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I ran out of time to make the stones more clear, my idea was to make the water react and be less chaotic the closer you are to arrange the stones to a pentagon shape... pentastones? hahaha glad you enjoy the music and graphics anyway

Really nice game! I like a lot the intro and development process, I was hoping something would happen when I reach the high score (that was me on the tutorial) the horn sound effects are awesome and how the change based on where are you, they give a nice touch to the game. If the UI was pixelart too everything was perfect!

Keep making games

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice game! I like the idea of social media and making chaos, I would love to have a mini country tutorial to learn while creating my first chaos! Overall nice game!

Nice take on the theme, the gameplay is nice and relaxing, at first I was confused with the mechanics but then I realized how to place cars, was hard trying to not order them hahaha. Grat game!

Thanks! The idea is to 'maintain order' by solving the puzzles and trigger the main event

Nice game, the menu UI was scaling wrong so I couldn't read the controls or game objective... but the cooking mechanic was great, maybe a way to learn while playing. Good job with the art   

Thanks! The idea was to arrange the stones in a pentagonal shape...


Nice game! At first, I didn't understand that I have to sign those papers, I just solved the to-do lists haha. Great job

Very nice game! The menu and scene transitions are great, the music was great and also, the main mechanic is really nice and chaotic, for me a bit difficult but overall great work! 

Keep making games!

Hahah thanks! I play your game the pivot is quite extreme... But very nice. Also, I'm happy to hear that someone was also thinking about the double pendulum!

Excellent! Very nice approach to the theme, also the menu was just awesome! In-game I found some of the texts upside down and even if I click the hell out of them they don't flip hahaha, maybe a rotational force can help you create chaos and flip text to read better (I'm not an English native). Aside from that good job with the audio design and overall aesthetic.

Keep making games mate!

Glad that you enjoy it! Thanks!


Nice game! I feel that my attacks were not that effective against that amount of enemies, maybe the fewer enemies or a powerful attack can balance that out, but overall good work!

Keep the work up!

Great concept! I really like the menu and game aesthetic, although for me surviving the changes was hard... I think a smother learning curve is better to keep the player engaged, also the sound design was really nice!

Keep making games


Nice game! I enjoy the music a lot, also the graphics are nice, I found that while playing fullscreen the scene animation was not scaling correctly but it also is a nice touch. Great job!

Nice game! I really like the graphics and gameplay, for me, the main menu UI was too big for my screen but passed that was a great and challenging experience. Great work!


Nice game! I like the idea, shooting enemy fire as the defense was really nice and the learning through the levels is well achieved; I feel like I  defiantly need more levels...  for fun and also for a greater challenge, maybe you can have some levels where the main objective is to click chaotically and some with more puzzle or precision challenges. Very nice work! Keep making games!

Wow I like the pixel art and how well polished all the animations, sound effects, and hook feel. Also, the interactive menu is an excellent touch, maybe a high score system can make this more awesome!  Congrats on making all of this from scratch! 

Keep making games! 

Hahaha, thanks!!! I'm happy to hear that someone pick up the references!

Very nice visuals, the atmosphere creates is really nice, on the stairs was kind of difficult to see where they begin because of the lighting, with a clear objective and better definition of the platform obstacles it could create a great game with nice levels. Good work making it all by yourself!

Thanks! Is great to hear that you will play a full game of this style, I'm actually thinking of something similar for a future game...

Nice game! love how the ui breaks too, great work!

Nice idea! I will prefer an easier start and then have increasing chaos so the players can engage more, great work!

Good work on the graphics!  I love the destruction particles, some audio effects and music will make this game amazing!  

Keep doing games!

Nice game! The art is really nice, I would love to have a close camera so I could appreciate more of the art, some UI to display the number of bullets can help you plan, good job!

Nice shooting, I enjoy it a lot only with the shooting the sound effects add to that easy but fun game feeling, but also surviving wasn't easy, great game!

Wuwaaaaaa the camera movement is just awesome! Keep up the good work!

Wow I love the sounds and the whole idea, it was chaotic in a way, mixing more than two colors was a great challenge, keep making games!

Nice game!! I love the aesthetic of the world and the robot, the mini-games were super nice but I couldn't finish because it was lagging, and that make the minigames way more difficult, overall great game, I like a lot the player and world setting I a lot for a game jam! congrats

Good job!

Sorry mate I couldn't find a way to play the game, looks interesting 

Well done! It is a great game! the game aesthetic is nice and well-thought, the space + mouse combo was hard at first but quite chaotic in the end, overall nice work! 

Keep making games!

Nice 2D shooter, I like the score display and also the shrinking, some music to keep the rhythm would be nice, but overall great work! The sprites are nice!

Thank! Happy to hear that you like the theme approach 

Nice game, although I find it a bit difficult, the difficulty curve was quite steep 

Great game! I enjoy playing it the bullets chasing you is a nice way to create chaos

Good work keep making games!