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It should be fixed!

Hi! You’re allowed not to like our game, that’s totally fine with us :) 

I think it boils down to what you expect from a game jam. There’s no « should ». We take it as a space of experimentation and we did experiment. We are video game developers and we do game jams to test out ideas, to try something different. We took a radical idea and iterated on it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t! (but I’m actually proud of the work we provided in 48 hours). 

Our goal was not to disable the player but to see where this layers mechanic could take us. We’re very aware of all the things that need fixing but, hey, we tried :)

Thanks for all this feedback! 

You're right there are a lot of design flaws and bugs. We were too ambitious for this jam :)

I actually wanted to turn the start room into a tutorial, with static ennemies and maybe a switch to open the door but we lacked timed and it turned out to just be the "press tab" UI text. 

But glad you like the concept! I hope we'll find time to make it interesting :)

Oh ok! I must have not paid attention then. 

Yes I did : :) 

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Thanks for your feedback! It's nice to take time to do that. 

We wanted to put the challenge around finding the good layer in a moment of stress indeed, but maybe we could have tested other solutions. Sorry it was hard for you to play because of the controls mapping, developers never think of left handed players it's a shame. 

Glad you liked the idea anyway!

Once you understand the controls it's such a blast to move the character around. This game is full of good ideas and wow you really polished it, both in terms of aesthetics and programming. Well done!

Ok you managed to make an interesting game in one-dimension, you just nailed this game jam. On top of that, it's beautiful and relaxing. I've got nothing to say. Congrats!

Nice game! It's a smart and good take on the theme. Plus you did some good level design, you let the player learn the mechanics in a safe environment to then curve the difficulty. Well done! One thing though, don't hard code the WASD please, it's easy in Unity to use the up, down, left and right keycodes to let players with a non-qwerty keyboard play comfortably :) 

I'm really into the aesthetics and it was fun to play. On a UX level though, I'm still not sure if the yellow thing is just a cursor or my character, making it hard to actually understand what I was controlling. 

Nice arcade game with really smooth controls. You polished your game well for a game jam, congrats!

I just love playing this game! Simple and well executed idea. With a little bit more of juice it would be perfect. If you decide to keep working on it though, be really careful with the symbols, there are so many different keyboards between qwerty/azerty and windows/mac. I lost because I got a symbol I have absolutely no idea how to type on mine.

First congrats on doing a game alone (if I understood that well). It's a shame you didn't have more time or more people with you because the idea is good and I think it has potential. I don't know what to say about it because I don't know what are design flaws and what is due to a lack of time, but just one thing: you should make it clearer when you can fall to another level and when you'll lose if you do, because right now it's just a trial and error mechanic, which is not particularly fun. If you have time later, you should continue working on this game :) 

Really good! The theme is perfectly respected so congrats just for that. I love physics-based puzzle games so I'm biased, but you did a great job on the controls and the level design. 

I was like "meh" until I saw the edit function, which could make for a really nice puzzle game. Mixing shooting and puzzles is always a good thing and I think it was not an easy thing to program, so congrats!

It took me time to figure what I should do in this game, but once I got it I had a lot of fun. It has the potential to be a really good game with some adjustments, like giving the possibility to play with the keypad, not everybody has a qwerty keyboard. Nicely done anyway!

Nice and relaxing game! I like the drawing and building mechanics, it makes for a fun game. 

This is a genius idea. It's a completely new take on the puzzle genre. I had a lot of fun trying to figure out the levels and I can see this becoming a real game (I'd definitely pay for it). Only thing: it would be nice maybe to keep seeing the level when tweaking the graph on the first level, just the time to learn and understand the mechanics. Congrats!!

The idea of going through the same map multiple times is nice, but I had issues with the controls. The platforming is too hard and try not to hard code the WASD so people with non-Qwerty keyboard can easily play :) Nicely executed otherwise!

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The controls are smooth and the game design is pure and simple, I had a lot of fun playing this game!

A fun and simple game, the revenge powers are really a nice idea. Congrats!

The MacOS build works fine! It's a fun game, which I'm really bad at. Congrats!

Thanks for your comment. The music is indeed completely broken on the WebGL build,  which is an old one, didn't update it I don't know why. I uploaded a windows and a mac build.