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it comes out the other side yknow

did the wood and ore disappear?

no, everyone plays Redmatch 2

what did it give you


you can't get raw materials out of the furnace, they have to be smelted. boxes are just for building, but you can put stuff in containers in the Redrift mod


drop wood in front to fuel it, then drop ores in front to smelt them

Due to licensing issues (the MP3 codec is patented), MP3 files cannot be played. It's very unfortunate, but obtaining a license to play MP3 files was beyond the scope of this project. If you'd like me to refund your donation I'd be happy to contact itch and initiate one.

You'll need to show a play button in ZipWorker_RunWorkerCompleted, and make it call StartApplication when clicked (instead of calling StartApplication inside ZipWorker_RunWorkerCompleted). Making a play button is probably going to be more complicated than you think, dealing with xaml.

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just use git & github

now i use source control :) no more losing source code

I'm sorry, I think it's an issue with the hashing function I used. I don't have plans to fix it at the moment, as I'm focusing on my game right now. If you wanted you could try swapping the MD5 hash out for a different one

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because I'm done with it, development stopped over a year ago. I have other projects to work on now.

There's a system in place to bypass that, GDrive may have updated the design of the page and broken it though

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sorry, but I'm not updating the game anymore

nah you get it from the island tho

smelt mud

interesting... it should work fine with gdrive. glad you got it sorted with dropbox

can you send your config.txt file

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just ignore the .pdb file. you only need the .exe (assuming you built it and did not use the debug compiler)

23 megabytes is well under the maximum size. It's strange you would get an error. Can I see your config.txt file?

yall in the same timezone?


then you can't change the icon. you need the source code to change it, which is $1

ah I thought you were talking about the multiplayer one

which mod were you talking about?

You can't

did you purchase a copy of the source code?

the old servers cost me like $200 a month, so I'm not doing that. steam's servers are free

bruh its linked

Glad you're enjoying it :) I'm not working on the game anymore, but if you want to play with storage try out this mod:

Can you send me the link to the zip file you are using?


Glad you like the game! All guns are hitscan, and custom maps might be possible in the future. I'm still debating how much work it will take.

Thanks for playing my game! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've stopped development on the game, but if you're looking for more technology to mess around with, my friend made a mod for it which adds a bunch of new items and features:

drop wood in front to fuel it, then drop ores in front to smelt them

sorry, the game relies on Steam's servers for multiplayer, so I can't bring it back to WebGL