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Great game, I don't think it's too hard you just have to learn what sites let you do what and be careful picking when to fight the end city.

@adam4813 Sorry about that, I didn't realize it was an issue and has now been fixed.

Fun game, love that you managed to fit it in 64 by 64 and still allow me to harras with cavalry. One issue was that I built a second town center and the people weren't using it to collect stuff.

At first I was annoyed with the minimap because it breaks the 64x64 theme but then I realized it was more of an assist than part of the game. I like the idea behind combat but the most effective attack is just to spam hit all three arrows as fast as possible. Fairly solid game, good work!

@mhughson You should visit the store on the east side of town and sell your potato and buy more seeds. You can also talk with the shopkeep and the mayor.

I downloaded the 600x600 version and it was 64x64, couldn't play it : (

It's sorta weird that you used an existing game for this jam, I thought you were supposed to make a new game.

Simple, cute, short, fun. Wow!

Very solid entry. That parallax looks so good I thought it wasn't low rez but on closer inspection it is, wow.