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glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the kind words!  The song is royalty free here:  (give the whole thing a listen, it's very good)

Wow this was great!  The aesthetics are fantastic.  The controls are simple yet challenging, and then when everything starts spinning it gets very interesting.  well done!

The art is great!  the snake-grappling hook mechanic feels great as well.

Very Well done!  great aesthetic and the mechanic is easy to understand but has a ton of depth!

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Thanks!  I didn't even know I was on, really wish I could see the clip!  I have some cool ideas lined up that hopefully should make it more challenging.  Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I tried to make something that looked simple and polished.

Dang, really glad this is getting the recognition it deserves!  The aesthetics are great but the gameplay really stood out!  Teleporting around levels was fun and felt great when making mid-air moves!  Congrats!

Thanks!  I really plan on expanding on this and releasing it for mobile!  Appreciate your encouragement! 

So elegant and smart!  Fantastic use of the theme, and the music was perfect.  Well done!

Here's my submission! :

So moody and hauntingly beautiful.  Exactly my aesthetic.  Cant get over how good the limb looked and was animated, haha.  nice work!

Here's mine if you get a chance:

so clever!  The kicks feel great.

Would love your feedback on mine:

Thanks for the feedback and for playing!  You're game looks rad, can't wait to give it a go.

I plan on making this a fleshed out mobile game!  Thanks for the encouragement! 

yes, i focused on the magic sauce for this one and I'm glad it's being appreciated! Wish I had time for at least sound effects. 

Very clever! I loved the aesthetic and the animations! 

loved the slime animation when you join! 

Thanks! Yea i  really tried not to make it too hard and might have gotten carried away a bit as the difficulty is a common comment.  Thanks for playing!

Agreed!  lack of time and knowledge really haha.  Thanks for playing! 

I did!  An action puzzle game hybrid thingy; let me know what you think!

Thank you for the feedback!  I have an idea for the ending screen that could be fun and  would also provide feedback, I hope to flesh this out.  Thanks for playing!

(1 edit)  3d action-puzzle game! clear out a room of enemies in one move! 

great suggestions, thanks! I really like the switch idea and will probably use that when i flesh this out!  Working on the difficulty for sure, that seems to be a common comment.  I do hope to add some more difficult elements in a final release and the full aim line might balance it out just right as the line wont represent the complete solution anymore.  thanks for playing!  I look forward to trying out Zombie Gaggle and leaving my rating/comment!

Thanks for the comment!  The feedback i get usually is that my jam games are too hard, so I went the other way with this one,.  Classic Goldilocks and the 3 bears situation i guess, ha!  

Thanks <3  The last puzzle was meant to be cute; confusion at first because there is no path to the last enemy, but then the realization when following the obvious path.  Thanks for playing!

thanks, yea I've been getting a lot of great feedback about the aiming line and I'm curious about maybe just showing the first 3 hops and then hiding the last two.  I have some ideas to make the levels more difficult with timing being a factor and i think the full line might be necessary there.  hmm,.  Thanks for playing!

Thanks!  I usually make things that end up being too hard so i really tried to go the other way with it this time.  My wife and daughter had some challenges so i thought it was just right for the jam atleast.  Thanks for playing! 

Thanks!  Only one or two have multiple solutions.  It was actually kind of difficult to allow for multiple solutions and not make the level passable with with random directions!  I plan to turn this into a full project i think so I hope to spend more time figuring out how.  Thanks for playing!

haha thanks for the feedback!  I literally had "much SAWCE" in my notes when i was thinking it up.  Glad to see I was able to make that happen.  Thanks for playing!

so much more challenging with moving targets, but being able to change your position makes it much more interesting than what I did! great stuff!

Also gonna check yours out!  Ricochet was a common mechanic and so far all the ones i have played have been great.  Good luck!

great feedback, thanks!  I added that last level as a fun little idea right at the end.  I was shooting for the player to be initially confused, and then amused after giving the level a shot.  It was also why i tried to make it as easy and obvious as possible.   Thanks for playing!

Thanks!  I had my wife and youngest daughter playtest and they made quick work of the levels that had complex solutions and were stumped on some of the obvious ones, go figure! Appreciate the feedback, thanks for playing! 

Oh wow! Well that is the best feedback I think i've ever received on anything, ha, so thanks; it really means a lot to me that you enjoyed it!  I definitely have some ideas on fleshing it out for a full project that I'm excited to pursue.  Thanks again!

Very charming!  Favorite details were the text and the stomping when carrying the pot! 

Super clever and challenging platformer!  The checkpoint system was everything, haha.

hilarious and fun!  loved the aesthetic! 

very charming and hard to put down!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!  Can i ask what about the controls were difficult specifically?  I'm going to be using these controls as a base for a future project and would love some feedback.  Also, did you play with a controller or a keyboard?

nice! I really had to think hard about every step ESPECIALLY navigating corridors.  Well done!