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i believe this is a non competitive jam. the main focus is on learning a new skill and making people who have wildly different levels of tool familiarity compete with each other would be coutnterproductive. if you joined and learned a new skill  - that counts as a victory.

Assuming this is in 2d: Create a kinematic body, add a collision shape node as a child of kinematic body. Set the shape to be what you want it to be. Move kinematic body in code using move_and_slide(speed). To create collisions with walls create a static body and add the wall collisions as its children. Make sure the player kinematic body and the wall static body are on the same layers and masks. Make sure both layer and mask are enabled on each(important). (Layer+Layer do not collide, Mask + Mask do not collide. Layer+Mask collide.)

hope this helps!

They have a bold black outline, but yea, i can see how they might be hard to notice in the middle of a fight. Might make them flash pink like the puddles they produce upon death

Hi, i have a question about a similar problem. Our game asks a github pages website for a json with prices. Lately github pages been feeling unwell so we ' d like to ask the bigboy server hosting our lobby instead. That requires a minor change in games code so that it sends request to a different address . Is that ok to do?

In Godot everything you can see and interact with is nodes. Each node can have 1 script attached to it. The nodes are organized in a tree graph (similar to how you would organize files in folders on a computer, except everything is both a file and a folder). Nodes contained under other nodes are its children. Nodes can have many children. Nodes can only have 1 parent. When a node moves, rotates or scales - its children do too. When it is deleted - its children are gone with it. You can also change the colour of the node and its children using modulate. 

In a script it is usually quite reliable to look for a node that is your child and can be done with $node/path or by using an export (NodePath) var path_to_node; onready var node = get_node(path_to_node) (it wont be gone unless you are gone and is added into the world with you). It is less reliable to look for a node that is your sibling, dont do it using get nodes, use collisions/areas and signals where possible (it can be gone without an announcement). It is usually somewhat reliable to ask for your parent  as there is always a parent (even if you are asking this in the top node of a loaded scene - there is always the root node), do it with get_parent().

If you want to make something a part of something - it should be its child (sprites + collision on a player, fancy animations on them, etc)
If you want things to independently interact - they should be siblings/under different parents so that they dont affect each other directly and instead do it through your intended channels (collisions, signals, etc)

Speaking about collisions. You might notice that each has a number of layers and masks. Collisions of layer 1 touch and can be touched by collisions with mask 1, but not other collisions of layer 1. If you want things to touch each other as normal - use both layer and mask. If you want players to hit walls but not each other - only use layers. If you want things that detect presence of players to not be triggered by each other - give them all masks so that they only react to players with only layers.

wanna go?

Second that. Dont be discouraged by the name, they have the best tutorials for doing basic things in town, as a bonus most of them do not assume heaps of prior knowledge without being condescending. Also would recommend GDQuest and just googling the thing you want, sometimes people on reddit/stackoverflow will happen to be doing something very similar to what you are with someone in the comments suggesting the exact code you needed.

STOP WAITING FOR GODOT community · Created a new topic Help

Got questions? Ask them below!
Know answers? Help people out!

P.S. No such thing as a dumb question.

juicy, fun, not something i ve seen before. its great!

Thank you! I'm glad you like them!

That is something we will definitely consider for the next update. Until that happens you can use alt+f4 on windows or command+w on mac to quit without leaving fullscreen.

Thank you. Just looked at my code and it seems like that could happen when fps is below 20. Very easy to fix but didn't run into it during development. New version that should fix this issue is up on the page now. Will find a way to test if the game functions as intended at low fps for future updates.

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The main gimmick of this game is that the field and the images have no defined edge. As the image is tiled in both axes you can connect pieces through what looks like the edge of the playing field. In this case the solution is to move the top line left by one tile to match the parts of the blue fella. (pieces dragged outside of the field will appear on the other side, groups of tiles don't get broken up by that)

This issue has been brought up quite a few times as a bug so far and it is almost impossible to deduce that this is intended behaviour from just playing the game. I will definitely be adding a tutorial for this aspect of the game prior to the final version of the project!

yup! If you were playing from pc i think you might have pressed one of the debug keys used to test animations that i forgot to remove. At least that the more likely explanation i can think of. 🤔

loconundrum community · Created a new topic Questions

If you have any questions about the project or anything relating to it I'd be happy to answer them!

loconundrum community · Created a new topic Issues

Something wrong with the game? Let me know and I'll try to fix it!

loconundrum community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Post the things you would like to see added to the game here!

yup! Launches them in your browser of preference. just set the game type to open link/file and specify the html file location.

