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Recklessly deliver pelmeni and kvass while pumping hardbass
Submitted by Le Von (@cis_ash), Maxim Loboda — 1 hour, 11 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#8463.7503.750

Ranked from 28 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This is addictive. The control was so confusing at first (I thought that steering would be much smoother at first) so it took me sometime to get used to it. My high score is 277. This is one of the game where the challenging controls is part of the fun for me. Also the music and sounds (and that undecipherable talking voice whenever I lose) is part of the game's charm. I wonder if the levels are procedurally generated. Overall, that was fun, challenging and addictive.


Terrible controls, but still entertaining (for a minute...). Really dig the sound design though! And cannot stop thinking about  implementing a similar game using the scroll wheel of the mouse for steering - that could actually kind of work out and would still look super funny for anyone watching. :D

My godot game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)


Had a real freaking blast with this one ! 

I gotta say it feels pretty original not just for the theme, but not that many top down racers have mouse control and here it's really well implemented, it has kind of a unique feel of oldschool GTA meets crazy taxi meets russia and it's an awesome mix ! Not to mention the sick tunes, and the sound design with the "item collect" effect, the wilhelm scream really killed me how much i laughed :p

Definitively the best shitpost i played Congrats to you !


You call it a shitpost but it's actually pretty fun. If you put a little effort into the presentation it could be great.


Premium-quality shitposting. Congratulations!

Check our game!


Nice job comrade :)


Love the shitty feeling of this game

fun to play,kind of hard,unique controls. basic/bad art but overall goes along with the theme


For something that calls itself interactive shitpost (and interactive shitpost it is indeed xD) this is actually well made. Loved the absurd controlls as well as the shitpost-y aesthetics.

Submitted (1 edit)

5/5/5 Best interactive shitpost I have ever played.

Turn right to squat! This is what GTA should be like.


Hey, we made a godot game too. Check it out!


Challenging gameplay and tight controls. Nicely polished: music, randomly generated levels from what I can tell. Uses godot! :) Awesome job!


Fun game, great use of the theme and very cool control scheme. Awesome job!


your game is incredible!! Control is fluid and the gameplay is fun and addicting, sound effect is hilarious lol


This game is incredible!  The design is simple and intuitive, the one control adheres to the theme, and I can safely say that I have never seen a game like this.  Triple 5!


Best interactive shitpost ever! I spent like solid 10 minutes trying to survive full 60 seconds. For sure more fun than the driving game I made for this Jam


Hell yeah, this game really drifts up my spirits. I think that was technically a double pun.