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I played your game earlier and i really like it. It ran a little slow on my laptop but that's just me, overall great concept

It has a lot of potential, while i like the idea of this rythmis/physics game, the pieces falling off are a bit inconsistent and there are no audio cues that you did the combination right, also it's hard to tell when you button presses will register for the next row

I really like the idea of only going left, it's a unique take on the only one button concept. I just wish you turn faster and that the arrows were bigger so that they would be a bit easier to pick up. Overall a nice clean and simple design that i liked

Awesome game really fun, great difficulty curve, mechanics feel great.

THis game is so fun! at first when i clicked i was surprised because i died immediately but then i had this epiphany moment of "oh that's how it's gonna be controlled." And i absolutely love the way it's kind of a pat your head and rub you tummy kind of challenge. Great job. One critique, maybe just introduce new challenges as you continue to keep the gameplay fresh. Overall an awesome and fun game

Unique idea for a game but was a little bit confused about the controls

I already found this game earlier and i love it! The art style is retro with a lighting tint, the gameplay is unique and fun. Best of luck

Unfortunately i can't play this bc i have a mac, but the art style looks amazing!

Really liked it, nice where's waldo game with a multiplayer twist

Unfortuneatley i can't play your game bc i have a mac, but visually it looks awesome

I helped do the art for a game for this game jam. I play a decent amount of video games so i want to critique level design and also highlight some cool concepts/art. P.S. play the game i made

OMG I LOVE THIS!!!! Thank you so much. So funny. You made my day!

I love the physics based gameplay! A little bit confusing on how it's gonna hit because of the club sprite, maybe change that a bit. But overall as someone who plays golf this is really enjoyable! Also really good for a first jam!

P.S. please rate this game i did the art for

Amazing game. I absolutely love the art style. The mechanic is fresh and the gameplay is smooth. A slight critique, maybe give a better indication of the crystal's health. Overall a great game though. Best of Luck!

P.S. please rate the game i helped with

Super fun, and hard. Really good physics based engine. I really love the art style. Best of luck

P.S. please rate my game

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This game is awesome! It's super fun. Like pug version of superhot.

P.S. could you please play the game i did the art for

Another game i've seen that sounds/looks cool but i can't play bc i have a mac. Best of luck

PS could you please rate my game

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Visually this looks amazing but unfortunately i can't play it bc i have a mac, i'm sure it's great

P.S. could you please rate my game:

I would really be happy if you rated our game. I did the art for it.

Really liked the design/theme, mechanic is fun. A bit slow but that's just my computer, great game!

P.S. pls play my game that i did the art for

This game was too graphically advanced for my laptop to run it but i'm sure it's great. Please rate my game:

Yes please

Please rate thank you

I will try to play most of these, here is my game

We did a maze game with only one exit and a copy character that you can't touch

I did the art for this game, it's a maze game with only 1 exit. There is a shadow version of the character that you cannot touch or you die

I did the art for this game, it's a maze game with only 1 exit. There is a shadow version of the character that you cannot touch or you die

I did the art for this game, you play as a cute blob:

For our game, a maze with only one exit:

my art was mediocre to begin with so please, make it worse

I will play your game here is mine

I made a cute blob character for our game:

I like the axe movement and theme but character movement is too slow (might be my computer)