The main font - miniwakuwaku only supports Latin and Japanese (and also some weird shapes and Japanese brackets). For symbols not present in the main font the game uses the Noto font family in a bold weight.

Also the files for miniwakuwaku are kinda weird and for a lot of symbols which it doesnt have it instead draws a zero width character instead of saying that it doesnt know how it should look like which would allow the tools you use to use a different font. I think max made a script that fixed that issue of miniwakuwaku for use in textreme. I will let you know if i find it.

after running for a while boomchicks left arm (our left) starts to jitter (amplitude increases with time)

It only outputs text files with the special symbols used for animations. The main idea of it was that the pretty stuff is there to make your writing process more fun while letting you copy everything/save it as a .txt to send to people in a more serious conventional format.

If you want to record gifs of the text animations/the process of you writing it:

  1. get this free app
  2. turn off windowed mode in textreme settings
  3. launch screentogif in recording mode, select area to record, fps etc. etc.
  4. cut off the ends so that it loops
  5. export what you got as gif
  6. fiddle with it here until the file is of a reasonable size

Hope that helps!

Hi, unfortunately you can't change font size at the moment, but that is something that we might add in future updates.

Hello, i don't think you can claim a key if it was bought in a bundle.

From what i understand some games in some bundles don't give keys(and others do?). I have no idea what controls this but it was likely done to prevent people who are trying to resell keys from flooding the market with lots of them bought for cheap in big bundles. Judging by the number of keys left - people who bought the game normally were able to claim them, but people who got it from a bundle - didn't. (bundle brought 10x the amount of downloads it had before and the number of used up keys is close to what it was).

Didn't know this myself until just now. Hope this clears things up.

GREAT GAME!!! You put so much love and care into it and it shows! All the little details come together to make a phenomenal game, great job!

GREAT GAME!!! You put so much love and care into it and it shows! All the little details come together to make a phenomenal game, great job!

very interesting interpretation of the original game! I like the highground mechanic. My only problem with this game is that the units take a while to move to their destination and you are unable to do anything in that time.

great game! Feels a bit like a mix of helionaut and n-body. Really enjoyed how it feels to fly around space while being flung by gravity!

Wow, this is not something i expected to see in this jam but im very glad i did! This is a very unusual way to remake a game and i especially enjoyed how one of the players is the labyrinth itself!

Although it is a faithful sequel i found it seriously lacking juice as well as any animations to make the world more appealing. The gameplay was quite fun!

Although it is a faithful sequel i found it seriously lacking juice as well as any animations to make the world more appealing. The gameplay was quite fun!

Although it is a faithful sequel i found it seriously lacking juice as well as any animations to make the world more appealing. The gameplay was quite fun!

excellent characters, animations and sound desin, feels very nice to just move around!

that does sound like a good idea, added to the backlog for the next version. Will let you know when its implemented

MMBundle Launcher community · Created a new topic Help
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If you have questions about how to do something that is not in the tutorial, have troubles with the tutorial or can't get a thing to work - you've come to the right place. Ask below and developers/people from the community will try to help.

If you need an answer ASAP consider joining the development server, asking in the #help channel and ping @helpers. (don't feel bad about it, these people agreed to be pinged)

If you understand how the launcher works and would like to answer peoples questions - ask @ash_k to give you the helper role.

If you want to contact the current lead dev on the project - join the development server and message @ash_k, or send an email to

If the launcher does not work how its supposed to please report the issue here and we will look into it. If you can't figure something out/make something work go to the Help board instead.

Got an idea for something you think would be cool to add to this launcher? Post about it below! Make sure to read other peoples ideas and upvote the ones you would also like to see.

simple but fun, the ending is a very nice twist