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Neat take on the theme. Loved the  overcooked-ish looks! 

This is just crazy good and creative! Well done!!

Absolutely loved it! A really neat mechanics based on the theme. 

Cool idea, really neat integration of the dice mechanics. Although its a bit hard to understand what to do at the beginning.

Really neat idea. Loved the clean and minimalist looks.

Yep, that's on me. I did not have enough time to add a tutorial or instructions 😅. I added them to the game's page for now.

My bad. I will make one with a bigger font. Thanks for your time.

Lol, I added the credits button at the beginning of the jam thinking, "I'm making a simple game, I will have a lot of time"................ boy was I wrong!

I added a tutorial panel in the game's page. I'm not sure how much help that would be. It would be really nice if you could let me know if that helps. Thanks for the feedback!

Glad you liked it. Thanks for the bug report, I will add it to my ever growing list of bugs 😅

Thanks 🤩

Thank you so much and I'm glad you liked it 🤩

Really cool visuals and really nice gameplay. You should consider making it for mobile devices. Congrats on the submission 🎉

Wow, that's a really cool looking game! Really neat art style and amazing use of camera effects. Congrats on the great submission 🎉🎉

Its unreal how a jam game can have so much depth! The twist was right in front but still hidden. Great execution and an amazing game. Congrats on the amazing submission 🎉

Extremely beautiful art and a very ambient environment. Congrats on the submission 🎉

Really cute game with some nice platforming and sound effects. Congrats on the submission🎉

Really cool game idea and a nice take on the theme! Nice touch with those visual effects. Congrats on the submission 🎉

Really neat idea with extremely satisfying shooting mechanics. Congrats on the submission 🎉

Kinda difficult to get used to but it's a really cool mechanics. Congrats on the submission 🎉

Cool platforming and sick background music! Congrats on the submission 🎉

Simple but really fun idea. Loved the graphics and the fact that dialogues were incorporated with voice. Congrats on the great submission 🎉

Really cool mechanics with some really good looking pixel art. Congrats on the submission 🎉

Really well-polished game with good storytelling. Loved the mechanics and the visuals. Congrats on the submission🎉

Wow! This is a really well-polished game. The pixel art, the storytelling, the music, the sound effects, and the twist at the end (which is very real 😂),  its all just amazing. Really loved the idea. Congrats on the amazing submission 🎉🎉

This is crazy good and fun! The music, sound effects, graphics, gameplay, humour, everything is just perfect. Congrats on the great submission 🎉🎉

This has to be the most times I have died in a game! Really cool idea and lovely pixel art 🤩. Adding in some way for the play to see what's real and what's not would improve the gameplay since it's mostly trial and error. Overall, solid game. Congrats on the submission 🎉

This is really underrated. The visuals are so good!! This has potential for a full-scale game with more features added in. Congrats on the great submission 🎉🎉

Solid entry! The idea is simple but really fun. Congrats on the great submission 🎉

Simple yet visually pleasing graphics. Loved the idea and the mechanics, and this mechanics has potential for some really cool puzzles so you should consider expanding. Congrats on the submission 🎉

Nice idea and visual.  There is room for improvement but all in all, a really nice submission 🎉

Really neat idea. This has the potential to grow. Congrats on the submission🎉

This game was very trippy thanks to the innovative mechanics. This needs a full-scale game 🙏. The use of 2 colours to create the illusions was just crazy. Overall, an amazing submission. Props to you 🎉🎉

Really neat mechanics. The background music was on point with the rest of the environment. Props to you and your team 🎉

Sweet little game 😍 with lovely background music. Congrats on the submission 🎉

That is a really good mechanics, you should consider scaling this to a full game. It has really good potential. Congrats on the great submission 🎉

Neat little game. Adding audio would have enhanced the experience but it's a jam, so it makes sense. Congrats on the submission 🎉

The pixel art is crazy good and crisp 🤩 Some of the assets are missing but that makes sense for a jam. Really loved the visuals and the neat storytelling.

This is crazy good and it looks so amazing!! You should consider turning this into a full game. Congrats on the great submission 🎉🎉🎉

Amazing mechanics and really unique visuals. Congrats on the submission 🎉

This is just amazing. Absolutely loved the mechanics and the visuals. Everything is spot on and well polished. Congrats on the great submission 🎉🎉