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Fight through hordes of enemies in two times at once. Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2 entry.
Submitted by Winnitude! — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#3363.5253.525

Ranked from 40 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
The game's plot revolves around rewinding through the timeline back in time to prevent an event from occurring in the future. There is also a mechanic to time travel seamlessly between different eras in time, although it is only used once due to issues with level design in the time constraint.

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
I wrote 100% of the code myself in C++ with a small amount of blueprint for simple level scripting, barring the resolution setting which happened to come with a plugin I had installed. All the level design, lighting, etc is also mine too. The 3D models, sounds and animations are from assets though.

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Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

This is a mixed bag for me - there are some good things and bad things,  lets go through them :

1) Not the worst gunplay, The shotgun feels exceptionally well done here, good sound design adds to that but I think you could benefit from camera shake. I'm not too entirely sure how to make good third-person feel so I think you'd benefit from watching other 3rd person games to study how they do gunplay in those games.

If anything, for additional polish - I'd suggest that you have different reticles for sniper, shotgun and asssault rifle and with every shot - show how much recoil the player is having from rapid fire - infact, I'm not even sure you have recoil implemented in the guns at all. I feel like unless you're going for a manic-high adrenaline gameplay like Devil May Cry or DOOM, then you should integrate some form of recoil in your gunplay.

You also definitely need ammo - ammo plays a crucial part of determining how much downtime a player is forced to especially in a gunfight, and allows the player to alternate between offense and defense, especially if the enemy also needs to reload. I think the lack of ammo makes this 'demo' very mediocore. This is especially true as sniper rifle is quite OP in Guerilla as I just sprint and headshot everyone easy.

2) UI/UX - you have done some good things and some okay things. I like the way you put the ammo on where the reticle is, easy to spot how much ammo I have left. Kudos!

For the next steps, I think you need a reload UI animation, especially for your shotgun as it seems like its a pump-action where you reload by a  bullet-per-bullet basis, you should show the ammo counter going up one-by-one. Look up how some third-person shooter games do it.

I did NOT understand what the bars on the bottom left and bottom right were. It only took some time to figure out the green bar was the health bar.. and that's it. I still have no idea what the two other bars were. Your tutorial was quite well done if anything - but you forgot to teach about what the bars mean.

3) Lots of mechanics, on one hand it's pretty cool to be able to do a lot of things. In fact, some of these are quite well executed. The dodge roll feels somewhat smooth, the slow time is pretty cool (but when does it ever run out..,?). Having multiple guns is always a plus. The melee is a plus when enemies get close. It's not bad on passive observation but when I think about it, it's also a bit too much mechanics maybe. Here's what I mean,

Unless you have planned for what these mechanics will add to the gameplay, as of now I think you have too much and half of them don't add to the gameplay at all.

Dodgeroll doesn't really add anything. I also didn't need to slow down time. This comes from an average if not below average FPS player but I could just hold sprint and shoot people down from far away. Even in the boss fight, I wouldn't really get hit if I just hold sprint. The only times I get hit in the boss fight were when I let go of the sprint button - so I kept it held on. Dodgeroll only works when you have large sweeping, telegraphed attacks - look at Furi and Dark Souls for example. Dodgeroll also only works when you have cover to dodge behind - and even in the Guerilla map, the enemies were not threathening enough to force me to cover anyway.

I did not need melee - the only times I did it were for fun, and to test it out. But in hindsight, they do not add anything. This is because you have infinite ammo in the current version - which detracts alot of the experience I feel.

4) Thematically, EH. For such a cool-looking game, it's a bit unfortunate that it wasn't implemented better.

In overall, I sound like I'm bashing a lot. Advance apologies for that. These are my thoughts and by all means - you can accept them however you like. If anything, I accept counter arguments, I'm sure we can both learn from this. And hey, you're off to a good start, you have a lot of functions in place - you really just need to sand out the rough parts, maybe remove a few things, polish up the gunplay, and I think you would then be off to a good start.


