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37m! now stop mocking me DX

Thanks for sticking with  us threw the loading times :) Your Feedback is much appreciated!

Thank you for the Feedback :)

Your performance totally made my day! :)

Yes! That announcer should announce everything in my life ^^ I love the humor, also the music and visuals. The game loop is satisfying to go threw over and over. So, conGreatulations to your awesome submission!

Great concept! I really liked the weird theme, humor and fitting art style. Balancing could use some work. I would say it's a bit hard for a jam game, but that does not take away from the overall quality. Good Job!

That's really helpful :) I did not think about that side panel. Full screen should be available though, but the button is probably also out of bounds then. Will fix it asap. Thanks a lot for the reply!

There seems to be a problem with Unity 2020.2 MacOS builds getting corrupted after up- and downloading. I had to remove the build for now, but I'll try to find a fix.

Thank you for the Feedback. May I ask what resolution your screen is? And I guess you're referring to the WebGL build?

Glad you enjoyed the game. Thanks for your feedback :)

Agreed the tutorial level is to easy to skip, we wanted to repeat the first level till the player got the first coin, to establish the mechanic, but missed to implement some code right before our upload. Thanks for the feedback :)

A very polished complete simple game package with great art & sound design. Good job!

I love how this game really makes me feel like I don't want to win, because I don't want the puzzles to end. Maybe the most on topic game I've played so far. The game loop is solid, not just a cheap twist on existing formulas and therefore: fun! Great job, loved it!

Not much of a game loop present, as you already said. But the visuals are great and the WebGL build is surprisingly performant! I also liked the sound quite a bit and would love to play the finished game, when its out.

ok, I will give it another try :)

Cool idea! I got stuck after I got the wall grab, though

The experience wouldn't gain much from better controls, but it would have saved me a bit of time on the conveyor belt jumps. All in all, a fun and pretty surprising game. Good job!

I'm glad we were able to lure you in :) The waiting part of the game play did actually concern us as well, but to save ourselves from over-scoping we decided to concentrate on polishing what we already had.

If you are getting pushed to far, you could try maneuvering against the momentum of the impact. Spawning you at a random level (one you have not collected a coin in, yet) is intentional. We wanted to let the player progress through the levels even if they fail to collect the coin.

Thanks a lot for the comprehensive feedback, it's much appreciated :)

OSX build is available now

sure thing ;)

Thank you for the Feedback. I will queue up a OSX Version for you right away :)

Means a lot coming from you :) Thank you for the feedback!

I love the humor and the concept. It sounds and looks great and it is part of the Glitcheon-Universe. What's left to give feedback on? Oh yeah.. How the hell is Angelo the only one, who didn't want to give me the job? I'm not a desk jockey, I swear!

Damn I got hired.. This Game is something else. The idea is unique, it's super polished and funny. Big ups! Great work!

Pretty good for a first run :) There are a total of 4 coins to find. A minimap would be a good feature, I agree. The spawn points currently work in such a way that after falling down you always end up near one of the four coins you haven't picked up yet :)

Thanks for your feedback. We will add a stand alone version to download later on. It will have a higher framerate than the WebGL build :)

thanks a lot :)

here you go. some of the levels can be a bit challenging, but I believe in you - have fun ;)

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More feedback is always appreciated. Thanks and have fun :)

very nice animations and pixel art! I love the style :)

Thanks for taking the time to write such extensive feedback. Comments like yours make me want to develop the game further right away :) The light controls, the movement and also the level design need a lot of playtesting and time to experiment. Thats why I also think that it would be worthwhile and quit fun to continue development - thanks a lot for playing and commenting!

pretty nice tagline you phrased there. Do you mind if I include it in the game description? (;

and I really love the idea of handing out the game in little jars! thanks for that image ^^

yes the controls definitely need more polish and a lot of player feedback - thanks for yours :)

As you may have noticed, we also have different light controls in some of the levels, which doesn't necessarily make learning the controls any easier. In retrospect, a bit more consistency would probably have increased accessibility :) thanks for playing and for your feedback

thanks for playing and for your feedback (:

thanks for playing (:

<- what Yän said :) and also: thank you very much

Well thank you very much :)

Hey Jonas, thanks man! I agree that the platforming is not the strongest part of the game and I also think the basic idea would work well without relying to much on reaction based gameplay (like some of the levels try to showcase). Thanks for your feedback (: