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Shooter where you rewind time to reload
Submitted by Arcy (@arcywastooshort)
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Game Design#274.1794.179

Ranked from 56 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
Only way to reload your weapon is to rewind time

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Code is all mine, some of the art assets are from Quaternious dev and Kenney

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WOW, this is a really great game, idk how you did it, but while I was playing I thought I would have liked to move a lil faster and then you had the speed increase and then I thought the shooting was a lil slow and then you had the fire rate increase.  I felt like you read my mind XD.

Honestly cant say anything to improve about the game, plays great, looks great. Super Awesome and super Addicting!


5 stars for each, I cant get enough of this.

Well done.


Really enjoyed playing this! Great art style and the gameplay is super fun and easy to understand

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Masterpiece! I loved everything! Nothing is bad. Be proud! (As for constructive feedback minimap could be on the left bottom.)


I am commenting on this post for the second time because it has been the only game this jam that I have frequently returned to play more of. I’m not sure how it’s done but this game has the ability to make even the worst players feel godly, and the soundtrack ties together the whole experience. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the music, and if you made it, do you take comissions? This game is incredible and I can’t wait to see what becomes of it.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you so much! I did make the music, and I never did any commisions in my life, but it could be fun to try


Really cool idea, though shooting feelt kinda bad, i think making enemies bullet sponges, in non rpg shooter isn't a good idea, also guns should sound stronger then they sound atm, because they fell weak, other than that i think you did pretty good job on that one


Nice game with cool aesthetics and good music. I felt like the enemies had too much hp, but when I got to smg and rifle this problem dissappeared.

Good job!


this game is crazy, this is the most fun ive had so far, mechanics was kinda "????" at the start but after i got the hang of it i couldnt stop playing, great concept i absolutely see this expanding to a full game. amazin experience


Phenomenal game! The gameplay is super fun and the powerups are truly the cherry on top. Plus killer soundtrack and really cool graphic style, with the UI in particular reminding me of the old Wipeout games. Great job on this one!


First of all, awesome music. I really enjoyed the mechanics implemented by you in the game. The shooting could a bit more refined but apart from the that it was very cool. i especially liked the flow and movement in the game. So pretty cool game.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Wow! I really enjoyed this gameplay, very intense for me that don't play any FPS a long time. I prefer to run away until get a bit of confidence to shoot some opponents LOL. I believe that fastest shootings will improve the player experience because they were taking a while to hit the target. Maybe was the best way to implement the mechanics because of the deadline. I never developed a FPS, but Physics.Raycast will help you to calculate the shooting collision with the Game Objects. Just to clarify, the Raycast will detect any objects that intersect a line. This is all, good job, bro! :D


Thank you! I'm planning to update the game and maybe rework the player shooting with it, thanks for the feedback!


Extremely well executed theme. Very fast paced. Suvived 13 minutes. No issues found while playing except for how you have to pick the new weapon off of the ground after upgrading to it, sometimes resulting in you getting shot and dying.


OK, visualls & audio are really perfect, the 'rewind' to reaload doesn't really work gameplay wise and the bullet's are really slow. But aside from that, it's perfect game for a gamejam. Also I have a technical question - Were you using Unity's scriptable render pipeline or Unity's built-in render pipeline. If you were using SRP, how did you achieve that 'unlit cell shaded' effect? I presume it's a post processing effect, but as far as I know, making custom post processing effects in SRP is impossible, or am I missing something?


I used URP, and I eplained my visuals here


I like this game very much but if you just run around the edges of the map you can never be killed


This game feels great! (⌐■_■)>:thumbsup:


Wow. The graphics & UI are super sleek, all enemies have different AI. The movement is great. Great job!


Out of the 3 Rewind FPS I have played in the Jam so far, this one is definitely the best by a pretty big margin. Of course, it's still by no means perfect, but its very well executed and really fun to play.

Some points I have during the gameplay:

- Bullets hit should be a bit more responsive, like bullet holes on the wall and some indications on enemies when they gets hit outside of just the health bar

- Gun upgrades should just change the gun on your hand instead of dropping it, which is usually really hard to pick up especially in battle, break the flow of the game

 - Bullets speed seems too slow for me

- Rewinding function for a few seconds then reload seems pretty arbitrary, I was thinking it would rewind my actions all the way till I fired my first bullet

 This is a really solid game, I would love to see you expand upon it after the jam. Would definitely recommend everyone to try this out.


Thank you! I am definetely thinking of updating this game after the jam is over, I have a big notepad document full of feedback and I will gladly add yours into that. I don't quite get what you mean in the last point though?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Well, if I understand correctly, the current rewind mechanics move your character's position back in time for a fixed few seconds, and then your clip is reloaded, when I first read about the reload mechanic in the tutorial, what I thought would happened was that you will keep getting re-winded until you are back to the location where you fire your first shot of the magazine,  which I thought would create a pretty interesting movement system. 

Which reminds me, the movement system would feels a lot better if its much fast pace, and maybe include something like double jump or wall jumping, the current system is fine, just a recommendation 


Very interesting game with a unique art style!  I do find myself a bit disoriented after each rewind though, but other than that, cool game! Good Job


The pastel theme is beautiful! The shooting was fun to play, and the music keeps you pumped up throughout the game. Your approach to the theme "Rewind" is interesting. I like that I'm able to get some health back using the rewind mechanic. Good job!


This is an outstanding game! I usually try to give some form of constructive criticism in my comments but other than wanting this to be a full release  on steam I have none.

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