Developer (4 edits) (+1)

Hi! The ammo counter was removed on the feedback of a few testers who said it made the game significantly worse. This was before major balancing changes which would have made it good to re-implement. There's no recoil implemented for the same reason; I had a few people tell me that it made the game worse as it has to be casual enough to pick up and play very quickly without learning compensation patterns and whatnot in a jam. Melee becomes very necessary with the final boss though, although I get that due to the last minute balance changes which made the standard enemies significantly weaker, it becomes redundant.

The yellow bar on the right hand side is the "coolant  bar". During development this would be spent by melee, sprinting and slow motion to make the player assess the situation and prioritize damage vs mobility, but this was cut at the request of testers, changed to be only spent by utilizing slow-motion, which runs out when the bar reaches zero.

The blue bar underneath health is the shields bar. This is a 100 damage buffer that regenerates quickly to allow the player to take a few hits before taking health damage, which can not be recovered. It's a way to avoid the player getting BS killed from behind; a volley of rounds from the AI will deplete this bar and only dent the health so long as the player reacts before they can let off another one, and the boss isn't too punishing so long as the player manages their shields well. It's an incentive to play smart and manage their regen without forcing them out of the fight to wait for health to regenerate since it goes very quickly; it's effectively now that the player is punished for taking multiple successive hits extremely rapidly, as it regenerates very fast and has no delay before it starts, so simply dodging out of the way of a hit is enough for it to recover significantly.

Slowing down time allows you to combine it with melee (the intended purpose). This lets you get off melee hits five times as fast relative to the world, so you can execute 5 melee combos on the boss during the stagger period, or take down a full crowd of enemies. It's all about synergizing it with other mechanics. 

The dive roll originally innately lowered the accuracy of enemies shooting at the player, but this became incredibly abusable after the overheating mechanic was removed, so now it is just a quick method that is used to open the door for slow motion and cool feeling moments rather than impacting gameplay on its own in gunfights. However, it is still incredibly important to use against melee opponents such as the boss, where it is the only way to move fast enough in a given direction to avoid melee hits, which it is incredibly functional for. It is very difficult if not impossible to survive in combat against the final boss without extensive use of dodge rolling especially as it reaches the second phase, where you have to make split second reactions to the smoke particles to determine a direction and dodge roll away before her attacks land.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely create a better guide on the HUD and look into ways to implement ammo limits without hurting the experience as testers decided it did. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice most of the mechanical aspects that added depth and purpose to other mechanics and allowed for creative combinations of different movement and combat techniques together to make it a more casual, easy-going experience that anyone can pick up and have some fun with and not have to grapple with the hardcore elements that were present earlier in the game's life, as testers found that those mechanics added unnecessary complexity and difficulty and that removing them ultimately improved the game for them.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I see, I understand your motive for removing the ammo now. Then your design philosophy actually quite fits with it being accessible for casuals ie. easy to pick up. It's always good if more people can play and enjoy your game! In that case, I think you can consider simplifying/removing some of your functions to cater towards the more casual spectrum.

For the yellow and blue bar, you should just put a section in a tutorial that talks about it. You can include the yellow bar during the slow time section - maybe you have and I'd have missed it. You should also detail about the blue bar. May I suggest:

For UI improvements, what if you overlay the blue bar over the health bar? So it is more closely analogous to a shield, and when the blue bar runs out, the player starts taking real damage. You can also implement different overlay effects such as shield destruction effects on your screen when taking blue damage, and red blood (or robot blood) effects when taking health damage.

Regarding the slow time - I think you really also just need a better tutorial to showcase what the players can do with slow time. Because I typically only use it to slow time, then just fire at enemies. There is a good GDC talk I recall that says something along the lines of: to have your players do the things you want them to do, you must first teach them. When porting this into a full game - consider only letting the players have limited mechanics before introducing other mechanics as power-ups/upgrades - this will smoothen the learning curve better.

The dive roll is still jenky to say the least. I know you said that you 'needed' it in the second phase of the boss but just as I mentioned - I only needed to sprint around and the boss still wouldn't attack me at all. If you plan to keep the dive roll, you definitely need some enemies that demand the player to dodge it. I think your boss design is good on paper but you just need to fine-tune it to force the player to use dodge roll in order to evade the attacks. 

