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For some reason dice count substracts twice when using a die: first on pick-up and second on landing.

Really cool relaxing game. I like it doesn't have a moves counter, perfectly fits the idea. I totally agree with such a high ratings. Good job!

Thank you for feedback! It was the first time I work with NavMesh and buildings have NavMesh Obstacle on them, but it still works kind of bad. 

Thank you for feedback! We are glad you like the idea) 

Thank you for playing and including it in compilation!  :)

There is a winning tactics: keep clicking until enemy drop the defense) Good luck!

Nice little game. I wish push force be reduced and enemies push me as well, so it can be a real fight Smash Bros-style. Good luck!

Cool and fun TD. Like the art style and characters. Good job!

Interesting idea. Web version is a bit laggy and controls aren't that sharp as it required from platformer. But I like puzzle side of the game, not only memorizing the dangers. Good luck!

Nice idea but not challenging enough. I'd recommend you to focus on figures with more complex shapes where you need to think how to put blocks. Good luck!

Sorry, I couldn't understand how to play :(

Thanks for your kind words)

Thank you for playing and feedback!)

That was an interesting experience you may be sure) Thank you!

I really like the idea of having only one building active at time. I understand that idea came from "TBS with one cell", but for convenience it'd be better to show it as  different buildings with only one active. Nevertheless, good luck!

Cool swarm simulator) I like controls and visuals. Though, I'm not sure how it fits the theme. Good luck!

Nice and fun idea) I stuck in walls several times, but it's 48 hours jam after all) Good luck!

It feels a bit buggy at first, but as you play further you get this speedrun feeling. Fun game) Fix gravity, please. Good luck!

Good idea. Saw the similar game at the Mark's stream yesterday. I am surprised that there are so many unique ideas made by different people) I'd recommend to you to look at more hand-made levels rather than randomly generated. And make some indication of where 1 is (first thing I think of is a light beam from 1, so you can see it even if it's on the opposite side of dice). Good luck!

Cute puzzle-platformer) Art is cool as always. I like the option to stop before obstacles to adjust timing. Good luck!

I like the graphics and aesthetics. I couldn't die though, so it feels simple. Also I hope spikes will kill skeletons, but they just avoid them. Good luck!

Nice meta-game) It crushed at the end and I'm not sure if it was intended. But still I feel some Undertale vibes. Good job!

The concept of making different movents depending on button state (one press, hold, release) is interesting. The game lacks some smooth and polishing. The hit areas of enemies is too big, usually it doesn't let you to dash in time. And aimig is extremely hard. I wish bullets fly in all directions while I'm rotating. Good luck!

Tiny but smooth and polished mind-bending puzzle. Love it) The most fascinating thing is that you start to think in this space by the end of walkthrough. Good job!

Nice idea for endless runner. Already suitable for mobile. Good luck with this one!

Really cool implementation of One Tower Tower Defense. I like small design decisions that makes this game stand out among others, like you are always occupied with collecting gems while tower is shooting and time stops when you upgrade it. Very clever) Good luck!

New filters are very cool! And reporting broken games seems an awesome idea.

If you don't mind, I'd like to share some thoughts on submission process regarding UI. The only thing frustrated me was that our game didn't show  up in the list of my existing games on for submission. I thought it was due to server issues, tried to refresh page and other stuff, but it didn't work. It took me a while when I undestand that pressing "Add new project" button automatically submit game to jam and our game is already submitted. So it would be perfect to show already submitted game in the list of existing  games for submission (if it's not a bug of other kind). 

Thank you for your work!

Thanks for playing!) Will check yours as soon as I am at home.

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We uploaded a version with critical bug that has been crashing the game. It is a strategy with only one enemy unit - Dragon - and it had two regimes of movement: in air and on the ground. Whatever action Dragon had decided to do while on the ground it immidiately crashed the game. I'm glad we noticed it early and managed to quickly resolve this problem and upload patched version where I cut off landing completely. But still we have a bug with Dragon still flying after its health dropped to zero. And I'm not speaking about units navigation problems - it was the first time I used NavMesh in the game.

Here's the game, btw

We made a real-time strategy with only one enemy unit)

Hi! Here's our game. It's a real-time strategy with only one enemy)

Thank you for feedback) 

We definately wanted to do more but couldn't make it in time. The initial idea was to make a Dragon with random weaknesses (e.g. to fire or to poison) and give a player units with different types of damage so he/she needs to try different approaches to find a weak spot. But I like your ideas of how it can be evolved further with different types of dragons or monsters. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing and sharing your feedback! We are glad you experienced emotions we planned. Btw, Warcarft III was our main source of insipiration)

We fixed the bug with Dragon's "afterlife" and will upload it as soon as jam is over.  

Thanks! Yep, it is a bug and we already fixed it, but can't upload the patched version due to jam restrictions. Also there is no "You win" screen at the moment, but if Dragon's health drops to 0 you may consider yourself a winner)

Funny game) Love reading descriptions, but sometimes they are too long and if decide it isn't match I just throw it away. Good luck!

Really nice game with enjoyable physics. Tried several times but couldn't get to 100 grade. Good job!

Cool game and hard. The first one I see with "one color" approach. Good luck!

Cool mechanics! What I like the most is that you teleport to your projectile so you need to think carefully where to throw it unlike many other games with "one bullet" mechanics. Controls are a bit slow (I played in browser), but idea is great. Good job!

Nice game with one bullet mechanics) I like that your projectile returns to you. As far as I noticed if you hit enemy with projectile once it won't damage enemy on its way back. I'd like to double damage enemy as it requires certain skill and positioning to do so. Good luck!