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The idea of making the camera to move with the mouse was meant to add more tension,  forcing you to keep watching your back. The idea was to feel underpowered against the horde.

The character runs faster than the zombies when facing the direction they are going, there isn't melee combat but you can create some distance between you and them.

I'm really glad you liked it and  thanks for the feedback(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) 

it is posible that the game runs choppy even tough it plays fine on my end. I had some problems uploading the game as WebGL due to size and browser memory overloads. I provided a downloadable version if you want to try. It is more stable.

As far as I know there is a particle effect for when you hit a zombie, but maybe it is not working well in Web on some devices.

As you indicated, I should have mentioned that if you kill 20 or 25 zombies I believe, you can unlock an ending. My bad.

Thanks a lot for playing my game and leaving such good feedback (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

thanks a bunch, I'm really glad you liked it :) 

It really brings me joy to hear from people playing my games    (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

I havent played the original, but it surely is a hyperCasual game where you could spend some time

I havent played the original, but it surely is a hyperCasual game where you could spend some time

very good recreation of the game :)

very good recreation of the game :)

you got the pace right for what you wanted to create :)

amazing stuff

really cool experiment

This game is full of ambience and that is what makes it stand out! The music and the extremely simple grafics... it trully transports you...

The only thing i would nitpick is the pace of the game, but i understand that it wouldn't be posible to achieve that feeling of being lost otherwise.

i had to modify a bit some sprites to do certain actions like climbing but overall all art is beautifull thanks to you, i added you in the game's credits

I'm glad you liked it :)

This one is a tiny, yet awesome pack, thanks greebles :)

My friends and I challenged ourselves. We had 48h to make a game using the same assets, and we used this tileset

this is my final game:

and this is the devlog video (in spanish)

las oleadas serán un modo de juego para conseguir dinero y comprar mejoras. Estas mejoras ayudarán a tener una puntuación mas alta y a poder terminar el modo historia hehehe

hahaha no está nada mal, estoy trabajando en un port para android con modo historia y algunas mejoras. Esperemos que salga este año hahaha

Thanks a lot for playing i've commented on your video :) 

I'm glad you liked it

thanks a lot for playing, and for the feedback :

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a bit rough on procedural generation, needs a bit more variation, and you can jjust run away from the enemies.

also I found a bug, weapons doesn't get lost when you die, i still could use bombs even though I didn't have them.

Overall a nice experience tweaking some  small things would improve it a lot

cool maze generator algorithm. maybe a bit too linear and lacking dead ends, but cool nonetheless :) if you expand this into some kind of game (maybe someone is chasing you or something) i think it could work

bouncing around feels so damn satisfying! there's a lot of game juice in this game, well done

entertaining game, made it to level 3 before failing miserably :(

despite the bug, this could have potential, it just needs some progresion, and maybe make more planets spawn so you can reach them flying :)

a bit slow on processing but it has nice results, it would be great if we could run around the castle haha

Well, cars keep on appearing i think it's not posible, some branches cut off other branches haha, thanks for playing :)

I don't really know what I have to do in this game

A very cool game!


it lacks in soundeffects and I think the rewind mechanic needs to be more op or something, because I didn't nearly used it.

overall, surely it's a fun game hahaha congrats!

audio is spot on, graphics are cute, and mechanic is interresting, congrats!

so yeah a very cool game XD

oops sorry 😅

Thanks a lot ! We surely have thibgs to improve :)

Hope you enjoyed playing!

i'll be expecting you hehe

Thanks a lot for all the feedback! We'll be fixing some issues once the rating period ends (hopefully)


Aw, that's really sweet! 

Thank you so much :)

We'll try to fix things and polish some edges!

Yeah, I wish we could have fixed those camera and movement issues, but we ran out of time due to the game's scope.

Okay, as I see, you got stuck in the tunnel, try to move forwards and to the right at the same time, this could probably fix it. The thing is, the game seemed to be too big to be able to upload correctly onto as a browser build.

Tell us if you were able to continue onto the next level, and sorry for the inconvenience. 

Thanks for the feedback!

This is our game, Flashbacks: a lifelong journey

A narrative game about death, memories and family

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This is our game, Flashbacks: a lifelong journey

A narrative game about death, memories and family

Aww... This is so sweet! hehehe

Thabks a lot for the kind words and... CONGRATS to everyone!

This is our game, Flashbacks: a lifelong journey

A narrative game about death, memories and family

a lot of people seemed to have problems with the camera, hehe we'll have to update it soon :)

Thanks a lot for playing and feedback!