You're on the right track, keep it up!


Hi there! Did you really make this in a week? I'm super impressed! 

Obviously things like graphics and audio are full marks (although I did get dialogue clipping over the top of each other in the tutorial near the end). Also, I know others have mentioned the slowdown with the camp too; I suspect this is due to the fires having too many lights (I ran into a similar problem in a game i was developing). I'm not sure how lights work in Unreal compared to Unity, but maybe just have the fire particle effect have a sub effect with just a few lights, and get rid of the lights spawned by the fire particles themselves (if this does turn out to be the issue; which reading through your comments, sounds like it could be).

I was seriously impressed with how many mechanics you were able to fit in as well (although potentially unnecessary for a game-jam since I barely had time to use them all in the jungle haha; I went to melee someone at the end just for the sake of using it). There probably weren't enough scenarios to necessitate all the weapons either, but it's cool you had them anyway I guess. 

Alas, the game crashed after I killed all the enemies in Guerilla  :( I then went to start the finale scene from the menu and died to the boss eventually and it crashed then too; i tried to restart the finale from the menu and it then immediately came up with the crash message before even loading the level (I have a Geforce GTX 1060 if that helps).

So crashing errors and sound clipping aside, here are my suggestions:

>Better adherence to the theme: My only real gripe was the adherence to the theme seemed a bit weak tbh. I'm not sure I consider it going back to 1969 when most of the enemies are robots :P  and then going back in time at the end to go through the door was an interesting idea, but too underutilised (but I understand you ran out of time; its hard in game jams to fit so much in). I must admit, I didn't think to use the TAB button to go back in time mid-boss-fight, but i thought about it after I died and then went to retry and the game was crashing so wouldnt let me :( Is that something you can do? As in can you go back in time mid-fights to get some respite? If so that would be a cool thing, but you would need some way to make it interesting when you go to the alternate timeline (as in, it would be boring if you just went back there to an empty area to wait for your slow-mo-meter/stamina to recharge). 

>Make the boss a bit shorter, or with more obvious patterns. I would just dash around/run away until my slow-mo bar was almost full, then I'd activate slow-mo and unleash all my weapons at point blank range on her (i also tried spamming Shift+E at her at one point too, which did a lot of damage but she also damaged me). But that felt a bit lame, and was still taking aaaagggeess to kill her. I think its probably better with boss fights to have easily identifiable patterns and a weakness to exploit. E.g. make her charge up a projectile attack that she aims at you when she throws them so you have to move to long range to dodge them; then have her do charged up melee dash attacks which she locks in a direction at the start of the move (so telegraphs her attack) so its best if you move close and sidestep her; then have her recharge her batteries at which point the player should activate slow mo and pound her and the pounding should take off about a third of her health (so they should only have to repeat this about 3 times to win).

>The enemies in guerilla seemed to all come from behind me except for the final few at the camp. I thought that was an odd choice for level design. I think having them in front with maybe one or two flanking would be better (but that's a minor thing really).

>But, ultimately, I think the advice I could give overall (which i should give myself too since I also ran out of time haha) is just limit the scope of the game as much as possible. Since it was for a game-jam you probably didn't need all the features you added in since they only got used once in the game anyway really; it might have been better to just have focussed on the slow-mo and rewind feature with just one level. 

Wow I just wrote a lot... re-reading what I wrote, it sounds negative, but there is only a lot of writing because of how much your game managed to fit in! I'm seriously impressed you were able to do so much in such a short amount of time, it's quite incredible! You should be very proud of yourself!


Thank you!

In Guerilla, you are correct - it is the fire that causes issues! I packaged a fixed version, but ran out of time unfortunately. The fire keeps creating dynamic lights until it brings the framerate all the way down and eventually hangs the game. Thankfully that full process takes a LONG time, but it still hurts performance a lot right of the bat. 

Crashes in the boss arena are generally only heard of with RTX 20XX cards; is there a .dmp file that you could send me to look into? Also, did you have SteamVR open? Try exiting SteamVR before entering Finale, it's a known issue. 

