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If you have your timer like so

float time = 0;

ThisRunsEveryFrame() {

 time = time + tineSinceLastFrame;


Adapted for your language, then it would be accurate on all machines. I think this is especially important with highscores. To find the time since last frame, you might be able to record the system time in a variable, and then find the change. I'm not sure if this is possible using your engine and language, but it would be a great improvement. :)

I think the main problem with the countdown is that it's based on your computers framerate. This means it will be slower the less FPS you have, and faster the more. I think that the creator adapted the countdown to 60 FPS, so on less powerful machines it will count slower. It would also be better if it counted faster, though :)


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Thanks a ton for playing my game! I will try to update it as regularly as possible, which is usually on the weekends because of school. Thanks for the feedback!

Also: all achievements should be possible :P Noone has found the flower yet tho!

Would be nice if the trees had collision.


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I don't understand the point...