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amazing!! how did u archieved the outlines look?

im into this

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thanks for giving it a shot, cool gameplays

thanks for playing it!

Thanks for the gameplay!


Bueena, yo soy antafogastino, saludos desde santiago :-)

weena acab

im surprised by the short amount of time u put into this

very polished and designed game for a gamejam, great job!

nice work

this was amazing

amazing artwork, the blur at the backgound was an amazing idea, fun experience, overall one of the most solid games ive played so far

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loved the music!!  was really enjoyable to go around and explore, great job, btw where do u from? u speak spanish?

thanks for your appreciation, glad u had fun

glad u had a laught and enjoyed it


loved the cutscenes and all the art, it is really impresive for paint i think, great job. got kinda bugged 2 times and a restart key would have improven the experience, great job this is a very well crafted one

loved the assets and the music! had fun, was quite challenging but in a fun way, great job :-)

this game is hilarous, defenitive one of the bests experiences ive encountered on this jam so far, so funny

i had fun, the game felt great, played a run for like 15 mins lol

impressive way to put put an slender game on paint

love the whole aesthetic, the narrator its brillant but having to start all over was quite frustrating and listen to the same audio got boring fast,  the sounds and the 3d envieroment its amazing, really cool idea

loved the art and the theme, got stuck tho but i will try again later

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funny music and sfx


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thanks for our huge feedback, i really really appreciatte all ur words. im gonna try to improve all those aspects bc they make sense to me im also aware of all the flaws, i appreciatte that regardless all of it u liked some things, thank you very muchh!!

this is simply incredible, game feels great and gameplaying was engaging af, very well polished all the details feels really good. great job!

thanks you for the great feedback!! ure right, i had issues with my time management, most of the time i didnt knew what i was going to do next and where the game was going, most of it was pure improvisation, and didnt had time to acually play the game and polish all the little details, im realy gratefull that regardless all the flaws u could see this as a potencially good game, thanks!!

Thanks for the good vibes and the great feedback, ure right the game has a lot of little unpolished details, i will try to upload an updated version more finished after the jam, thanks!

ooh u had to put the people onto the futtons, they act like buttons, yes thats a problem thats why we added the z feature, thanks for the feedback

thank you!!! im glad u enjoyed the game ^^


the sound, music, animation and art in general its amazing, i love the whole aesthetic, ive seen this similar mechanic on a lot of games of the jam but u managed to make it feel good with the ghostly shadow u left behind while recording, well done! i feel like im stupid or something because i got stuck in like 3rd puzzle/tutorial, i kept falling through the wholes, tried to record moves in between but the movement is a bit sloppy so i couldnt get the handle of it, anyways well done, i would surely play this again with the movement fixed and the solution to that part lol 
here is mine