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Really nice idea :) Like the art and concept.

Really cool idea! Like vertical shooter Adventures of Shuggy :D

Aw dang it :( thanks. I normally would have done an HTML export but didn't think I'd get it in on time. Thanks for the feedback :)

Really neat idea. A little hard to play. Might have been better to do it with 2 copies of the game scene split with 2 cameras, unless the intention was to play it with a friend over something like Discord the way you would with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

I like the idea but I found it too hard to play. I kept wanting to press on the beat instead of when the apple was in the correct trajectory xD

Might be cool to add an actual attack on a cooldown where you can swing the tail round to a specific point but you can't move while using the attack to allow for some hail mary escapes, it was a bit too hard to dodge enemies and the tail after just a few turned up but I really like the concept.

Really neat idea but think it needs to start off a lot slower with the available tutorial then it can ramp up in speed and complexity in later waves.

Nice concept. Had a bit of trouble with space bar being swap, kept wanting to jump with it xD

Really nice idea but i found the movement a little frustating. I think a selection box on either the dolls or the ground or perhaps a ghost of the doll that will be placed when undoing would help plan moves. For some reason I had a hard time remembering that the bigger doll would move on right click rather than depositing the smaller one.

Really like the idea and the art.

Very cute. I like that there's a bit of physics with the tiles like the ball on the couch. The buttons scale over the puzzle in fullscreen mode so it took me a few goes to get the puzzle working as I kept pressing the buttons when selecting any tile.

Nice idea but it was hard to understand what was going on in the fight. Maybe you could build in a risk reward thing where the stronger the robot, the bigger the reward which would get players to choose the strongest bot to build (once they realise they're playing against the bot). Rewards could be better abilities and you get no rewards if you lose the fight which would allow players to balance as they progress.

Enjoyable, really nice music. Does feel like more responsiveness might help.

Loved the music, the idea and the art, found the controls just a little fiddly but really enjoyed it :)

Neat concept, liked whamming enemies with the anchor then getting them again on the pull back.

Really like the idea, found the controls a little confusing but they work well.

Very smooth controls, really cute graphics :)

Very nice, simple yet effective visuals, interesting puzzles.

Thanks for the feedback. I don't have any Mac hardware so can never be sure.

Hey everyone, the prompts for the 12 Days of Sketchruary 2021 are now live. You have 24 hours to come up with ideas before the jam officially starts. Remember you don't have to use all the prompts.

This year I'm trying a new tactic with the prompts, rather than having all the prompts be abstract I thought it might help to have some prompts that can be implemented as props/objects within the game(s). Feel free to interpret them as you like.

Simple in concept but fits the theme nicely and works very well.

Very nice game, short but sweet and the graphics/map layout work very well.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that participated and submitted entries. This has been by far the most successful 12 Days of Sketch* game jam I've run so thanks :D

Aw sorry to hear that :( I can try to unlock the entries so you can try again but it seems like the github version is browser playable anyways so at least it can be rated?

Hi all,

In case you missed the update on the page or the Discord these are the prompts for the jam.


Feel free to use as many or as few as you like.

I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate and please forgive the tardiness on this post. If you would like an extension to the deadline let me know and I shall consider it.

Great little game :)

Interesting start. Had a hard time working out what to do. I managed to build the rocket but couldn't launch. The visuals were simple yet effective if not a little cluttered in places. Hope you continue development though.

Yes, it would have been nice to implement a proper tutorial, thanks for playing the game.

Thanks for the encouraging words :)

Thanks for the kind words. I was worried I hadn't got enough done and nearly didn't submit it so your comments made me glad I did :)

Neat idea but I had trouble getting the game to run. On Windows it never received input and in the browser it crashed after the first planet was destroyed. Liked the graphics and looked like it would have been an interesting concept otherwise :)

Really enjoyed it, Nearly gave up on the last level after finishing it dying before I could press the next level combo several times but glad I stuck with it. Graphics worked well for the style.

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Honestly I wouldn't mind taking a peek at how you implemented the flight controls. My last attempt at a flight sim was all kinds of wonky.

Very cool game. Really liked the atmosphere, the tension added by the music. Thankfully managed to save the planet on my first go! 

Unfortunately all I got was a partial loading bar then a black screen with music and I couldn't do anything :( Quite liked the music though :)

I really like this! The controls are a little fiddly but not far off being right. I could easily see this expanded into a full game.

Fits the theme perfectly. Movement is nice. Really like the integrated menu. Wonder how you could develop it further, as I was playing it I got a weird 2D Mario Galaxy vibe with the moon  taunting me every time I passed by it😂 

Cute and very in keeping with the theme, controls felt responsive. I do wonder if zooming  the camera out just a bit might make it easier to react to the frog without diminishing the challenge?

I really liked the art, animation and the sound effects, the concept was great, really liked the idea of gliding but I just couldn't get used to the controls.

I liked the Baba is You visual style. I feel like the game would be easier to master but no less of a challenge if you could repeat movements without having to press the key each time you wanted to move.