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One Dash Puzzle Platformer
Submitted by Cryptic Silver Games — 2 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#8463.7503.750

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This might just be my favourite game of this jam!

The controls were great, and I loved the sense of exploration that the game gives you. The wall jumps and dashing were very fun. The art, with leaving paint trails, was quite pleasant. The ability to choose your own colour is great.

Great job!


The main idea of the a game is pretty usual for this jam. However, the realisation is neat and creative. Levels have good level design and different mechanics for player. They're not very difficult, on the other hand they aren't dull and make me enjoy them.


While the Celeste inspirations are obvious, it's really cool to see a different take on those mechanics. Feels good to play, cohesive aesthetic and solid levels. Overall a great entry! Feel free to check out ours.


This is a pretty solid platformer. Great work! Only thing missing is Bob's soothing voice.

As someone who is absolutely awful at platformers (especially action or puzzle platformers) I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It required some skill, without being frustrating when I inevitably failed multiple times.

Visually I loved the style, however I would have liked the paint trails you leave behind to remain permanently, however if that is not the case for technical reasons, I'd understand, its really a small issue.

I can definitely see this being a great mobile game with a greater variety of levels, or maybe even a casual multiplayer experience on a more family friendly home console like the switch.

I totally got the relaxing themes at play being evoked by the Bob Ross aesthetic, and as such had an all around enjoyable experience, which I wanted to play more of.


The background painting, the wall jumping, the soft transition between levels.. details that makes this game a really good entry. And what i liked the most is that all fits together to a calming atmosphere, with the colors, the music, the player bouncy animation it's all so soft that it really relaxes you. I liked this game, well done guys!


Thanks, for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it.  We tried to go for a relaxing theme kind of inspired by Bob Ross himself. I'm glad to see the feeling coming through.


Nice job! The movement felt really good and the difficulty pacing is well done.


I wish I could keep playing! I love the mechanics, the aesthetics, and the calming atmosphere! I will mention that the music doesn't loop, which would definitely help cause it took me a while to figure out the first puzzle with boosters. Definitely would love to see more!


I'm glad you enjoyed the game. It would have had more levels if we had more time, but what can you do. 

The music was implemented last minute and I forgot to set it too loop. It wasn't the worst mistake so I'm OK with it.


That was great! I'm impressed with all of the puzzle elements tat continued to be added.


Thanks. We still had a few more mechanics already developed sadly we ran out of time. 


This was really really really nice, it felt so good to play, and it looked great. People comparing it to celeste are off because this has a very different mode of transportation which adds a lot of fun, while celeste has a lot of control over what you're doing, this doesnt (in a good way), it's closer to a puzzle game than a platformer, not that this demo was hard in any way but it looks like it could be a really cool game.


It's definitely inspired by Celeste. Taking inspiration =/= cloning.

I honestly loved this, the controls and levels felt intuitive and simple. Enjoyable to play through. I just wish there were more levels

im actually really amazed at the feed back. i so happy people enjoyed this game so much. Thank you for playing 


The game looks good and plays really smoothly. Its may not exactly be the most original idea but it is a really good execution of it. I especially like having the trails around the level. On easier levels it a fun way of seeing where you've been and on harder levels its useful for seeing what you've already tried and adjusting for it. It might be nice if each life had a different randomly generated colour to tell them apart or if older paint changed colour or something like that.

Im glad you liked it, and the trail fading or maybe changing hue as time passes is a great idea. thanks for the feed back


I see someone got inspired by Celeste :D Anyway you made it in your very own way, and it seems really nice. It has solid gameplay, nice art and unique mechanics like literally throwing yourslef through the levels. Well done!

haha celeste was definitely an inspiration and i am glad you enjoyed


Absolutely brilliant. Well done!


Your Absolutely Brilliant!!


Had fun playing it! Gameplay and artstyle are solid.

I appreciate you

Fun game, had a few times where I would reset. Overall experience was enjoyable. 

i also found alot of enjoyment from your profile image>>>


This was an absolutely lovely game! You know it's good when the only thing wrong with it is that there isn't a description for it.


Im glad you enjoyed it. Had a great time making it as well.