The robots in 1969 is because it is a Terminator-like scenario; the aliens have gone back in time to assert their presence in the past in order to control the future, so you go back to wipe them out. There is an audio clip that is supposed to explain this but I discovered afterwards that it never plays for some reason, leaving the player with no explanation.  You can go back in time mid way through the boss if you stand in the right places, but when she moves to Phase 2 and begins teleporting she can follow you back to stop you from abusing it.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm actively looking into debugging & fixing  the crashes.


Ah yeah, fair enough; at least the fire problem is something that's easy to fix right? (hopefully) :) 

As far as I can tell a .dmp file wasn't created with the crash, but if there is a way for me to create one for you I'll happily do so (you might just need to give me some instructions; this was my first jam and i'm only just getting back into making games after a long hiatus, so i'm a bit noob). I dont have a VR set, so I don't use Steam VR, although steam itself would have been running in the background, is that an issue?   [Okay, I just quit steam and went to play and it worked; so maybe that's an issue too? sigh, died with her having 200 health left... too cruel haha; when I died it seemed to hang around the scene for a couple of seconds and then crashed again btw].

Ah, fair enough; I figured it might have been something like that. Oh one final suggestion; when you go to the abandoned lot area, I suggest making that a more enclosed area, as it is it looks very open, like i could go anywhere, but then I find there are invisible walls preventing me; probably just better to make the environment enclosed if the player is not meant to explore. :) 


Welp, this game took a long time to download.

I'm going to write out my thoughts as I play.

  • I saw this game on the Brackeys discord server during development, can't wait until it downloads :D
  • Loved the humour in the tutorial
  • I kind of wish there was some kind of reload indicator, it's hard to tell when your gun will be reloaded, especially with the shotgun.
  • Which button is melee? I have no clue. Tried pressing random buttons, turns out its E
  • You can move super fast by spamming space and then melee, there's no wait for when the animation completes before you can do it again.
  • I have what I like to think is a beefy computer. And your game crippled it. This game is in heavy need of some optimization.
  • Now I've killed all the enemies at the base camp but have no idea where the rest of them are.
  • In the Main Menu if I click the "Finale" button, it says "Fatal error!" and the game crashes. Then it says "SteamVR failed initialization with error code VRInitError_Init_HmdNotFound" ... I exited SteamVR and reopened the game, and now it works...
  • I died when the boss was at 600 health, and didn't really feel like attempting it again.
  • Also, you only use the theme at the very end of the game... it doesn't really have any impact on gameplay at all.

Overall, good game with amazing graphics that are unfortunately not very performant. The boss fight was fun but extremely difficult, and I ended up just abusing my dodge punch over and over. Also, the interpretation of the theme feels a bit lacking. This game is fun though, and a really solid entry. Nice job!

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

Thank you  for the feedback! It tells you in the tutorial to press E to melee, and the game's page also has a full list of every single keybind in the game.  I should add an on-screen guide pop up to make this clearer.

The fire effects have a bug which has been fixed but there was no time to upload where they spawn endless dynamic lights. This will be patched with an upload the second the rate period ends

If you have an RTX 20XX card the game has a known issue with crashing on the last level.  Been trying to fix this but I don't own an RTX card to try to fix it with. Good to know that VR is also an issue, although I have VR fully disabled here. Weird.

The theme used to have a huge role but it was cut for time as it entails making 2x of every level :(


Holy moly the visuals in this game! I loved the movement and the voice acting. The lights in this game create a very mysteryous ambience.

The only point is to polish the camera. 

Amazing job!


Thank you!


Oh, it's nothing!

If you have time, check out our game too~

Have a great day, mate!


This game is visually stunning! I'd pay good money for a full release


It's coming :)

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

This game has it all... rolls, dives, big guns, automatic guns, sluggers and I even got to live out of dream of being a med pack

The AI definitely needs some tweaking as their awareness was strange, one minute they would be running away even though I've shot at them 10 seconds prior, next thing you know they have turned around to me from far away and all started shooting at the exact same time haha

I loved the color pallette of the first levels environment and the assets you chose were high quality. I would have liked a smaller crosshair, especially when I was using the sniper rifle as sometimes it looked like my crosshair had them dead to rights and then I'd miss.

