shop because I'm too busy micromanaging all the ghosts. I also think the third level is way too difficult when the +7 boxes show up. If you make one mistake, your run is basically over since the boxes are so large and they kill most of your ghosts. Finally, this game does need some sort of tutorial, but I understand that it's difficult to make one with only a week to develop the rest of the game.

Overall, very fun game, and very cute art style. I played it for quite a while.

I like the world you've built in this game. Finding the various NPCsand seeing what they had to say was very enjoyable. I also like how your included multiple music tracks and gave us an option to switch between them.

Platforming seems a bit finnicky. Sometimes if I hit a wall, I get an extra jump, which doesn't look like intended behavior to me. I also think the game could've used given more direction. I didn't know the ghost slime totems spawned more children for you until I spammed keys next to them, and it was only later that I found the square NPC that told you what those totems do. That information should be given out much earlier in the game. I also wasn't sure what to do after I found the thief, the game didn't end so I assumed there was something else to do but I went through the whole map again and didn't find anything else.

Overall, it was a fun game and I enjoyed exploring the map. The setting and atmosphere was very well done, and I like the work you put into creating the map and the different NPCs.

Cute story, and I really like the simple glowy graphics.  I also appreciate that you can control the character while it's flying to a new planet, it's much better than relying on aiming after you launch yourself. I also really liked the casual gameplay, it's super relaxing and also pretty fun.

I'd boost the player speed up a bit, as it does feel pretty slow when you're flying to a new star. Your tutorial seems kind of broken too, nothing appears on the screen except for the player and there's no clear or written instructions on how to play the game. Finally, I think it'd be pretty cool if you could collect the free-flying Gether, as it would give the player another thing to do while flying to a new star.

Great job on your game. I enjoyed the cute story and had fun making it to the big star.

You nailed the atmosphere down. I love the moody background and the audio, they really go well together. The green box's mechanic is also very creative, and the puzzles are well designed, especially in the later levels. The spike and swap tiles also help keep the later levels fresh and interesting.

I do enjoy the difficulty of the puzzles, but I think the difficulty curve could be a little better. For one, I think the green box should be introduced later in the game. Keeping track of three boxes, especially when one moves with both arrow keys, is already very challenging. Personally, I would have introduced the spikes first and the green box second to help the player ease into the game. I also think that you should make it more obvious which arrow keys control the blue and pink boxes, since it's quite easy to forget, which can be deadly when a box is near a ledge. I would just add a note on the bottom right saying that WASD is for blue and arrow keys is for pink (or vice versa, I forget). Finally, I'm not entirely sure how the game fits the theme. I get that you control multiple boxes, but I don't see the "stronger together" part of it.

Overall though, very well polished game. I had a ton of fun with the puzzles and spent a long time playing them. They're quite challenging, but it makes them all the more satisfying to beat.

Here, the player cannot jump onto the platform or through the tiny gap between the block and the platform. The blocks also become too heavy to push, leaving the player trapped.

That was certainly an experience... but I thoroughly enjoyed it. You nailed the visuals and the sounds, and they fit really well with the gruesome atmosphere. I especially like the walls that open up when you get closer, that part really adds to the whole artery setting.

I do think the beginning of the game could offer some more direction for the player. It was a bit confusing what to do at first and where to go. The camera is also a little funky - it feels very sensitive and sometimes clips through walls, which makes moving around  a lot harder than it should be.

Very good game overall, I'm glad I got to play it to the end. Top notch work on the environment too.

I really like how the two characters have different functions, and it's not just two squares that can jump. The levels seem well-designed and I like the music and the simplistic graphics.

Most of this game's difficulty comes from fighting the controls, unfortunately. The black box's gravity reverse skill in particular is wildly inconsistent. I don't know if there's a cooldown associate with it, but if there is then there should be a visual indicator. Oftentimes I'd press the up arrow and it wouldn't do anything, which led to several deaths by falling or by spike. The jam hitbox is also really misleading - my character would often come into contact with it visually, but it wouldn't pick it up. This happened so many times on level three that I eventually had to give up.

I played this game on the downloadable version, by the way. I suspect the reason why the controls are so inconsistent is because you have a print statement in one of your update loops, which is overflowing the stack and causing some of the inputs to not register.

When the controls did work though, I had a lot of fun. I really would have liked to play the game through all the way, it looked like you had some really fun levels cooked up.

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The graphics are really cute, and I like the dialogue between the mouse buddies. The music during the chase is also very fitting, and I like that in the beginning you can choose to reject or accept your friends' offer to help.

I see that a lot of other people have commented on the difficulty. As a general rule of thumb, for game jams, you should ideally make your game really, really easy to beat. The reason for this is that since there's a bunch of other games to play, if people get frustrated with yours, they're more likely to move on to another one. Additionally, you won't get feedback for the later parts of the game since they can't reach it.

There's a couple of things I would change. First, add coyote time, which is the grace period where you can still jump after leaving a platform. It was really easy to accidentally slip off a platform when I was trying to jump to another one. I also think the gravity should be lowered a little, and the hazards should be more clearly marked. I could see that the lightning was harmful, but the white puff clouds were not obvious at all and the rocks are really hard to see. Finally, I would decrease the speed of the tentacle monster, I think he catches up to you a bit too fast.

You've got a really comedic story and some great graphics with it to boot. Unfortunately I wasn't able to beat it, I would have really liked to see how the rest of the story plays out.

Very cute game, and I love the spooky theme going on. The monster designs were the best part of the game for me, and I really like how they get faster and chase you if you get too close. The flying one was especially very spooky. I'm most impressed with the AI though, coding a platforming AI that worked in the span of a week probably wasn't easy.

One thing I would've done is made the music track longer, or add different music for different sections. It does get repetitive listening to the same chords over and over again. The AI is also a little funky at times, sometimes it doesn't follow you even on really short steps. I would have also added a restart button. I know the green pools serve as a way to kill yourself and reset, but I actually trapped myself with the big blocks at one point and had to restart the whole game.

Overall, great game and sweet graphics. You created a very pretty environment, and I'm glad I got to play through it to the end.

That cutscene at the beginning was super spicy. Love that lightning effect, I could really feel the oomph. Actually, I think it would be super cool if the lightning flash happened periodically as you played, with the volume decreased a little. The dark graphics are also super cool, and I really like that super intense music at the end. Really got my blood rushing.

One thing I would absolutely change: Either making double jumping the default, or remove the mid-air jump. It's super confusing not having a double jump, but having a mid-air jump, and I was stuck at a platform that I thought required pixel-perfect jumping until I realized I could jump in mid-air. The solid platforms should be a little brighter, they're a little hard to see with the dark background. I also didn't really feel the effects of the other robots other than the first one, it seems like the first robot gives you a major speed and jump boost and the other robots give you a minor one. I would have increased the default walking speed too, it does feel a little sluggish at the start.

Overall, very cool game, you definitely nailed the atmosphere. I had a lot of fun playing through it to the end.