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Nice Game well done :D Some more Level would have been nice.

thanks :)

Ow could you describe where it is?

Make a playermode where the imposter cant see and can kill the other imposter

Lovely game :D

Awesome game :D but some icons over stones or a hint where u could get water would have been great :)

The Credit lvl was actually super cool :D 

Lovely Game :D

Awesome Game :D I found it through twitter.

Thanks for the feedback :D 

Honestly I knew about the bugs but I had no time to fix them .Typical game Jam problem. xD

I missed some music :3. solid Game

Nice game :D 

A little tip you can use a soundmanager with the dontDestroyOnLoad methode so the audio dont get cut between scenes :D

Lovely game :D

 some soundeffects would have been great :)

Btw i have played the game in Full Screen Mode and hadnt any problems with the sensetivity :)

That deer got me <_<

Well done but for some reason a bick nail sticked in my 3d character xD that was funny 

I Love that you made a 3d game with 2d sprites :D

I will keep it in mind for the next jam i do.

Love it :D 

A little indicator before someone  swings his sword would be nice

But dont you like orange juice?

Nice game :D just a little lack of content.

Maybe make a lvl where you go from top to button or left to right :D

I Also would recommend to use soundeffects when you jump and land. 

Good Job :D  I Love the artstyle and the music :)

The Fork Weapon is my favorite :) 

I wonder if you have used random level generation?

Lovely little game :D your artstyle is very clean :) 

I would give you for the music 6 out of 5 stars ;)

Nice game I expected that the invisible turtle did it :P

Btw some music ,sound effects, some wobble animation when you walk or an idle would be great and maybe color the text of the person whos talking would have made the game mutch better :D

I made everything myself in 2 days because I couldnt work on it on monday. I made the music at the end but I only had 10 minuts left and it was 3 o clock in the night xD

Nice game :D I would have love to see how many of something I already have collected.

Sometimes the light bugs and everything is super dark.

The music is awesome xD

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The humor is awesome but there is no overview whats happening. It feels like the camera is a bit too mutch zoomed in. 

I like the tree and I am happy now.

I fell through the ground xD 

Overall nice game. The only thing I would change is the long blackscreen after you dies

I knew that someone would make a game about not trusting one  xD.

Lovely game but an lvl 3 there are way to many bullets lieing arround ;D

Overall great job :)

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Ok I finished it :D nice game but at the end you couldnt really dodge the bullets.

Nice game :D I wounder if this are randome lvls or is everyone handmade

Nice game but could finish it because in the second lvl when you fall down you need to wait a full minute before you can try again. Sometimes there is a lack of feedback. 

But overall great job :)

Nice Art and Music and Game feel but i dont understand what i need to do besides killing everything.

But overall awesome job for a 7 hour game :)

Thank you :)

Thanks :D do you have some feeback :D? could you end the game?

thanks :D

Green Color pallet xD

Nope just for theJump Key

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Nice game but I got stuck pretty early in the game :3 

Would love to see the End :D

Why stays the UI that long?

I love like the shit is animated but the main character isnt xD

he peed his pants...

amazing ;D