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Surprisingly challenging and tense! Seeing the screen quickly fade to red as an enemy approaches is terrifying. I may have relied too much on spamming click the last few levels to take out enemies. Having a cooldown timer on shooting might enhance the difficulty in that respect.

I think I beat the last level in the Windows version, but the game froze on a blue screen after the jingle plays (no rainbow effect). Is that intentional? No problem if it is - just wondering if I may have done something wrong.

You've certainly made me very happy - Thanks!!

Thanks! The game recognizes a "short" and "long" beep past a certain time threshold. I originally had planned a third "very long" beep (>3/4 second), but figured that would be too confusing.

Really nicely done! I especially liked the puzzle elements for each room, and had a good laugh with the ending.  Hate to admit that I blindly guessed on the third to last employee, but thankfully still got it right somehow.

Just left a rating on Single Digit. Nice work!

Please let me know if you have any feedback on my submission. It's a side-scrolling pseudo-platformer with a small story and spin on the one-button concept.

Pretty interesting idea for an RPG combat system. HP is a fundamental concept that I would not expect to have a twist! Only complaint is that the combat does feel a bit slow. Being able to skip text or having a speed option would be great for extra polish.

Chiming in pretty late, but if you'd like to try out my short one-button game that would be awesome.

Your paint skills are fantastic. Have a go if you'd like:

Saw your game on the stream as well, thanks for reminding me to play it this morning! If you have time, I would love any feedback you may have on my short one-button game.

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Awesome game! The concept of controlling only one action at a time is focused and well executed. The control scheme kind of reminds me of Regular Human Basketball, which reminds me that this idea could work well as a multiplayer game.

Awesome game! This is definitely one of the better single inventory slot games I've played so far. Managing the inventory feels more like a fun challenge and less of a chore, and the puzzle design is impressive for being done in under 48 hours.

Really like the idea of adding the queen as an adversarial piece and using pawns as, well, pawns. If you expand this idea in the future, I'd love to see more chess piece types and possibly larger levels.

Light Them Up was great! Just left a rating and comment. Feel free to try out my short one-button game featuring a lab assistant and a noisy speaker.

Nice! There are a lot of subtle details which makes this a great arcade style game. Oddly enough, I actually prefer that light renders on top of the player. This adds some interesting difficulty and discourages spamming light around the play field since you might easily lose track of your character doing so.

Wow, you have quite a few requests - if by some miracle you manage to get to mine I would be very impressed!

Thanks for making this thread! I'll rate your game as soon as I get the chance. Would appreciate any feedback you may have on my short one-button game.

Thank you, this is great feedback! I agree that being able to change your decision, or at least having a few more confirmation prompts, would have been a better choice in case the game misunderstands your input.

Thanks! Missed out last year due to vacation. This year was perfect timing thankfully.

I played You Have One Shot yesterday, liked it a lot! If you're not overwhelmed with games here's another:

Great idea for a thread. I'm a software engineer outside of the games industry. I've worked on a couple small game projects in college and helped out as a TA for some game design courses (AI, VR/AR), but never completed anything substantial. I've just recently jumped back into Unity and have a few ideas for small games that I'm planning to work on in my spare time.

This is my first jam entry and I'm honestly glad I was able to finish something on time. I actually got the idea from last year's GMTK jam with the theme "game without mechanic." The original plan was to make a point-and-click adventure where you could click the screen but without the ability to point at anything. Instead, the player would click in Morse code to tell the main character where to go and which objects to interact with.

For this year's jam I decided to revive that idea and build something like a platformer instead with a single button and a smaller number of possible commands. There's way more that I wanted to put in the game, but maybe I'll revisit the idea someday.

Had a great time with this one. The swinging sword is surprisingly fun to use. Nearly made it to the end but ran too fast into an enemy on my last heart. Only suggestion is that a larger viewport would be nice to have.

Great idea and nice execution! One small detail I liked in particular is the tilted WASD to clarify the orientation, which is often missing in isometric games.

Here's another one with 15 ratings if you're interested - a short one-button game a small twist on the Morse code idea. Sorry, I did want to submit this as a browser game, but had some audio issues with WebGL.

Planning on playing and rating other games posted here as well!

This is a pretty solid platformer. Great work! Only thing missing is Bob's soothing voice.

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Best puzzle game I've played so far in this jam. Had an "a-ha" moment when I realized you could possess tiles outside of the board. Would love to see more levels and enemy types at some point!

Thanks! Definitely a possibility. I have a few ideas on how to make this a full game.

Thanks for streaming the game!

Thanks! You're right, it could be more clear what the thresholds are between a "short" and "long" tone. If I remember correctly this was set at .2 seconds, but maybe having this configurable would be better.

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Left a rating and comment, great game! Feel free to try out my one button game if you like.

Very nice! I especially liked the mechanic of exploring the level first to find the best setups for combos. It does seem like enemies hit you out of nowhere occasionally - maybe could benefit from more visual feedback on the timing.

Hey, if you're still looking for games here's a short one-button game in desperate need of ratings :)

It's like Katamari but everyone dies. Fantastic game.

Here's one which only uses the space bar. Also plays on the Morse input idea with a small tie-in narrative. Would appreciate any feedback you have!

Very well done! Awesome to see some Pico-8 submissions in this jam.

Pretty good - may help to have an indicator after bouncing off a wall when you're able to shoot again.

Hey, great stream! Leaving my game here just in case, but no pressure to get to it.