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There can only be ONEView game page

Be last survivor in a never ending onslaught
Submitted by OliverWilliamWalker (@OliverGameDev) — 2 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#11813.3483.348

Ranked from 138 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Great game feel, sound and visuals make it stand out quite a bit! As others have already pointed out, it's kind of hard to understand what to do at first. But once I got it, I fell immediately for it. Sadly it become s very laggy over time - you probably did forget to free objects that leave the screen? Also I didn't quite understand the point of the pillars (apart from aesthetic reasons at least): the don't serve as cover, as blocks move threw them, but as sparse as they are, they don't pose obstacles for your herd as well. I would consider rewarding points not just for survival time, but also for reaching movement goals (like "move your herd to the green pillar") to prevent the player from camping.


This has a great game feel. I felt really bad when I messed up and got my wee followers squished. I liked that I did not have direct control over them and had to shepherd them to where I wanted them to go. Thanks for the great entry!


I was in fear for most of that time. that noise of getting splattered was too visceral. Thanks for making this.

If you have time take a gander at my entry!


Very neat idea and I really liked visuals :)


Fun and original idea, slightly confusing at first but after my first death I got the right idea. 

I have some criticisms in terms of implementation, but design wise very fun and original


Interesting game concept, with some flaws:

  • The game is not getting any more difficult after the red cubes start to role.
  • You can easily go to max score by hugging a pillar. Made it to a score of 2000 with ease.
  • But getting to a score of 2000 showed me that you may have forgotten to delete the red cubes as soon as they leave the play area, because the game gets SUPER laggy over time.

I hope my feedback helps you.


Almost got to 1000! Whoops, I kept trying to click on "Dash" as though it were a button at first. Really interesting sound design in this one, gives it a completely unexpected mood. 


Cool swarm simulator) I like controls and visuals. Though, I'm not sure how it fits the theme. Good luck!

Good game, nice to play

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Would be great to have small tutorial or guidance at the beginning to esier understand how to play. My first turn I thought the small creatures that run towards my mouse are actually the enemies haha, so I tried to kill them as quickly as possible... 

As soon as I undrstood that I should help them survive as long as possible the game became much more fun :). Good job!


After a couple of minutes you starting to understand how to play it. Healing is a good surprise if you live long enough.

Unfortunately it's almost impossible to play in browser. Win version much better. First game had a bug though.


Fun game, but i think you don't need a web version because it was laggy. I think you should optimize it more or just have one downloadable version. Oh, and please check out my game too. Here the link: how to play is in description


Cool game, movement is fun, first time I played for some reason nothing showed on screen except the cursor.  Once I restarted it worked and was great.  Lot of fun, very addictive.  Wish I had more time to play more.


This is really cool and fun to play! It would be cool if the enemies started coming more often or faster or they were bigger when you have higher scores to keep it challenging all the time.

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Omg I love that "Only... one..." when you die XD Very fun, I got a score of 586!

Our game also stuck with the highlander motif of "only one left alive," check it out!


Great game! I like this concept where only one can survive.


I was a little unclear about what to do at first. I thought I was leading the little guys like Pikmin or something, and I actually had to read a comment to realize that the white dot is the player avatar and not simply a pointer for leading the little guys, lol. But once I got the hang of it, it was pretty fun!

This game was too graphically advanced for my laptop to run it but i'm sure it's great. Please rate my game:


I enjoyed the game a lot. There's only one button (besides mouse movement) and overall it's a lot of fun. The design is good and the level feels hectic. Enjoyed it a lot.

Great game, could honestly see myself sinking some time into it on a train or something as a mobile title, however, I don't really believe it matches the theme very well. The only time I can really see the "Only One" theme shining through is in the split second before you lose, which doesn't seem particularly relevant.

Stylistically I really enjoyed the visuals and audio, I feel like it really matched what you were going for and should be commended on that. The gameplay was solid and a little stressful (which is a good thing) and really causes you to keep up a hectic fast pace.

Sidenote: I had trouble running it on my pc. The web version (chrome) lagged a lot to the point of it being unplayable, and the downloaded version functioned perfectly fine, but the UI constantly hovered in the middle of the screen (however it was not distracting to the point of believing it was an intentional choice at first).

Great submission, would support a full release.

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