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You mean like this?

I Think you will also like my other tweets. All the features that you see there will be in the next version of the game.

Wow, thank you very much for the kind words. I'm really glad you liked the game and already had such fun with the current state that to be honest is only a sliver of what I have planned for the final game 😉

If that was fun already, the next version will blow your mind 😎

I tried all of them now.

I already knew Webbed (first game) and I'm following it's progress on Twitter. Really cool game. I'm planning to have a similar mechanic for my spider string and web mechanics, but it's a little bit more complicated in 3D. However, my gameplay will be more cozy and wholesome. No lasers. Sorry 😅

The second game looked interested from the description, but the controls are a little weird and the game is very slow. Very similar to mine tho from the idea, but again no catching insects in my game.

The last one was also interesting and it was created during the same game jam when I created this game with some people that are really close friends now However, the controls of the game are not great.

Yes, that's the next feature to be implemented 😎

Can you link me some spider games. I would like to see what else is out there. Collecting some inspiration.

Yeah, it's funny how I actually learned some geography from a game that I made. And I know that you are a fan of games that help people learn new stuff.

Btw, we are currently improving the game, because the 3h time limit for the game Jam forced us to cut some features. Updated version soon.

Yeah, it's crazy how many countries are out there, that you might have heard of before, but just can't figure out where it belongs too. Really funny to watch friends struggle sort the more obvious countries wrong. 🤣🤣

Btw. I'm sorry to inform you that your high score isn't even close to what is possible. Not sure if you want to know what it is. 🙈

PS: We are working on an updated version that has better controls (volume slider, sensitivity slider, training mode, ...). Maybe you want to follow to give the new version a try too.

Yeah, it's also my favorite emote right now and also the one that took the longest to animate. But, I have some other cool emotes on my list that I will implement soon.

Thank you very much for the kind words. Yes, I'm working really hard to get this little fella walking and jumping that smooth and I'm happy to finally been able to let others play my game, athouth it's in a very early state from what I imagine it to be.
Not sure if I can make your dream come true, because I'm rather planning a nature setup for the game, maybe with some caves/ruins, but we will see where the journey leads for my little spider.

Whatever you want to say about the game, drop it here. 😉

Please post all ideas that might improve the gameplay here.
I will go through all of them and if they fit the game I will implement them.

Project Spider (Demo) community · Created a new topic Bugs
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Please write down all the bugs that you find in my game. 
I will try to fix them as fast as possible.

Not only that, but the colors of the continents are taken from the Olympic rings 😉
Had to add the orange color, because the Olympics combine North and South America in the red ring.

Thank you very much. Having two colleagues who specialize on 3D modelling and audio really helped a lot to make this game look and feel that great.

Yeah, I think 4 packages might actually be enough for your game, but you could also increase the number of packages if you plan to have several levels. So many ideas for updating the game, but rarely any game jam games get updates after the jam is over. I know that from experience with my games 🙈

Good, that we are on the same side with the floaty controls 👍

And yeah, I'm always taking a lot of time to give proper and constructive feedback for every game jam game I play. Unfortunately, that lowers the amount of games I can play and rate, but at least my comments are really helping other developers.

Nice little game. Graphics are cute. I don't know why, but I'm a big fan of pixelart games.

Audio during the game is nice. However, my ears almost exploded when the game was over because there were too many sounds which were way too loud. I think missing all the houses got triggered or something. Please fix.

The pathfinding algorithm should also be improved, because the nodes that are chosen are a little weird. Not sure if looked up any algorithms for that but A* (A-star) pathfinding is very neat solution and easy to implement that should give you the shortest path on a grid based system.

I would also very much welcome a way to extend the path. Right now I always have to wait for the truck to reach the destination before planning out a new path. It would be really cool, if I could start dragging from the endpoint of the current path to plan out the next path to take. This would greatly improve the gameplay loop.

Very good game and very good game design with the indication which tile breaks next. The bullets also move with a good speed and are easily avoidable, as long as there is enough space. Music and sound effects are top 👍

Two things that I didn't like:

  • The gray area on the top was not 100% intuitive, although I through the packages there because that's the only free area. Maybe change the color to yellow 😉
  • I'm not a fan of the floaty controls for the character. Feels like he is moving on ice. A more direct response would be nice, but that's more of a personal thing. Some games go into that direction, some into the other. 

