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Thanks for your feedback, ill look into remapping in future. was still trying to learn unitys new input system for this project so was messing around with things alot

There should be an idle anim but I probably just need to exaggerate it more

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it

Just leftover controls from prototyping, but left it in because  it looks funny and you can still use it to jump over enemies

thanks for playing! yeah the optimisation is defo not good and could be much better

Hey, a while back I made a prototype for a game which is a first person melee rogue-lite, with upgrades / powerups inspired by hades. 

I never really posted it anywhere and just moved onto other projects. but I thought id ask for feedback as I'm working on something pretty similar, and just wanted to know what people thought, mainly about the gameplay and if it feels fun / responsive and easy to understand.

here is the link -

if you want to see some gameplay first, here is a video


Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Super impressive game, could see it being made into a full thing

Art is amazing, really cool little game, had to play solo but I bet multiplayer is fun,  I wonder how it would be with 3 or 4 people, or two teams of two like a mario party game. Nice job!

So good, defo one of the top entries

Very well made game, and a cool idea too, loved the style of it and the sound aswell

Great game! made me laugh

A cool idea, but a few issues like the controls + little things like having to turn before you attack rather than the attack just turning the character for you, and some feedback when the enemies are hit, or a health bar.  would like to see it polished more as the art is nice, and its an original idea. Well done!

Awesome game, really like the sketched artstyle too

Very impressive, really cool game

Solid entry, very well polished, so good!

A lot of content for 48hrs! love the theme of the game, sometimes it felt a bit awkward to move objects but the game felt very well made, great job! 

interesting concept, good to see some FPS games in the jam. Felt the enemies could have stood out a bit more but there is quite a bit of content so well done

Hey I recognize that soundtrack haha. 

cool game, could have done with a tutorial, or a timer showing how long you have for your turn. It was fun trying out different spell effects, great job!

Awesome, very peaceful game. the lighting is nice too

Cool game, really interesting idea, and great game feel too!

i just use raw  horizontal / vertical input with no smoothing and set the smoothing manually. Yeah I made all the models. I work as a 3D artist full time so i can make stuff pretty quickly

yeah stuff like that I just didn't have time to implement, I wanted to add different types of flys like bomb flys too

Ill keep that in mind and try to make a more optimized version, thanks for playing

the controls for the tadpole were a bit awkward but I got through the game, I like the models and animations, its a really cool idea.

Cool little game,  the soundtrack is great, would be cool to have a tongue pop out and grab the ball

This is awesome. really great use of a tutorial showing you can shrink and go through smaller gaps. Great game!

Nice game! good amount of content, think the frog could have been sped up a bit as it took a while to move to places. maybe im just impatient haha

I like the paper frog idea, Would be great with some more art in that style + UI

Great game, controls feel smooth and its satisfying to get a nice jump across the level

We need more frog FPS games

Cool idea, could have done with some sound. Also I got lost of screen 

Love how clean and polished the art is, and the sound is amazing too. Damn those cars were tough though haha

The art is amazing, and its well polished and easy to understand, nice one!

Nice game! has a lot going on. wish the upgrades were a bit cheaper initially so you could try them all out. 

Great job!

this is amazing, did not expect the game to turn the way it does haha.  the cute music with the screams of terrified people made me laugh. Great game 5/5

Cool game! feels fun to play. I liked the aoe effect ability, but it could have done with a counter that showed charges

Wow so much content! The mini games reminded me of wario ware. Great job. I thinkthe dialogue option could have been more clearly highlighted as it was difficult to see what was being chosen

Great game, music was nice too but would sort of bug out when you pressed restart. think there could have been some screen shake  or particle effect when you hit a fly as sometimes I didn't realise I had hit one. Always loved the ninja rope mechanic, but I still suck at it lol 

Cool game! can tell a lot of effort went into this.  with some moving sprites it would feel more alive. 

Great job! also I like that you included a volume slider on the title, was meaning to do that for my game

Awesome game, good polish. Was hard to judge the fishes movement though. I liked that I could make the frogs head move up and down to the beat of the music haha

Cool concept, could have definitely done with the flippers moving and some simple sounds. A good program to generate little bleeps and bloops is BFXR, really easy to use

Cheers, I tried to make the controls etc super clear as I think for previous jams ive not explained them well lol