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Absolutely brilliant game. Really liked the mechanics and the art style. Congrats on the submission🎉

Thank you very much😁

Thanks, happy to know you liked my game.

This clicking issue has happened to me a lot but I couldn't figure out how to fix it. There is a weird offset between where you click and where the click is detected😅. 

Really loved the idea and the art. A bit more contrast between the level and the background would have been good and few more sound effects, but rather than that, I liked playing it. Well done!

Love the pixel art and the dark but cute motive of the game. A bit more polish would make it even better. Congrats on the submission🎉🎉

A really cute little game. Really enjoyed playing it. The idea is pretty good. A bit of polish and this can be turned into an addictive android game. Congrats on the submission🎉🎉

Thank you very much😄

Thank you very much🤗. Glad to know you like my game.

Thank you😃


Thank you😄! Glad you liked my game.

Thank you😄!

A brilliant game. Really enjoyed playing this one. A game well made. Congrats.

A beautiful game with an amazing mechanics. Absolutely blew my mind how good and polished this is. Really loved it. Congrats on the submission🎉

Thanks. Happy to know you liked it.

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it.

Really enjoyed playing this, amazing work! A solid entry. Congrats🎉

This is just out right mind blowing. The minimalist art just plays so well with the game! Loved the innovative idea and the mechanics. This game is definitely worth expanding. Keep up the amazing work!

An absolutely brilliant game. Add in a second player and you have an amazing local multiplayer game. The game has really good combat system and a lot of potential. You should continue working it😁. Congrats on the submission.🎉🎉

So the scene did not transition? Strange. Well I will look into. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks😄! So you made it to the last level! Nice!

After the big skeleton and his army, you should see the "credit" scene. Or was there a bug? Please let me know.

Thanks. Happy to know you liked playing my game.

I really am not a fan of huge text based tutorials, but due to time I had to go with it anyway😅. Glad that it was understandable.


Really cute game. Really loved playing it. The interact-able level just make it really nice to play. Congrats on the submission🎉

The game is beautifully minimalist. Really loved the idea. Great Job. This would make for a great typing game😄. Congrats!

Thank you for those kind words. Glad you liked my game😁.

Thank you very much! Happy to know you liked my game🤗.


The text that showed how much food I had, was going out side the region it was supposed to be in.

A really neat entry. Except for some text clipping issues, a really solid entry. Congrats on the submission🎉. 

A really nice take on the them. Really enjoyed playing it. Congrats on the submission🎉

Really polished entry, absolutely brilliant and of course, an amazingly cute dog 😊

Sweet idea! A really polished game. Loved playing it. Congrats🎉

Really polished game with brilliant story telling. The graphics speak for themselves. A solid entry. Congrats🎉

Really cute game, with a simple yet fun idea. Loved it!

An amazing game. Really love the calm music and the simple, but nice mechanics. Fits really well with the theme as well. Congrats🎉

Thank you for playing! Glad you liked the mechanics. Also thanks for reporting the bug, I will look into it😅