Are you planning to continue working on the game? Maybe more levels and different traps?

Nice little game. Controls are fine and the objective is very clear, thanks to the arrow. Music and sounds effects are fine too.

Two points that I would improve:

  • Increase the gaps between some houses so that you can fit through. Little bit annyoing when you try going through and then have to run around it.
  • Better indication for people that try to steal your package. I lost way too much money because I just ran into somebody that I didn't think was after my package.

Is the game getting harder over time?

Is there a fixed amount of people on the street? If not, then the game would be super easy, once you have all people knocked out.  😅

Nice mix of Tetris and this UNBLOCK ME kinda games (no idea what the initial game was that inspired that genre or knock offs). As already mentioned clicking with the mouse would be more intuitive and it's way too easy to soft-lock yourself because you can rotate the pieces without there being enough space. I managed to create such a scenario in level 5 or so and couldn't continue. Would be nice if there would be some kind of pause menu (for a future version) to select the levels and a restart level button (this one could have been possible for the jam) in case one fucks up, like me :D

The chill music in the background is nice. Some sound effects would have been nice. Grab, rotate, place and level finished.

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Simple and well tested concept. Well executed for delivering packages.

As others already mentioned it, music and sound effects would have been nice.

Did you draw all sprites yourself?

Only slightly annoying point is that the mailboxes don't close when the parcel is not 100% inside, but it's easy to restart and hit the shoot on the next go because I don't have to move my mouse. Very convenient 😉

If you work on a future version I would recommend having more mailboxes in some levels and adding some cool mechanics, like bouncing pads or teleporters.

Would be really nice if you credit the Brackeys tutorial you used.

Btw. why did you stop half way through the tutorial series?

Ok, I agree with you, that I might have started of with a bad wording. I'm really sorry for this. Overall your game works very well, but I really got frustrated because of not having enough control over the player due to the short reaction time that was given to me. Some times I really had no way to avoid obstacles, because in addition they spawned in a bunch.

I completely understand that you made this game in a short period of time and that making games is slowed down by surprising bugs. I really like the music and sound and the option that you could turn them off. The controls feel nice. Thanks for the explanation that you made the game for mobile too, I somehow missed that. In that regard it actually makes sense to have the character run from top-to-down. 

However, I would really much appreciate it if you are able to position the player at the top to provide the additional reaction time. This would make your game so much better 😉

Anyway, good luck for your future games.

In general a really nice game for the 3h, but there are some points that I would improve.

But first one question: Did you also make the assets during the time or are they downloaded?

I really did not like the control scheme for the car. The R/F for the tilt felt so weird. Also Q/E for roll were confusing. Why didn't you use WASD and the arrow keys for the controls? 

  • Forward and Backwards on W/S (btw your game should have backwards)
  • Yaw (left right rotation) A/D (like it is right now)
  • Tilt on up and down arrow keys
  • Roll on left and right arrow keys

I would love to have achieve higher speeds with the car and also have some sort of momentum / physics in the game. Kinda like stearing an spaceship or ship, where you can't immediately turn, but drift to the side before making the turn.

Package delivering is OK, the UI was a bit too big on my side due to my monstrous monitor, but that's an issue with some AAA games too 🙈

I was really trying hard, but I was just not able to collect enough packages in the normal mode, partly due to bad game design, but I will elaborate on it and give you some tips 😉

Why did you choose for the character to run from top to bottom? You have way more space horizontally which increases the time the player has to react to obstacles and packages. If you really want to stick to top-to-bottom, then at least position the character at the top of the screen to, again, increase the reaction time the player has. I often had no chance to catch packages or avoid obstacles in time, which is super annoying and frustrating.

Give the player a nice start. What I mean with that, don't spawn any obstacles for the first 5 seconds to avoid the player to instantly die. Also super annyoing and frustrating, but less because it happened right at the start.

Some obstacles spawned into each other. Not that big of a deal, but can also be improved in a future version.

Your game is stuttering from time to time. No idea what happens there tbh.

Yeah, I tried really hard to beat the other high scores I saw in the comments 😅

I'm always trying to give each game jam game a fair chance and try my best to finish it and reach a good score. Otherwise my feedback would be biased by my bad performance :D

Not bad for 1h of coding. Solid game play experience. Would have loved to see what you could have created with additional 2h of development time.

