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Pretty cool idea. It's a bit difficult.
It's really good that you show how to cast the spells.

An idea: Do you think you could have a really low damage fireball but that is really easy to perform (like pressing left and right). If you do so, I could use some when I panic because the enemies are pretty close.


It would have been good to stir if you keep the button down. Cool physics though.

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It did go into the basket and nothing happened.

It was in the corner (right of the picture) and i kept removing the ones on top until I could get it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a thorough review. 

I made some color changes and updated it following your criteria. I would greatly appreciate if you could spare some time to provide some feedback.


Really cool game, I enjoyed it to the point that I will play it again to try to collect all the stars.

Those are rookie numbers!

Addictive and challenging. I really like the simplicity.
I don't know why I am that bad for these kind of games. I think I have a bit of dyslexia  or something and these kind of games make a shortcircuit in my brain.  

Where is my infinite wealth?

Nice game idea, it's very challenging. I can't kill the 2 blue shooting boxes, after the store. I'll give it another go another day.


I couldn't finish it but I love the art and gameplay.

It's my favourite one so far.  Nice story, perfect jam theme, cool music (that bass) concrats!

I updated it,  Just in case you are interested.

Simple but fun.

Haha, I can't believe that you had time to include an easter eggs 

Cool pixel art. Pretty nostalgic. I really like it .VS CPU is a bit easy, but two palayer must be a blast.

Challenging but really cool way to mix some genres.  Having "Show moves" as an option is great.

Hi, quite a good way for me to procrastinate. I reached level 12 and I got so frustrated with the spikes at both sides.
Good job.

Really cool game, I would have preferred to have keyboard keys than the mouse, but apart from that it's an ace game.

Thanks!, I'll try yours tomorrow!

I love puzzle games, I definitely love this one, polish it and release it.

Really nice graphics too!

I really like it. Good job!

Thanks, I will try yours asap

Yes, I might reduce the difficulty. Thanks for playing it!

Thank you!

It's quite a funny concept! 

I really enjoyed it, a very well made and executed idea. Congrats.

Thanks, my plan is to update it before the weekend the end of the jam

Cool game, I like it.

Challenging, I like it!


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You are Game Design Genius

I want to visit that theater!

I am glad you like it!
Nice, I am working on it!

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I submitted a game for GMTK Game Jam in which I you use "only one button". I managed to get into the top 100 games with it (it was ranked 38 overall).

Can I update this game with more things (such as portals, guns, police, including a second and different level generator...whatever that I can program before the deadline)??

It's ridiculously addictive.

Thanks for downloading the game. This was an entry for an unreal engine jam. UE4 is compatible with open gl 4.2 but I don't know how now off the top of my head. I definitely look into it as soon as I am back from my holidays. 

Don't apologize, I bet all the games that we submit to the Jam can crash at some point. 
Ellison might be considered the creator of psychological Sci -Fi. I love distressing Sci-Fi stories and movies, my favorite movie is Moon, which has in common the decadence of the main character.