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Great game. Thank you very much for adding controller support. Made the game even better.

Playtime was only 6 min tho. Most of the puzzles were very easy and none of the turrets were a major problem.

Really nice gaming experience. Love the puzzle elements at the end.

Took me 23 minutes to complete because my mouse got fucked up when I interacted with the first recorder. Also the sound was no playing properly anymore. Had to restart it at that point the first time, which was almost at the end. My mouse got fucked up again on the second try, but I was able to finish. Is this supposed to happen or is this a bug?

"Close the door fast!" *Closes the door super slowly. Nothing bad happens*

Cool little game. A little shorter than 10 minutes. Only took me 6.5, but that's fine.

Not fully happy with the controls. I would have appreciated spacebar to jump and maybe controller support. But due to it being this short, it was completely fine.

Small, weird and interesting game. I think that describes it the best.

Took me 12 minutes to solve, but that includes the 90 seconds wait time from the start. So I would say you have met the goal very well for the 10mg collection.

The only thing that I didn't understand was the hearts. Should I be able to collect them? Is there some hidden mechanic?

Yes. I plan to release is for mobile too. That's why I went with this awkward screen orientation for the PC version.

But there is still a lot to do before it is ready for mobile. Follow me on Twitter to stay updated on the progress. Link is on my website.

Thank you very much.
The end was a case of too less time left... One hour more and we would have made a proper ending, maybe with an explosion or so :D 

But what is a game jam where you are able to finish everything.

Yeah, that's the end of the game. One hour more time and the ending would have been better. But what would a game jam be without some unfinished parts 🙈

We didn't put a proper tutorial in the game due to running out of time, but you can jump with the spacebar (or A button on XBox). I think that should help you get through the level However, not having a tutorial is still bad.

Yeah, we run out of time to make a proper ending, which is really sad...

Regarding the clunky controls. They should have been a little more cluncky inspired by the theme, but maybe we just got used to them and accepted them as they are. Thanks for the feedback.

I'm glad you liked our small game.

Unfortunately, we had some more crazy obstacles in mind, but didn't have enough time to implement them properly. 

Regarding the music synchronization. I might also feel like it is off due to the rather weird WASD controls. I was also thinking about doing a rhythm game for quite some time, but I would rather try to write some code that analyses the music and creates the button prompts automatically, because making them match is a rather critical endeavor. :D

It is completely fine to ignore game jam games after the jam is over. Happened to all of my games so far, but as long as you learn something during the jam, which you clearly did, it is perfect. I'm glad my comment helps you.

Feel free to check out our game. Would love to get your feedback too.

Thank you very much. We really put focus on finishing the game, but that also meant that we had to throw away some of the planned features. But yeah, better have a finished game than some glitchy, buggy and weird looking mess :D (not pointing at any other game out there)

Thanks for your feedback.

Yeah, we had some ideas on the list that didn't make it into the game. Like the car getting faster and faster during the run, but that was scrapped due to running out of time...

We also did not explain the controls very well in the game which resulted in some people not finding out that they could jump. No time to make a proper tutorial...

Sounds like a typical feature creep issue to me, which is completely fine for game jams. Especially when you are not very experienced yet. Stitching different parts together at the end is always critical, but I have to admit that we did the same this time because similar to the name of our game "Chaos Commute" our workflow also was a little bit chaotic. First time attending with a team of 7 people. We also fucked up the end of our game, but you have to play it yourself to find out :D

Anyway, as long as you had a good time during the jam and maybe learned something during it, the time was worth it. Keep going and maybe we see each other at the next jam.

Yeah, it would have been cool if there were more levels, because I think the mechanic sounds interesting and it is also interesting to see that you had something different in mind than I had. 

Feel free to checkout our game btw. Would really be appreciated.

So? It wasn't a bug, but a feature? Because keeping bugs in the game is usually not a great idea :D

Btw. feel free to check out our game. Would be appreciated to get your feedback on it.

It's fine. finished your game an submitted it. That's already a big step because many don't achieve this. And as long as you had fun making the game and maybe also learned something from it, you spent your 48h well. Keep going and your next (game jam) game will for sure be better.

