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small world!


what's wrong with it?

what's wrong with it?

put them in the front. thats the intake

Be mindful of your light usage as more lights make the generator go out faster! 1 light makes it go out twice as fast.


thx man <3 love u

Thanks! That's great to hear :))

Thanks so much for totally transforming the game on day 2, we never would've got here without you 🙌

I love this too ❤️

lol I had no idea that's how it started. bro had a glow up

xD thanks a bunch, love your enthusiasm

Thanks! I saw your multiplayer version of Rural Blackout too

Thanks! The map design took quite a while because I wanted to make sure it didn't get boring. I'm really happy with the result too :)

PUN 2. I made a tutorial series if you're interested. For an actual game release I would recommend using Steam's networking libraries, but for a game jam Photon is convenient.

Hey! I continued this for Day 6, adding multiplayer and a race map:

Also thanks so much for making the music it fits so well

Thanks for playing our game! There aren't any other nights - this game was made for the Pass the Game jam where each day a new developer takes the project and works on it. So the "Day 2, Day 3" are not actually continuations of the story. They're the progress that other developers have made. There's no communication allowed between developers, so we (the first developers) have no input on what the other developers add.

Thanks for building on our game!! The ambient light changing color is a really nice touch.

thats the smallest toilet ive ever seen

Bro no communication

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I made the enemy model. I am absolutely terrible at humanoid models lol. We tried to make it just the eyes, the creature transparent, etc. It didn't really help. It was a lot better once it was animated, but it still just needs a new model

If you leave lights on they'll drain the generator quickly. It takes 2 minutes to run out of fuel with no lights. I see a lot of people making that mistake

lol if it works it works. me too, I'm looking forward to where it goes!

Looks super cool! Can't wait to see where this goes!

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There's also another version here for day 3 in case someone takes Falcon's:

Thanks for picking our game and iterating on it! The flashlight running out adds a new level of immersiveness.

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You gotta keep refueling it :) it takes 2 minutes to go out fully. Be mindful of your light usage as more lights make the generator go out faster!

The only folders we uploaded were Assets, Packages, and ProjectSettings. All the others are automatically generated when you load the project in Unity and can be removed

Survive until 6:00 AM

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Here's the game:

There is a blackout, check the cameras and run your generator to try and survive the night! I made this in 24 hours with a friend, and it's our first ever horror game!

what controls...? its just the mouse

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Here's our Unity game!

There is a blackout, check the cameras and run your generator to try and survive the night!

It's too bad I played this after the rating period ended because I would have given it full marks - this game is such a great take on the theme and super addictive! Awesome work!

Web build was very high on the priority list! We ran into a lot of technical issues with Unity when trying to build for web which we couldn't resolve until after the jam, and chose to prioritize getting the game finalized rather than dedicating resources to fixing the WebGL issues.

Waypoint arrows are actually different colors:

Blue: Object about to be haunted

Red: Haunted object

White + Icon: Hunter

I guess I should have made the differences more pronounced because people seem not to notice. Thanks for trying out the game!

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Mostly just a bunch of random people! Some people had worked on a team together before, but not all of us together.

Who did the music for this? It's awesome

took me so long to get 40... worth it

slight bug - after restarting the game I can't get more than 0 points on the first question 😭

would love to be able to skip to previous responses to try different paths. overall, great game! must have been a challenge to do it all in 48 hours.