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The Dream WoodView game page

Game for the Brackeys Jam 2020.2
Submitted by SecretJuice1, GangsRobin (@ButtsMaybe), 3PixDev, Smutnacebula — 49 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#324.1394.139

Ranked from 115 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
The Main Character experiences recurring dreams and reality changes slightly every night.

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes about 95% was made by ourselves

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Very nice game, there was a good progression of difficulty and the platforming was fun. The music, art and overall atmosphere really worked in this games favor. I would also appreciate it if you would check out our game.


I really like the take on the theme, and I appreciate that most of the screens look somewhat recognizable from their past versions, so it's very obvious how it fits the theme. My main issue with this game is that everything feels like it could use some extra polish. The platforming feels responsive, but the character's hitboxes should be a little more generous to the player (don't include too much of the head or the feet) and the wall jump feels less like a wall jump and more like a wall climb where you execute a jump in order to scale walls. The tileset and other graphics, including enemies, items, and other platforming objects look great, but each room still feels empty, like it's missing something. I think other small decorations and parts of the wall in the background could make it feel less empty. The music captures the feeling of the game well, although I think it should change as you progress through the game from calm to tense. Overall, I really enjoyed this, hopefully you work on this after the jam, it has a lot of potential!


Good job, it's a good game I think that sometimes it's too similar to celeste (like music or designing) but it's a good game! I really enjoyed it!


Stunning game. Could rival Celeste. Pretty steep learning curve though. But them movement is fun which is the most important thing. Keep working on this to make it a full game please (with controller support)


We are glad you enjoyed our game!

Xbox Controller (or similar) support is enabled already, although it has a minor bug with the Left Joystick (works fine with the D-Pad).

However, the browser cannot accept Xbox Controller input (or we couldn't figure out how to do that), so you have to get the Executable version instead.
As a side note: The fix for the mentioned bug is ready, but we can't publish it until voting ends.

Please give it a try make your Xbox Controller sweat with those perfect-timing combos :P



Music, sounds, visuals all tide nicely together. The controls are tight and responsive, which is wonderful for a platform, but the button layout is a little hard for me to make some of the tighter jumps and sequences. Mainly because I'm not a keyboard/mouse user but I really enjoy how responsive it it. The story telling is a nice touch and it's a unique take on a "time loop" without being a time loop itself. Great job


I love this game so much, it is my favourite jam game so far and one of the only games I finished playing. I really reminded my of games like Celeste. The movement feels really good and even dying doesn't feel bad because you respawn so fast at a near checkpoint (And the soundeffects are amazing)

There were some places which felt a bit to unfair and the wall jump didn't feel perfect but I like everything else :)

If you want, you can also play my game^^:


Great game, love the style and the movement feels really snappy. Reminds me a lot of Celeste. :D


The platfomer controls feel great! 


Really nice game. Took a while to get how to complete one part but the game is pretty nice overall.

Played the game here (about 2h in the vid): 

Submitted (1 edit)

Very fun gameplay, great controls and good implementation of the theme.


This is a really good game, the controls feels amazing, the mechanics are well implemented and the levels are really fun to play around. I've got this celeste-like feel which I think is a really good way to know your character feels great to control. Amazing Job!


The tightest platformer that I've had the pleasure of playing yet! It is an absolute joy to play from the aesthetic to the controls. I really enjoyed the concept of the recurring level and the game was genuinely challenging while being fair at the same time! Fantastic entry and I hope you win one of the categories!


Really nice movement and vibe. Great game!


Really cool game! There's barely anything else I could say other than how good this game is!


We are grateful you took the time to play it and enjoyed the experience!


Probably my favorite game I've played so far in this jam!!! Great balance of difficulty without being frustrating or annoying. Character controller feel REALLY good which is hard to do so great work. I enjoyed the sound effect and the particle effects as well as the overall theme. And to tie it all together, the music really brings the story and nightmare together; it really got me into the spooky headspace, and it was great! I would love to see more!!!


Amazing game!! Love almost every thing about the game, although the sound effects can be improved. The levels are challenging but not annoying. Overall an amazing submission👍

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

We are glad you enjoyed our game!

None of us is an actual Sound Artist, so that might explain the incoherence here and there regarding the Sound Effects. We will try to improve them after the voting is over, since there is not much we can do about them right now.

Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to play it


A truly gorgeous game. Possibly the smoothest controls and play style I've seen so far. Also addictive with some really cool challenges as you go on.
If possible, the smallest of critiques would be some adjustments on the camera. When you go back and forth between two different blocks, the switch is sometimes a bit delayed.


Not much not to like.  Probably some of the best controls I have seen. The art was gorgeous and the play was fun. Great job!

Could you please play and rate my game?

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