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This is great! Your concept is interesting and you executed your idea perfectly, really nothing that could have been improved.

I first thought about making a one-dimensional game, but couldn't come up with a playable concept. You really managed to create mechanics that make the game fun, even in such a limited environment. Congrats!

Well made game! I would suggest letting the player jump even a few milliseonds after they leave a platform, makes the game seem more fair. (It's called coyote time)

Interesting game. Sadly got stuck at "Maintain", would have loved to see more of the game

Really simplistic, but the dialouge (besides the spelling errors) is quite nicely written. I don't really get how this fits the theme though...

Incredibly good! Such a great idea, just doesn't really fit the "only one" theme.

Nice game. The reloading mechanic is totally on point, you need to stop and fiddle around with some items while enemies are chasing you. The game is a bit short, but every level is very well designed.

What you made so far is quite interesting. The graphics are nice and I like the two abilities you implemented.

Cool game. It's challenging, but not to hard.
I at first didn't understand you just had to click to change colors, you should probably put that in the description.

Well made game! The bosses fight patterns are hard at first, but not unfair. If you played perfectly you could dodge every attack. What made the fight a bit hard for me was the unusal controls (most players - me included - are used to WASD controls) which took some time to get used to. Other than that well done!

You managed to use the idea of limited input quite well. Althoug you could not see much there were enough ways to figure out the shape of the level. The levels got harder, but not to a point where it felt unfair. It would have been nice to see the whole level once you managed to get to the goal, but otherwise perfect game!

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Thanks for your honest feedback!

I did notice the lag but didn't really have that much time to deal with it, I really don't know where it comes from...

EDIT: I actually fixed some performance issues, you can play the updated game here if you're interested

Really nice mechanics, like Flappy Bird, but in SPACE. There is a strong difficulty spike after you hit the first checkpoint, another one between this one and the end would have been nice. But the addicting controls made up for the frustration:)

I think the right name for this genre would be "puzzle shooter". Very well done, it even feels a bit like a mexican standoff.

I loved the atmosphere in your game, quite calm and still scary. I especially liked how in the last level you didn't show the positions of the shrines, so you had to kind of trust the paths. The tutorial could have been shown a little bit longer. I had to restart the game because I couldn't read all of it that fast.

Nice game. A bit short but well made.

Best interactive shitpost ever! I spent like solid 10 minutes trying to survive full 60 seconds. For sure more fun than the driving game I made for this Jam

I liked your simplistic art style, though the game was a bit short. Actually quite similar to a game I made for a jam a few years ago

At the beginning I thought your "only one button" mechanic would be to limiting, but you managed to expand on it quite well.

Cool game. It is a bit unforgiving seeing as you die as soon as you touch anyting, but I guess that fits the "only one life" thing. Nice art  btw.

Nice idea, I had a similar idea for my game but went into a totally other direction. Only problem I have with your game is that there is no way to win if you have not guns left. Other than that it's really fun

Nice idea and well executed. Also great music, did you make it yourself?

Cool game, it's harder than you would first think. I got just below 10000 points in my last attempt before shooting the wrong guy.

If humor was one of the voting categories you would probably win. Nice Game!

I really liked the idea and your artstyle. If only there were more levels! Best game I played so far.

Your game is quite simplistic, but what you have so far is well executed. I would have like to see more levels and some puzzle mechanics, keep it up!
Also was there supposed to be sound or music? There was none for me...

Nice premise and good story writing! The game is quite short, even if you explore all the options, but I guess there is only so much one person can do in 48h... One thing I noticed: you can't interact with the gun. Is that supposed to happen? Also the game window on your page is to small and by default you can't see the whole game.

I'm currently stuck at the first level containing both grey and red rocks. I think I cheesed the last level and now I don't get how the red rocks are supposed to work?
Otherwise great game! I'm amazed how you made so many levels in such short time.

I like your Idea! The game is quite difficult, but has nice learning curve. You could maybe add to the description that the red things are health, I didn't know dead and initially tried to dodge them. xD

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Unfortunately I can't remember which exact words I tried... What I found hard was that there was always only exactly one solution to each level (I think). It's also not too obvious what your objective is in each of the levels. But those are just minor details and I enjoyed your game despite them.

Edit: I replayed it and the actions that didn't work were mostly with very generic words like "get" and "use".

Yeah, I noticed that. It's probably just me being totally bad at your game, but those 64 pixels are like 0.5 seconds of player movement, which means that you can easily move into them.

Thanks for you feedback! Are you playing with a mouse pad? That would probably be the least hardest way of playing it. Maybe try it on mobile, I think it's easier.

Great idea! Restrictive, but not to the point that it gets boring. I also like your risk vs reward structure. As you have to "pull" your enemies to the center to be able to shoot them. Just maybe add a timer at the start of each round so that you don't randomly get hit.

Nice Idea. Definitely had some fun with it. Just maybe make the jump a bit higher, it feels a bit unsatisfying...

I like your idea and it really fits the theme well. Your levels are very hard though, and it was a bit frustrating when a lot of the ideas I had gave no reaction. I understand that this is probably due to the time constraint, but maybe you could have added more than one solution to make the game more rewarding.

Great idea and nicely executed. The endgame is a bit messy, but I think that's what you were going for.