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Ahh, thanks! I like how the player feels smooth when moving.

Windows Build Is Broken...

This is cool

This is super helpful and cool! Thanks for making this!

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Cool Game! I had to end it a bit early though because I didn't think my computer could hold on that longer. So yeah, a great game, but maybe town down on the graphics/effects a bit.


It is a cool game, I had fun playing it. And the way the theme was used was great.


This is a really cool game!

Cool Game!

This game was really fun!

This is an absolutely beautiful game!

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Super Cool Game!

This was a great game, it could totally become a full commercial game in some time! if you want.

I was thinking of doing that, but i have no idea how tile maps work in unity so i wasn't able to.

This was a fun game!

This was fun!

I really enjoyed playing this game, it was super cool!

Yeah, i could have shrunk the map a bit. But Thanks

Yeah, i know... But thanks!

There was 1 level with three difficulties. The easy mode came with a weird mini map to maer to find the cassettes.



I absolutely loved this game!

Thanks, I will keep this in mind. I did have doubts about the map but decided to keep it anyway.

Really Cool Game!

I liked The main mechanic, it was super cool!


Super Cool Game!

I really enjoyed this game! I didn't make it that far because I am not that good at puzzles but still really fun!

Really Fun Game!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

I love how the theme was implemented!

Nice Game!

Nice Game!

Absolutely Beautiful Game!

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