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Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you connected with the game.

It was mindblowing when i tried grabbing the projected shape and i discovered that i could use it as an input again. Really cool project, i'm sure that if you showed me the math behind i wouldn't understand a single thing.

That's a really cool presentation, it has lots of charm and I also love the character design, great work!

I love the music when you switch to divine mode, it's like boss music but you are the boss.

I just gave you the highest rating because of the cover image XD

That's a great idea! Love the graphics, puzzles and the dialogs between them. I would love to see this game expanded

Really cute, the cat didn't asked me for anything so i couldn't complete it, but it's really cute.

That's so fucking cool! I love the atmosphere and how it forces you to imagine the situations. That's how Lovecraftian games should be made, an unspeakable, undescriptible horror can't be just a sprite, it should live in your imaginations as it does in the books.

Wow huge thanks for all that feedback! It's really nice to read about people's experience with the game, it teaches you a lot. Ah and also the music part, well we had someone to make the music but he dropped off the team just before the jam started, so it wasn't intended. But I'm glad you found the lack of music positive.

That was a sticky situation

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That's one of the best boss fights i've played. Please make more! Also dashing feels great

The game feels responsive and polished, wich is amazing for a jam game, the music is also really good. Great job!

Looks super good, i liked it even if i suck at it, maybe a little anticipation for the attacks would have been great. Good job anyway!

I love it, so simple and peaceful, and there's quite a lot of options for a two day jam, great job!

I love the style, that intro and artwork are so unique.

Thanks! My mate Alba did a great job with the art.

Wow, thanks for the kind words, glad you liked it!

That's my favourite one so far, i love the idea of building your spaceship with random components of your enemies. I had tons of fun playing, congratulations!

Oh it looks so good! The main mechanic is a very weird and original way of pacing progression. Good job!

I love it so much, what a clever twist of the theme. It's great to find less gameplay driven submissions like mine.

Great game design, i love finding clever puzzle games on jams.

Accurate hospital simulator. It's fun joining the people together it reminds me of Katamari Damacy.

Loved spreading the revolution with my comrades, and it also looks really good, did you used a shader or it's just in the textures?

Wow that's some atmosphere, how did you get that graphite pencil look? I want more of that!

That damned texure compression makes your game take a while to load, same happened to me. It looks and plays really good although

Absolutely, it's risky making a game so narrative driven and weird for a jam, even more in GMTK jam wich is more gameplay driven. Thank you for your feedback!

I'm glad you liked it! Taking a weird design direction is always risky so it's very rewarding finding peolple interested.

Web is a Web game, that you can play on the Web!

Now seriously, it's my favourite game so far, the gameplay is super original and it feels amazing, i've spent so much time in freeplay. Great job!

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It' looks so polished, the graphics, music, mechanics, game design... 

Have you slept on the past two days XD? Great job man!

It took me a little bit to figure out how it worked and i must say it's pretty clever. That mechanic could lead to some amazing narrative

The moment i understood how the "meta" blocks worked felt amazing, great game, I love sokoban puzzles.

It's so fun to play, i love punching the enemies arround, great job!

Holly shit that looks amazing!! I don't know how did you managed to finsh this in two days. Great job!

Great one, the cover is just gorgeous

That's so clever and fun, the idea is really original. Great job guys!

Hahahaha poor guy, i didn't even managed to remember one whole sequence! I had lots of fun anyway.

Btw my submission is like the sequel for this game if you don't manage to understand the poor guy XD.

Thank's! We are actually working on something similar, so it's really nice seeing people interested in that kind of games.

The toxicity in my city, in my ciiiityyyyyyy.

Also great game

The cover image looks gorgeous, the game is also good, but oh man, that cover.

It looks so good despite its simplicity, i also liked a lot the tutorial implementation.