Btw. feel free to drop by our game and leave a rating and maybe feedback. Would be appreciated.

As others already mentioned it, really cool idea to combine the genres to create something new. 

However, your game has some flaws, which I would like to explain here to help you improve on it:

  • I assume that you have used the normal Text GameObject for the WASD, because the resolution is super bad. Please ignore the Text GameObject and use the TextMeshPro for everything instead. Super crisp fonts at all sizes ;)
  • Why did you decide to take WASD as controls? I just couldn't wrap my hand around the weird positioning of the keys in a straight line. It would have been nice if you took 4 keys that are next to eachother so that the player has an easier time pressing the right key. Ignoring the theme on that part, because messing with the control scheme too much is just annoying and frustrating. ASDF would have been really nice as keys.
  • The start of the game was a little weird because most of the time it directly showed game over for me. I just had to try a few times until the game started, then it was ok.
  • Are the buttons prompts in any relation to the music or are they mostly arranged randomly? Because I couldn't really find a pattern and that is very important for a rythm based game. Maybe it's just me.

I hope my feedback can help you.

Definitely one of the best games I have played so far.

I really like the art stlye. Especially the background. The idea is really nice and the levels are designed very well. There is just a small problem with the order of the levels. As already mentioned by EnT_JLR, the jump from level 2 to 3 is madness. The order for the levels should have been only SingleDan and introducing all the colors and then changing to DoubleDan but also decreasing the amount of colors so that the player has time to get used to keeping two Dans alive. You could also think about the rate you are introducing new mechanics. But yeah, that's way too much for a game jam and I didn't rate your game any worse because of that. Just something to keep in mind for the future.

Oh and btw. why is the fourth button using 3 colors? Orange, brown and cyan? Or did I mess something up when clicking around in the options?

One more tip. Maybe keep the button-color-information on screen all the time. Not that big as at the start, so that the player can make a quick peek to see the correct button. Especially at the start or introduction levels.

I hope my feedback helps you.

Very cool and solid game for a game jam. I enjoyed my two play sessions. In the first I was not paying to much attention and wandered off into the forest which is a bad idea because you can't survive long without the speed powerups. On my second try I cleared the whole city and I was a little disappointed when it was over.

It would have been really cool to have levels or procedurally generated maps, but I know that there is only so much time in a game jam and this is not lowering your final score.

The graphics and sounds are really awesome. The screen shake/zoom maybe is a little too intense for me.

Very cool game. 👍

I can't help myself but this comment really sounds like one of those super face comments that would get posted to Amazon or similar sides to attract buyers. :D
The game is really fun tho.

Definitely one of the better games I have played so far. 

I really like the simple art style and the nice music in the background. The glitch effect is super nice. The slow motion effect when two planes are close to a collision is superb. Very well done game design on that part.

But there are also some points that needs some improvement:

  • I was randomly losing health in level 4 and 5. It also appeared to me that there were less airplanes around. Maybe some of them hit an invisible collider outside. You might want to check on that.
  • Level 1 definitely was the most fun for me because it had the most planes and therefore was actually challenging the most. The following levels were all easier to me. There is definitely some tweaking needed.
  • I had one occasion of two planes spawning close to each other and then colliding, without me being even able to see the character to react and prevent the collision. Should be simple to fix by just checking if a plane with the same color is near and then calculate a new spawn point ;)
  • The game definitely needs some sort of speed up option. I think the spacebar would be a very nice key for that. If hold down, the game runs at 2x speed or so. At the start and end the planes were flying so slow and not even close to a collision that I could easily check my Twitter and stuff :D
  • Althought the simple graphics are nice, I could also think of some more advanced graphics and effects (storm) which could make the game more appealing.

Please don't take my points above as negative. You have created a great game and I just want to help improve it ;)

I really tried to finish this game, but it just doesn't let me... 

First of all, the house has a shit ton of rooms and I have some questions. Why are the windows open when they just kill you? Why does my inventory gets deleted when entering the house (note and key)? Why are 4 enemies spawning in the right room on the first floor? 

