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Hey man, yea, time got ahead of me with this game jam. With work and other things... Wish I had more time to finish it. Thanks a lot

Wish I could have finished the game but did not have any time at all, but I am happy I at least uploaded something even though it has no real levels :D

If you use BOSCA Ceoil to make music is kind of the same thing as using text to speech so I feel like it's okay to use it


And another thing I forgot to mention I kind of never really used the dash, I think it's nice but it does not have a place in the tiny environment you created, where you fall off if you don't pay enough attention. I jumped on a platform and backed off a little to dodge the projectiles and bam, I'm falling off the map. 

Hey man, just played your game and I have 2 main things to say:



The game is nice, it has some awesome mechanics but the levels are too harsh from the start. I mean I could not pass the 4th level, the one with the up slope and lasers. When you have to jump trough the laser and dodge the projectiles that shoot waaay to fast it's next to impossible, it took my 30 to 40 tried to gave up just frustrated. And another thing when you just want to keep going you will keep the w key pressed and you will not move directly. I know it's not a bug, but it is annoying to have to let down of w and press it again. I don't know it just feels of, because you lose and you just want to jump right back in. Overall the game feels nice, but the learning curve should be a lot smoother. My honest opinion, hope it helps you.