High score is 60.

Solid game for 3h. Controls are good. Obstacles are a little annoying.

One big question: Why shooting with spacebar and not left mouse button?

Also a timer would be nice to end the game, because right now you can play forever.

And an indication what box you are carrying would also be nice.

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Thank you very much. Yeah, it felt right in Unity and I didn't realize it was that over the top in the WebGL and Windows version. Post Jam version definitely gets a sensitivity slider + music and sound sliders 😎

Wow, that was really an awesome game. I thought our game was good, but you did an excellent job alone. Kudos.

I really enjoyed the janky/whacky gameplay. I'm not sure if your game is handling framerate correctly because I played it on a 60 Hz Monitor and weaker Laptop earlier and after switching to my gaming PC and 120 Hz Monitor I think the rotation speed and game speed got faster. But I could also be wrong. Was still tons of fun.

Visuals and Audio are perfect. Controls are nice. Nice game design with the corners. Level 1 is the best,  all others get progressively worse 😅

Two negative points:

  • I would think a circle collider on the package makes more sense because the bounces are really weird right now. 
  • Progress is not saved between session. I don't know if that is possible with the game engine you use, but I'm quite sure there should be a way. Maybe you want to look into that, because loosing the progress when reloading the page is kinda shit

Nice little game. Tbh, I got a little frustrated by the hit box of the pigeon. I just didn't know how close I could get to a car when passing the street. I would recommend decreasing the pigeon size a little bit because it is also touching the vertical roads which confused me becuase I thought I woudl hit the car.

I'm also not a fan of the grid based layout. Way too much tapping of the buttons. A free-form movement system would have been much more fun to play. 

However, I like the art which looks great and the chilled music.

After quite a lot of tries (not finishing a single one because I got hit by a car every time) I managed to get 13 deliveries done. I think that's quite good.

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Yeah, I know that feeling. Usually the developers should be quite good at their games, but that's definitely not the case 😅

Thank you very much. We are also surprised how well it turned out 😎

Nice little game. Aiming and shooting the packages feels really nice and after some rounds I was able to get $166. Quite a nice paycheck for 2 min work 😎

What I would like to be changed is the spawn time of the next package. It should be made faster that you really can spam the packages faster.

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Nice little game. Love the explosion button. It's a little weird that I have to click the ship button. You could have easily just shipped after 1 min, because the main idea of your game is to simply click as many boxes in one minute as possible (at least if I didn't get the game wrong). 

 My highscore is over 9000 😁

Servus 👋

Here's the OST if you can't get enough

The songs are all royalty free and are the following:

  • Jingle Bells
  • Stille Nacht (Silent Night)
  • Kling Glöckchen (Ring, Little Bell)
  • Ihr Kinderlein kommet (Oh come, little children)
  • Es wird scho glei dumpa (It will soon be dark)

Of course this game is not for everyone, as it is normal with all games. But to be honest, the game is really crazy and we just mixed everything we coudl think of to make the combinations as unusual as possible 😁😁

Yeah, the game is not doing a good job from a Tutorial perspective, but making a good game and a good tutorial in 48h is sometimes just not possible. v1.1 will do a better to make it clear for everyone.

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Thank you very much for the feedback!

The music was done by MerlinnSound. We are currently working on a post-jam version which will have improvements for the shooting, the rhythm-based inputs and we will have a look into the music.

At least a web build is planned, but it's having some weird issues right now. Hope to fix it for the next version. I never did a Linux build, but I will have a look into that too.

PS: You only get points when you deliver to houses that have a delivery order (big, rotating food symbol above the house), but that will be explained in the Tutorial soon

We had some time issues during the game jam, which resulted in some features not being as good as we wanted, but we are very happy with the game in general.

I added the information about the 3 fonts that we used in the game to the description under Credits.

Apparently, I can't whistle, but an awesome game idea nonetheless. Not going to reduce my rating due to my inability to whistle :D

Very straight forward game. Gets a litte bit tedious after some time. You could improve this by having drag and drop or use the number keys to select the cards to make it easier and faster to select cards and remove the needed, repeating and exhausting mouse movement.

Aso the option menu doesn't has a button to close it ;)