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The art is really cool, the concept is interesting, this game really stood out for me as "oh well this is gonna be neato", and it was, it's just that the failed jumps feel like a big waste of time because you have to go so far back and the controls are a bit slippery feeling, there were a couple of times I ran off an edge without jumping because I was a moment too late I guess.

overall though I liked it, dunno how it would work out for anything past a minigame kind of thing though.

I was really hyped up for this but it's really really really short, and it doesnt seem to be randomized, theres little to no strategy in it besides blindly choosing a direction till you hit something, just sad with this look it wasnt something more.

the aesthetic is interesting but it's little more than a collection platformer, it just wasn't interesting from what I played.

I'm not a huge fan of this personally, I got about the same enjoyment from spacewar singleplayer, but at least that has gravity. It's just not really fun, theres not much of an interesting concept to work with here other than the name.

this guy said it right.

It's interesting, but it feels like there could be more done with the whole "one ball" idea. the GBA feel of it is nice but not much to say overall.

It's really basic but it's great for a simple phone game kind of thing, it's fun to play, just would rather play it on a phone.

This was really really really nice, it felt so good to play, and it looked great. People comparing it to celeste are off because this has a very different mode of transportation which adds a lot of fun, while celeste has a lot of control over what you're doing, this doesnt (in a good way), it's closer to a puzzle game than a platformer, not that this demo was hard in any way but it looks like it could be a really cool game.

As cool as this game as a whole could be I don't like how it works right now.

  • The enemies are sponges
  • the melee combat sucks because you can't defend (as far as I played)
  • the guns suck because the hitboxes are too small on the enemies, bullets literally flying through their sprites and it doesn't hit them
  • the item pickups are weird because you don't really have a base understanding of what these units are

Overall just a lot of issues with the game even though it could be cool.

A more creative take on the whole "keep talking or everyone dies" kind of puzzle, and it all looks really nice. Plus the bow stumped my friend for like a solid few minutes, it's great.

Mark Mark Mark Markmark Mark mark, Mark Mark mark mark? mark, mark mark mark makrmarkmark.

This is garbage but it's funny the first time

honestly great, this would be a lot of fun if it didn't have random freezes every few seconds that last for more time than I can play again. In other words a perfect simulation of my time playing csgo like 5 years ago.

It's interesting but really hard to see things or even understand right away what these things are used for or whats needed. I died a few times when there was no indication for it, and I survived a few things for some reason. it just doesn't work right really.

I love the style of the game, the artist is great, the only issue how stale the game gets after the first risk of buying a sword and then it paying off. I know it's not a full game but it still seems too limited by only having crystals.

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It's a common genre to play with buttons etc to figure out how to beat the game, it's not really original in that sense but theres no much you can do to fix that with this genre, the art style and game is cute though.