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Since Linux and OSX account for such a small proportion of Steam players, it isn't really worth it to maintain builds for them and solve platform-specific bugs (Especially because I have tried to build IL2CPP for Linux in the past and haven't been able to get it to compile). I might implement it in the future if enough people show support for it


I did, actually. I opted into geforce now through Steam's thing. I don't think they support it yet though, or if it ever will be. It's all a little vague

Hi, as it says on the main page I no longer support the tool in an official capacity and cannot help with issues.

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Short answer: no

Long answer: If you press Ctrl + Shift + I and go to the Application tab, then expand IndexedDB, then expand /idbfs - and then click FILE_DATA you can see your world's save file, but I have no idea how to download it.

no, the browser worlds are stored separately

looks awesome!!

did you open the project by double clicking the .sln file? if not you wont get the publish option.

does not but ok


that exists

that's one way to think about it

you have no idea how many hackers that would spawn lol

Sorry, the game relies on Steam relay servers. I can't put it on a platform other than Steam

Hi! Thanks for reaching out, but I'm not interested in porting the game to any other platforms at the moment

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there was a transfer period of about 3 months from itch to steam

sorry that you missed that though

that was like over a year ago mate

try reducing your resolution a lot if possible

when did the FPS drop start?

Cool concept :) Loved the graphics for the flower blocks and the heads! It's very satisfying to grow the red flower by shooting it.

To fix your always updating issue: sometimes GitHub adds an extra space to the end of your hash, which will make the Update Utility detect an update when there isn't one.

To have the Update Utility ignore the extra space, find this line in the code:

updateHash = client.DownloadString(hashURL.ToAntiCacheURL());

and replace it with

updateHash = client.DownloadString(hashURL.ToAntiCacheURL()).Trim();

cool :)


You need to use or imgur.

The game came out Oct 27, 2018, Dani's first 3D video came out Jan 3, 2020

No, sorry. If Google Drive doesn't work try Dropbox, they have a free tier

I would keep the game under 2 GB

If theres an error, it will show in the Windows Event Viewer. you can find it by searching Event Viewer in the windows search

Dropbox has a free tier

look at the comments below

Google Drive updated their download system and it doesn't seem to work anymore. Dropbox is the only way to do it now

yeah a little lol


no clue


yeah whoops

its been a while lol

1. You first need a .ico file to use as an Icon. You can use something like to convert from a .png to a .ico file

2. Once you have your .ico file, put it in the RedlabsUpdateUtility folder in the source code

3. Open the project in Visual Studio (double click the RedlabsUpdateUtility.sln file in the folder above)

4. Right click on "RedlabsUpdateUtility" in the Solution Explorer window in Visual Studio and click "Properties"

5. Select your icon in the "Resources" section

6. Publish it (as described in the QuickStart Guide PDF

I'm pretty sure Google Drive changed how download links work a few weeks ago. Try using Dropbox instead

It depends on your computer. I wouldn't go over 2GB though. The normal redlabs update utility ( can support more, because it doesn't have hashing

Unless google drive changed something, it should. Does Dropbox work?

The capsule materials are customizable by just modifying the material texture.

renderer.material.mainTexture = yourTexture;

Death effects are just prefabs instantiated when the player dies. A different prefab is used depending on the death effect. They contain things like particle systems and animators to achieve the effects.