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You know there's no way to play your game, right?

Wow! Thanks for the feedback! I will think about implementing this in the sequel to Adrift!

Also... just looking at this now:

"When you go too far out or stand on a moving island for too long, the game freezes and you have to re-open it"

I think the problem is that the player is being destroyed when the island moves too far out (After a certain distance, the island will destroy itself and anything on it to prevent the objects from going into the dark realm) and destroys the player also. Thanks for the feedback! I will make sure to fix this in the remake.

I would love to hear your ideas! I need all the input I can get.

I would be glad if you told me your ideas and changes! I could potentially add them to the remake!

Thank you all for your support! It's people like you who give me motivation to make games :D

Left click to use.

I still don't get it a year later

Thanks for the feedback! It's greately appreciated. Development is currently paused for this game as I am working on Redmatch. I'm not sure if I'll end up updating this game, since it's been 6 months or so now since I started it, and I have learned a lot since then (Including multiplayer networking). I'm planning on releasing a second version of the game rebuilt from the ground up with better systems which make development easier. Because I started it so long ago, most of the code is a complete mess prone to many bugs and ultimately unusable to create anything new. In the next version of Adrift, I hope to map out a plot and purpose before starting development, as well as building all the systems early on based on a chosen end goal of what the game should be. My idea of Adrift changed many times during development, and it truly was an amazing and engaging learning experience. Thank you so much for the long list of bugs! Some of them I've known for a while, some I have tried to fix but failed, and some I had no idea about. I hope you enjoyed the experience so far. The remake of Adrift will hopefully come out sometime in 2019-2020.

Since I don't have access to a Mac or Linux computer, I'm unable to solve operating system related bugs, or assist with download isntructions. Sorry :(

Thanks for the feedback! Boxes are only a structure (for building). I've been planning on adding a storage solution for a while now, and have just never gotten around to it :/

You can transfer items vertically using a conveyer belt angled upwards for going up and a tube of ice (or walls, but they have more friction and stuff can get stuck) for items going down.

I'm just wondering if this game will ever get controller support. It would make an amazing couch game. I'm also wondering if there will ever be support for different resolutions.

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Fun game! I really wish that the character wasn't controlled so heavily by physics. Moving around isn't fun, it's a chore. And when the one thing you'll be spending the most time doing in your game isn't fun to do, it's a problem. Consider at least making the character more responsive to control!

Also, the character customization doens't seem to work?

I would love to add multiplayer to this and have already attempted to. The problem is I am extremely inexperienced with multiplayer (and since I started building this game a year ago and just recently came back to it, the code is very messy). I might rebuild Adrift from the ground up with multiplayer as the core feature eventually!

The front of the furnace has a small emblem. This is the entrance, where fuel and items to be smelted will go in. First throw wood into the front of the furnace as fuel, and then put in the ores you would like to smelt. Ores take 10 seconds to smelt, and will come out the other end. You can also smelt mud to make bricks (which are kind of useless).


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If you have your timer like so

float time = 0;

ThisRunsEveryFrame() {

 time = time + tineSinceLastFrame;


Adapted for your language, then it would be accurate on all machines. I think this is especially important with highscores. To find the time since last frame, you might be able to record the system time in a variable, and then find the change. I'm not sure if this is possible using your engine and language, but it would be a great improvement. :)

I think the main problem with the countdown is that it's based on your computers framerate. This means it will be slower the less FPS you have, and faster the more. I think that the creator adapted the countdown to 60 FPS, so on less powerful machines it will count slower. It would also be better if it counted faster, though :)


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Thanks a ton for playing my game! I will try to update it as regularly as possible, which is usually on the weekends because of school. Thanks for the feedback!

Also: all achievements should be possible :P Noone has found the flower yet tho!

Would be nice if the trees had collision.


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I don't understand the point...