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genius game

i like to imagine the meats and the spirits are of the same creatures

Aighty i'll see if that form thingy can be expanded or maybe the font shrunk.

Can't see cursor cuz the game is explicitly hiding it to show ur hand, in theory it should only be hidden while inside the game window(?). The hand of your guy *should* be at global_mouse_position aka exactly where ur mouse is pointing. Maybe its secretely pointing at some weird coordinates?

My guess is might be mouse button rebinder doing its own underthehood mouse bullshit and godot doing its onw underthehood mouse bullshit and the two interfering with each other. If turning the tool off and rebooting doesn't work then idk, i feel like uninstalling it would be taking it too far maybe. First time seeing this & can't find much online, not sure what might be causing it.

lmk if any clues happen ur way n i'll do the same.

steam doesn't give you any external keys when you buy it there, i think the itch version gives you the steam key if you wanna get both at once

idk i was just saying shit. i dont think thats entirely correct now

ehehe, i don't think everyone's figured that bit out >:D its a lil secret

got a long streak of 1s followed by a lucky break when i finally made it after like a good few minutes of fruitless attempts, shoutout to all the itty bitty spiders out there, the struggle is real

just using this font for non-headings

neato :3

very thinky, very cute

i like the part where you reload page

what an experience

so true horsie

yea, it pulls from the entire history, and ;)

sure does lol, might add something like a probability dropoff proportional to message age in the distant hypothetical future but rn it's just getting a random index in range

unfortunately no, not in the current version

я уж думала мужик хоть сойдя с крыши многоетажки таки оставит меня на едине с кроссвордом, но видимо ему суждено вечно блуждать пустынными улицами етого города)

neat lil place with mechanics that work perfectly with the story. Had to do a spiderstance to play it on keyboard but i think that adds to the feel.

time only moves when you don't move (your mouse)

oh lmao, there was supposed to be an image kinda like this

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feels like a demake of rainworld that indirectly recreates its vibe and attitude and even aesthetic, tha's so cool :)

You can hit save after editing and it will put it will be where its supposed to go itself.
If you want to edit the config with another app - it should be under:

  • win - %appdata%\Godot\app_userdata\TEXTREME
  • mac - ~/Library/Application Support/Godot/app_userdata/TEXTREME
  • linux - ~/.local/share/godot/app_userdata/TEXTREME

config files for Textreme 2 are stored in a similar place, just replace `TEXTREME` with `Textreme2`

It would be pretty much impossible to update them now. Luckily i have no plans of updating them so that shouldn't matter that much. If i'm gonna turn either one into a bigger scale thing - i'll release the results when its done. If the problem is that the games are too old to run on modern systems - source code is public and can also be shared freely so it'll still be possible to figure something out.

its built around google sheets (not joking)

there is no way to do that yet

weird, its only supposed to block clicks in the square bounding box, will look into it at some point

done, thank you, missed that bit

This is not something we are planning on adding in the near future. One way for you to do that would be to use a desktop gif recording tool (i recommend screen to gif which is free) while Textreme 2 is in windowed mode. Record it and later try to cut off the ends to sync up the animations on first and last frames. As animations have different animation periods they don't all loop together as often as I'd like but it is possible to do that.

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I think that artificial scarcity for digital stuff is funny as a concept so each copy bought directly is numbered and can only be sold once with the next person having to pay more. Like how there are limited runs of some luxury items which are made in limited quantities once and never again. There's more info in the pricing section on the page. I also want people to actually be able to play games in this pack so at times there may be other ways to get them which don't count as "numbered" and don't make the game more expensive for others. 

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Not sure how to make a Linux installer, but here’s the icon. Hope this helps! (Elly was faster)

hmmm, that’s a very cool idea but i’m not sure how to make that work. will look into something like that in the near future

entirely reasonable reaction to the current state of the world tbh

вроде как дело в шрифте который используем для отображения, можно попробовать добавить фолбек с кирилицей и другими алфавитами если сообшения не будет перемалывать в какаху пересылка туда сюда тем методом который сейчас юзаем