Btw, the last question was were the game just didn't let me progress. Sometimes I managed to kill one of the enemies, but for the second one my reload was too slow and I couldn't go back through the door. On some other tries I directly spawned in the enemy and died.

Getting send back to the start of the house was very tedious and got annoying very fast. Especially due to what seemed like a bug to me.

I never found out what all the keys and the flashlight I found were used for. I really wanted to finish the game.

Regarding your implementation of the theme. It fits but it doesn't really add to the game because I can just spam the Q button anyway.

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I really try to play your game but I'm not sure what is going on. The "first" level is easy. I get the key and open the door, but then the map is upside down and I spawn outside of the map without any way to get into the map. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I would really love to give your game an honest rating, but right now it doesn't look very good. Sorry.

Sorry, but I don't really get the point of this game. If I understood it correctly then I'm just running around slowly trying to get lucky and being able to grab onto the lawnmower until I lose grip (for whatever reason) and the loop continues. There is no real challenge and having this random movement makes the game frustrating to play. 

I think, I also managed to bug the game out because the lawnmower got stuck in the wall and I could grab onto it forever.


I hope my feedback helps you a little bit.

I really like games that use the keyboard as a layout, but unfortunately all of the games are using the american keyboards (at least that's what I think this one is), because it is for sure not a German one. That made the game very hard for me, because I just could press some of the buttons and they were racking up points which was really sad...

In the end I was able to win because there were only the left control key left which I just spammed to get the last points that I was missing. I don't know if that is intended or if it is a bug.

But not taking all the keyboards into account for a game jam is very common. Most noticeable with Z and Y.

The graphics could be a little more flashy and juicy.

Overall solid entry for a game jam game.

Really interesting mechanic, but it's sad that you only had one level "finished".

It wasn't really hard to finish, but I'm a little confused why you have three different buttons for the actions, when in reality you can only perform one of them. Wouldn't one button be enough and the order in which you execute them decides which actions are get filled into the wheel.

It would also be cool to have an option to clear action slots. I think this mechanic has some potential but you really have to think this through and keep possible levels in mind.

Really clever idea. It really fits the theme and it has wonderfully frustrating controls. It felt a little bit weird to yell all the commands, although I was alone. 

It gets a little repetitive because it's always the same and the gate is just getting smaller and smaller. Maybe some other game mechanics would be nice. Maybe some collectibles or so.

Btw. I managed to get out of the fence on the Level 4 (might be wrong here). I did so on the fence which only had one horizontal bar and let the wolf run at the maximum speed. Maybe you want to fix that if you continue on the game.

All in all, solid game jam entry.

PS: How many levels are there?

Thank you very much for your feedback. 
Unfortunately, we didn't had the time to get the tutorial part into the game... It is mentioned on the website, but I know that only a few people will read the info there...

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OMG. This is a really beautiful game and well made for a game jam game. I really like how you provided the different keyboard settings. 

The have seen a few games that were using the keyboard layout, but yours is really innovative with the wave mechanic. However, the game made me feel uncomfortable really quick because of the different keys that have to be pressed at the correct time. It took me way too long to figure out what position is what key and changing the keys so fast did not really help.

I don't know if its just me, but that was very annoying.

In the end I lost 22-55.

PS: I know how to use all my 10 fingers to type fast, but that did not really help for your game :D

Interesting concept. I miss an indication on the direction of the magnet. Couldn't get up the second stair in the 2 stairs level unfortunatelly...

Want more levels. The concept is nice.

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Damn. That's really weird. it works fine for me in all versions... 
Seems your key is broken then :D

What Controller did you use? If it was a PS4 Controller, try running DS4 Windows. Could also depend on which version you play (WebGL or Windows).

Hi hi! Thank you very much for your feedback.

We are planning to continue the work on the game and we will take your feedback into consideration. But we are not sure if we will keep the bee theme. Sorry for that.

That's a feature, not a bug. 

I will checkout the link later. Thanks.

Linux build online.
First time I made a Linux build. Please let me know if it works for you.

Good point. We will think about this. Thanks for your feedback.