The camera could do with pushing away from an object rather than going inside them like the above screenshot.

Sound effects were good and I liked your voice acting as well.

Also the player kept saying 'I need to heal' while at 75-90% hp, I think he was telling porky pies...


Thank you for the feedback! I think it'd be pertinent for me to explain what the "I need to heal!" thing means and what happens with the AI perception.

The enemy soldiers are the ones who shout that they need to heal, but there's a bug where it can happen if they're dead, because the sound has a small delay. I understand how it can sound like the player though. Basically, the way the AI works is that on detection they will run for the best possible cover as detected by a heuristic algorithm and then start shooting from cover at the enemy. The problem is that this breaks down really fast in the woods where there are a lot of trees that are tall enough to count as cover but don't do anything, so the AI tends to look like it's sprinting directly away to some randomized spot with no rhyme or meaning. When they go below 50% health they shout "I need to heal!" and run for cover and wait 1 second to heal up, but the whole cover thing comes up again + the sound has a minor delay so it can keep playing after they die. 

Because the AI tries to find cover before shooting, this may look like an awkward delay. I have to tweak the AI considerably for the post jam build to make sure it's clear and consistent :)

The camera attempts to push away from most objects but some of my meshes are very thin and it fails to; try walking through the jungle between trees and you'll notice the collision logic. The collision radius is too small though and the paper thin walls cause issues.

I'll take all of this into consideration and expand the camera collisions & update the AI!


Guerilla was unplayable for me on medium and my pc couldn't handle high. I loved the game anyway and i hope you improve it further


Yeah, sorry. Did the boss at least work?


I didn't figure out time travel lmao but that's my fault


There's a gameplay video you can skip around on the main page for a walkthrough to figure things out if you need it. I highly recommend fighting her as it is the most fun part of the game :) 


Thanks, will do!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very impressive level of detail, especially in the environments. Just wish i didn't have a potato PC as i was playing at very low fps.


Haha. The game has really bad performance issues in some areas when there is a lot of fire on the screen, it may not just be a potato PC issue.


That was a fun game you got here. 




Followed you on the last gamejam cause i thought your game was really interesting! This one is great too so it was worth it! 

Great looking game, nice mechanics, and great input of the rewind theme with the time travel mechanic. The biggest problem is the performance. It did run kinda slow on my pc.

Another personal opinion, is that there is too much bloom, sometimes making me take the eyes off the screen cause it hurt. 

Loved it though, will continue looking at what you do! Good job!


Yeah, the performance has some serious problems. The fire effects are bugged out and keep spawning dynamic lights until the game slows to a crawl; I have a fixed build but didn't get it done for the deadline because I didn't realize until it was too late as all my testers had really beefy builds at the time. 

Bloom will be a slider hopefully later down the line :)

Thank you for your feedback!


A very beautiful game with very cool effects! Congratulations on the work!


Thank you!


Really cool game, i liked to story and mechanics, though animations feel a bit stif, and game could use some optimalization, i runned it on my pc with I7-8700K and GTX 1080, 2K High and it runned in around 20-30 fps on second level, you could add LOD, because atleast from what i saw the game doesn't have it, Shooting and movement feeled good, but you could add some juice when you hit enemies

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback! The game actually has really aggressive LODs, especially noticable on Low settings where if you walk away from a character model more than 5 feet they start looking like they hail from a PS2 game. The problem with the performance actually boils down to the fire effects continually spawning dynamic lights, but I ran out of time uploading the fix. Upon removing that problem the FPS jumps up a couple hundred percent


I enjoyed the responsiveness of movement and seriously thought the dive roll was an extremely polished moveset. As for how the game functioned, I tested 2 systems. On my PC with I7 7700k and RTX 2060 and it ran smooth on 1080p High but hitched several times on 2k Ultra. On my laptop with an i5 2500k and Intel HD Graphics 4000 it ran smooth on low settings on the first level, but the second ran at a stable 4FPS.

