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Nice idea, good first project :)

I like the idea and the graphics, the controls feel smooth but I only really managed about 15 seconds :(

Very neat idea, took me a couple of goes to get the controls fully but otherwise really like it.

Very nice start and a decent amount of polish on the bits you managed to implement :) I quite like the storm fog effect.

Very nice, liked the graphics and it fit the theme well but found it a bit odd that you have to move into a gem once you're the right colour, simply being in contact when you change colour doesn't trigger the collection.

Really nice idea all round, with a bit of polish, could turn into a really good finished product :)

Really neat idea :)

I really liked the visuals and the simple but effective gameplay :)

ACK! So stresful!

I really liked the visuals, music and simplicity of the controls but found the game a bit unforgiving due to the randomness.

I would like to suggest, in a non-critical, hopefully helpful way, that in future versions you could create different groups of stars that you know are fair, such as 2 red, a blue and a white last. Some can be intentionally more difficult, 3 reds in a row with only a blue at the end, some spaced out more etc. You can then randomise which groups are spawned and randomise the actual temperatures of each star within a range relevant to that colour of star to increase or decrease the difficulty as required. This would allow you to more finely control how the game is played whilst still giving the feeling of randomness. You would probably still get some nasty combos but it should hopefully make the game feel a little fairer.

Still very impressive for your first Godot project :)

Thanks for your comments. I also found it odd that his temperature continues to rise at night. It turned out, at least in part, that I'd given the ambient air a cooling rate for the moon at night rather than its own cooling rate. I've now fixed that and the ambient temperature drops a lot faster once the sun sets. I'm sure there's also an issue in the player's code which I'll look at next.

The controls kept getting worse the more I tried to fix them, I think it's something to do with move_and_slide and the static bodies moving towards the player, so I left them in favour of getting the other mechanics done. Hope it wasn't too problematic :)

As I said on the stream I really like that texture on your world model. The game looks nice. Did you use portals for the "getting lost" bit? Or was my mouse so sensitive that I kept getting turned around?

I liked it but most of the canisters were outside the starfield when I fullscreened the game :/ Very nice pixel art and old school sound effects :)

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I liked it but also experienced the getting stuck-in-a-corner-without-being-able-to-restart issue. Movement was satisfying and the enemies are somewhat anxiety inducing so that's good lol. Also really liked the chromatic aberration effect when getting hit.

Hi, I've tweaked the version resolution now. It's still not perfect but has a fullscreen button which should help.

I didn't quite get it at first, found the control scheme on the project page and got 72 on my first go. Is that a good score? Really like the visuals

I like it :) Didn't see the bombs the first time, was just trying to water bomb and coal the birds with little success and ended up blowing up the engine the second time with a miss-timed bomb :(

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Yeah sorry, I've been having trouble getting the resolution to work in the html version but I've not had a chance to fix it. I'll see if I can do that now.

Edit: that was much easier than expected. I increased the res a bit, added scroll bars and added fullscreen support (recommended). Hope that helps.

Same problem here but I understand if it's not-submittable now.