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A one-dimensional video game.
Submitted by JohnGabrielUK (@JohnGabrielUK) — 2 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#474.6434.643

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Well-polished experience!


I first thought about making a one-dimensional game, but couldn't come up with a playable concept. You really managed to create mechanics that make the game fun, even in such a limited environment. Congrats!


Extremely cool idea! Great execution!

I bit unforgiving. I liked it a lot.


A game with a terrific design. It is simple, engaging, has some sort of puzzle-solving and takes a clever approach of the theme. Reminds me of the game Line Wobbler, a one-dimensional roguelike, but the big difference is that here you have power-ups. My favorite one was the one that reverses time. The aesthetic sets a great atmosphere and the music fits well. I couldn't avoid thinking on Gorogoa after seeing the font and listening to the music.

We also made our game, Mocho VS Mostros, in Godot. It would be nice if you give it a try and let us know your thoughts on it.


I love how simple and minimalistic this game is. Really "only one" experience. Great job!


The graphics, sound, gameplay, everything was just so beautifully crafted. It's a shame the game is so short. You could definitely expand on this and make it a future release.


So elegant and smart!  Fantastic use of the theme, and the music was perfect.  Well done!

Here's my submission! :


It really amazes me, how people can do so much with so little. Good game that requires smarts and dexterity!

I like this game! Very simple and elegant. It could be a little nerve-racking at points (get it? cus points on a line? I'll leave), but the music was a great choice to help calm the player down. The music also helped emphasize this watch-and-wait nature of the game, a style that I appreciated and that I think helps this game stand out.

Also, uh, since no one else has mentioned it yet, I wonder if this was maybe inspired by the Lineland section of Flatland? 


Very nice design and gameplay, I hope you'll decide make more levels some day!


I did not expect such a simple concept to have this much potential!

I was honestly completely surprised when I started playing this game (in a good way).

The gradual introduction of powerups and mechanics really polished it quite nicely! Nice work!


Hey, we made a godot game too. Check it out!


Really well executed.  You went for the route of a lot of constraints and made a great game, congrats!

A couple of things I noticed as constructive feedback; the power-up marks are a little hard to see and differentiate, perhaps using brighter colors would help. When changing the flow of time it would maybe make sense for obstacles to disappear completely if you can walk over them, I got mixed signals. In the last level you don't seem to need the ghost power up :b  

Would appreciate it if you could check out and rate our game, a top-down-shooter/puzzler hybrid where you can absorb only one bullet shot by an enemy of a specific type, and shoot it back. Bullets can bounce on walls and other enemies of a particular type so all levels can be beat with one shot  ;-)


It's pretty hard to make a good truly one-dimensional game. But you've done it.


I really love the music. It gave the piece a lot of ambiance and loneliness!


Very nice design. Felt like it could do with a little forgiveness on the collision but otherwise very nice, simple aesthetic and a really nice idea.

Submitted (1 edit)

Very well done! Very smooth and relaxing gameplay, I like the mechanics, great job.


An incredibly polished take on the one-dimension idea. Certainly the best I've seen of the jam so far. The levels feel challenging, and the aesthetic is wonderful. Good job!


The jumpy movement makes it hard to follow the smoothly moving obstacles and also sometimes you have to wait too much. But other than that, cool simple mehcanics.


Design is fantastic!
Really like your work


Ok you managed to make an interesting game in one-dimension, you just nailed this game jam. On top of that, it's beautiful and relaxing. I've got nothing to say. Congrats!

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