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Thanks for your feedback! Detailed instructions were added to the page, and I will check your own idea right away :)

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah the game balance is quite off, and the fast timer is something I kind of forgot to change before build, as I lacked time to add a speed control :/

Thanks for your feedback! I just added some detailed instructions, hope these will help! And yeah while writing these, it hit me how complex I made the rules :o

Thank you! I will keep that in mind :)

Thanks for your feedback! I just added some detailed instructions, hope these will help! Sadly I didn't have time to make the tutorial that was planned :/

Just added some detailed instructions on the page! :) Sorry for the lack of tutorial, some stuff took longer to develop than I thought :/

Thanks for your feedback! Sorry about that, I noticed after submitting that doesn't allow me to use a frame as big as I thought :/ There is a fullscreen button though? I will copy and add some more instructions to the game description.

Hey, cool little game! It's quite easy to learn, and here are some random thoughts I had while playing:

- It would be nice to know which at which rotation each tile is (like some sort of arrow)

- The roads don't do anything special? It would be cool if the roads could move your vehicle 2 times for example, or if the small car could only use roads, instead of being able to go offroad.

- it would be fun if vehicles crashed into each other and exploded when ending on the same tile :D

- I was able to move to the next level, even after I lost all my vehicles?

Hope these help, good work!

Oh thanks for taking the time to play it, oh that sounds like a nasty bug, losing control without being able to take it back never happened to me :/ I will look into it, thanks!

Ah ok I understand your question better! I think I should have included a detailed explanation at the game start. I will update the game description at least then.

The first power "wind" will obviously send a storm at the ships, which will damage them a bit, push them to delay them (useful to keep a lot of them under the eruption for example),  and can be used to crash them against each other or against the terrain for maximum damage.

The second power "fire" will damage and has a good chance to set your target on fire, which will apply continous damage to the target.

The third power "warp" sends your target back in time, to the state it was in, between 2 to 3 "hours" ago (150 to 200 seconds back). Using it at the game start won't be very useful since the ships won't have moved that much, but during "midgame" and "endgame", it allows you to break their formation, and easily destroy the larger ships for example.

Thanks for taking the time to play and review!

Loved it! You really found an interesting way to use the theme :) Hope to see that developed into a game later!

Use your godly powers to push back the enemy fleet, before they can reach the harbor. It requires a bit of strategy though, as you probably won't be able to face them head-on ;)

Wow, that's really a professional-looking game! Congratulations, you really deserve a top rating :)

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Rated! :) Here's my link:

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Thanks for your suggestions! I wish I had time to add/tweak some more effects indeed!

I liked it, the theme is nice and the artstyle and music combination actually made me chuckle :) Could you explain the controls though? How do I switch to another room?

Loved it! The art is really nice, and the theme is moving.

Loved it! The art is really nice, and the theme is moving.

Good idea, I liked it! Kind of hard (for me maybe :) ), I wish there were more audio/visual cues of where to click and that someone is getting close to you.

And yeah, I hope in a next version you get to fix the text size thing. 

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Thank you for your review! The controls were coded first, and should have been reworked before release yes, to adapt to the final content. I hope in a next version! The TAB key allows you to switch between the 3 powers at your disposal: Wind, Fire and Time Warp

Nice game!I enjoyed the retro feel even when it comes to the controls, which seem inspired by Asteroids.