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Triplethree Degree

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don't be sad. I'm still working on it :))



Rated :))

Rated right now. Good Job!

Man, I just wanna play this forever! Good Job!!

wow that was really cool

Thank you so much, I appreciate that! btw if you'd like to get more out of that rewind mechanic, you should try the new version out! here's the link:


Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. glad I shared the newest version somewhere :))

Rated!! :))

5 out of 5! Rated right now.

Rated! :))

That's a lot of work for a week!! Rated! :))

Yeah Thank you so much! I think you should try the new version and tell me what you think about it!

Here's it is:

Thanks a lot!! I played your game and I also rated it. Here's a new update for Project C which is exactly what you looking for:

Thank you so much!! That's because it's inspired by Smash Hit so far! 

Also thanks for the tip. I'll keep that in mind!


So challenging! Rated 15 mins ago! :))

Rated! :))

Thanks! Rated your game right now.

Thank you so much for the most honest feedback so far! I'd be glad if you just play the new version and tell me what you think about that too...

Here's it is:

I'm also looking forward to improving this game which is going to be released on Android hopefully soon! So thanks again, I'll keep all the tips in mind for the future updates!

Thanks you so much!! Here's a new version which has already got the sound effects and a lot more stuff covered:

You can also follow Triplethree Degree on these social medias....



if you like the way I make games and stay updated!

Thanks again for the review. that means a lot!

Love the art style, and rated right now! Keep it up.

Rated right now! Good job!

Nice Graphics! Rated right now!

Love the visual effects! Rated right now!

The Player Character is so fun! Rated right now!

Love that ninja animations! Rated right now! 

I don't actually have a VR headset! That's why I couldn't play... 

But I respect the work you put in it. Good job!

Nice Game Design! Rated! :))

Thanks!! and I just rated your game right now! Good job!

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Hey guys this is my game

Here's the latest version

Send me your games here. I'll play them and  I will rate them!

Five out of five. Man I love everything about it. the Logo, the UI (So Neat!), the music, the particle effects, graphics, sound design and even that force field which is rotating around the arena... 

It still has room for improvement but thanks for the details and the time you put into it. 

I appreciate your efforts on this.

Great job, keep it up!

Lmaooo Thank you so much!!! btw you can get the new version which is a LOT better, the time is balanced with sound design improvements from here:

But yeah I'm absolutely still working on it, more levels, upgrades and even save points are on their way...

Thanks again for your feedback. I'll keep all of it in mind for the future updates! and sure I'm going to play your game right now.

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Love the music but I think the sound design has a lot of room for improvement beside some tweaks for camera offset and more particle effects! 

Good job.


Thanks!! yeah sure!

Thanks for your feedback! 

I'm still improving the game and I'm also planning on porting it to Android which requires more feedback based on the "new version" that I still made a lot of improvements on, and I'd appreciate it if you could  play it and tell me what you think about it! 

here's the newest version: