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You're the only one left in a multiplayer squad shooter! Try to win while enduring your team's "moral support!"
Submitted by Seth Johnson (@chef__seth) — 1 hour, 34 minutes before the deadline
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That was a very fun 20 minutes


Glad you got so much play time out of it haha


I laughed my ass off :D Seriously, I love how it addresses the real community problem of other game (I might have spent too much time in that other game, so I know what I'm talkin about xD), how perfectly it fits the theme and how well it is done. Great job!


The AK is clearly under power compared to the AWP but clearly it's accurate! The game felt good expect for the AK bullet being too slow. Good job I played over and over!


Great execution!  Adding grenade and sniper for a quick game was definitely a bonus.  Loved the chat and chatter.  


Wow, really nice idea and execution :D Too... real...


I would have won but my team mates sucked.

Submitted (3 edits) (+3)

Loved it. Full points. I hope you get to building that lighting one day ;)

Check out my game:

Very funny game, some great lines in this. Feels like CSGO except I don't get to accuse the enemies of cheating even though they probably aren't.


You know, I suggested we add a way for the player to type in chat themselves, unfortunately it didn't make it in in time since it's a pretty useless feature


For game made in 3 days it functions really well with barely  any glitches. Also sniping feels amazing!


honestly great, this would be a lot of fun if it didn't have random freezes every few seconds that last for more time than I can play again. In other words a perfect simulation of my time playing csgo like 5 years ago.

Developer (1 edit) (+3)

sorry to hear you're having trouble playing, unfortunately that part wasnt on purpose lol. If you want to dm me your specs on twitter I can try and see what the problem is, we plan on releasing a small update after the jam to fix some issues and maybe add some more content. My twitter is @chef__seth


reminds me of all 10 times I’ve played CS:GO, great job fellas 👌🏻


Absolutely hilarious, great job guys!


Love the CS:GO concept. Good use of the theme.


The game is very very fun and I'm very impressed with the speed and precision of the game. A couple of minor notes I would give would be that headshots either don't do extra damage or kill. I feel like that would have helped a lot. The AWP felt 1000% better because of one shot kills. A minor tweak to make it better would have been getting rid of the crosshair like in CSGO while not scoped. I had a fun time playing it and it shows a lot of promise. Great job!


LOL, the voice lines are hilarious, basically a 1v5 clutching simulator, every gamer's dream, great job it's very fun

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

This was wild. I love the voice lines, making it feel like you're really in an online game. 
Feels good 2 clutch, lets goooooo
I hope you continue development


Perfect Simulation. Unbelivable that its made in 48 hours :o


So good, crazy it was made all in 48 hours. Love all the raging etc. nice work!


I don't play CS:GO that much anymore, but this brought back so many memories of grinding up the ranks! This is incredibly fun to play and really polished!


This is stupid. And I don't mean that in a bad way, I mean that in a this is such a silly concept that you had me grinning from the start. I would say the AK felt kinda janky but I'm terrible at FPS games so what do I really know?


the AK has random spread when you move, so it is a little janky but we had to emulate CSGO really quickly so we couldnt be perfect. Thanks for giving it a play!

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