UI scaled well from 1080p to 2k for all elements except the subtitles, which from the looks of it use the default UE4 dialogue system so there’s not much to do there.

On low settings the guerilla level was impossible to play, presumably also an issue with how UE renders volumetrics in high density on low scalability, so maybe as a workaround use more non-volumetric exponential height fog and only use volumetrics as a baseline. (The issue would be really neat for a horror game though :D)

Narration can overlap very easily, it occurred for me even without speedrunning through triggerboxes.

I really enjoyed the game, and would love to see more in a fully-fledged release.


Thank you for the detailed feedback! Good to know how poorly it performs on super low end systems, I'll have to optimize for that. Thanks for testing with the setups btw; I have no way of running tests on a lot of hardware variations.

I just have one question though; did you run into any crashes on the 2060? There seems to be a persistent reproducible issue with RTX cards generating crashes on the boss fight, and no other cards.


Yes, on my 2060 Build it crashes upon loading the final boss. I assumed it was due to the fact that I am using experimental drivers, but here’s a screenshot.


Yeah, it's not an issue with experimental drivers. For some reason even though DXR is disabled completely, the boss crashes on RTX cards. You can try setting the game to Low and entering the boss room and it should help as it has for most people.


It seems like a lot of love went into this game! The lighting is good, bloom maybe a bit high, but it looks futuristic and cool. Gunplay felt pretty good to me, some clipping in areas and enemy AI was odd but still impressive given the time frame. This was very cool!


Thank you!


Very cool game, graphics are extremely nice but I think too overwhelming for my computer to. It was pretty smooth in the tutorial but going into the real deal, everything was laggy. A few things: 

1. When you die, repeating the narration was long and dragging. I would recommend maybe a skip button

2. There doesn't seem to be a real indication whether an enemy is hit besides maybe their audio queues

3. I bugged out when I died that I was still shooting

But in general, this has a lot of potential. You might need to hold back on the graphics for better performance for most computers. Awesome game nonetheless!


Thanks for the feedback!



- awesome graphics

- the narrator was funny, although, I'm now a bit insecure with myself

- (SPOILER ALERT) I liked the idea for a boss fight in the finale


- my pc crashed, the graphics heated my pc and I can play most of AAA without this happening, clearly wasn't expecting it as I confidently clicked high quality

- kinda buggy at times, the ones I noticed was: 1. Camera looking through wall; 2. In finale I clicked TAB to rewind and entered the room, I started walking around and ended up flying over that pallet there lol. When entering Guerilla there was a cinematic at start that showed some UI which I don't know if it was intended? Also, the fire in Guerilla was really computationally intensive.

- the finale feels a bit awkward in the second phase when she starts teleporting, she is kind of blocking you every way and you cannot really run anywhere.

I would advise for something smaller and fit more for a game jam next time, as I'm confident you would've made this game a lot better if you had more than 7 days.


Yeah, there's a big problem with the fire. On high and ultra it keeps spawning dynamic lights. I have a patch for this ready, but the deadline hit as it finished building :(

During the finale phase 2 you're supposed to basically keep dive rolling until stun, but I guess it can be pretty awkward if she manages to block the player.

Thank you for the feedback! I'll definitely go smaller next time haha, I wanted to push what was possible for me.


Cool Game! I had to end it a bit early though because I didn't think my computer could hold on that longer. So yeah, a great game, but maybe town down on the graphics/effects a bit.


Try putting your graphics settings to LOW in the Settings menu. It seems to fix it for people as the problem is with the fire effects, which wont spawn dynamic lights on low settings :)

It does make the level Guerilla really dark, but at least the final boss is playable (with some weird bugs with reflection)


Quite a nice game overall! Feels quite polished but i think the post processing effects should be toned down a bit. Looks nice, but can be too much at times. Well done! :) 


Thank you man :)


Very well polished for a jam game! The default sensitivity is pretty high but its no big deal.




Kinda awkward at times, but pretty polished for a weeks worth of development. Graphics look great though.


Thank you!

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