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I agree, thank you! I think it'd be best with a joystick/arcade stick.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah I meant flipping the movement - and I meant disorienting in a good way! It makes you think about your combat rather than just swinging wildly and I like that. If you were to go on with this idea, I think you could expand that and make different types of disorientation, and I really like that the enemies right now are a serious hindrance rather than just a nuisance.

I enjoyed this a lot despite it's simplicity - I'm a fan of the reversing controls thing (I did a version of that in my game too) and no matter how many times you run into it it still takes your brain a second or two to adjust - and that second or two can be life or death! My high score in your game was around 550. The music was great too! Very satisfying and fits the theme.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, might hit a bit too close to home for some people.

Gotcha. I'll try it when I pick up a VR headset eventually :)

Much appreciated! Thanks for playing - I think because we played it so much during testing we may have made it harder than anticipated :)

IceIceBaby is a real killer. Thanks for playing!

I think visually the game is really great, the models you chose and your art direction jive really well together. With some snappier controls and more content this could make for a nice little platformer, and it's really impressive that you were able to pump out something 3d and playable in the short time you had!

I'm getting music and spawning into the game, but no controls are working and the mouse isn't doing anything. Is this game VR only or should I be able to play it on Desktop?

Extremely great and addictive game, although simple, the music was awesome and the whole atmosphere change was tons of fun. A friend and I were playing and already developing strats and exploits (moving diagonally gives extra momentum which lets you outrun demons quicker, this is likely due to adding the velocities together when two directions are pressed). 

Lots of fun! Thanks for entering and good job!

Thanks for playing :)

We were using the names internally for most of the development and thought it would be fun to share.

Thanks for playing!

This is shockingly fun for a game where you are just mashing the keyboard for the most part! Very satisfying and it gets intense near the end. I didn't manage to get the good ending (money was hard to come by near the end) but I had a lot of fun with it. Good job!

Fun game! I like the idea. Very difficult for me - the strategy on the second level especially goes over my head. Good job!

Enjoyed it a lot! I think a simple background music track would have gone a lot way for the impending doom atmosphere, but overall (once I figured out the feel of the game) I had fun with it. Getting hit by the enemies is disorienting and I think you could play with that idea more and make something really cool. Plus, I loved the art style.

Good job!

My best run was score of 413. Pretty fun once I realized how to buy upgrades (I didn't realize it was a button at first). The strength upgrade is definitely the first one you need or you'll get overwhelmed quick. Engaging and a good time overall, although the theming is a little weak. Good job!

My favorite part was the sound effects. I'm not much of a visual novel person, but this was fun and the dialog was witty. Good job!

I got up to 143 seconds. I enjoyed it once I got the hang of it - with more complex difficulty and more random effects, it could be a really fun shoot-em-up. I especially enjoyed the creativity of the effects. Good job!

I was able to play on Windows. The music is catchy, the game works as intended (I think), but it's a little confusing. Eventually I was able to figure out the puzzles (and sort of get a hint of what the different colored boxes do) but a little more direction would be nice. Nice job anyway!

Thanks for the tip! I went back with that in mind and beat it - I enjoyed it a lot! At first I didn't know how it tied into the 'Out of Control' theme, but after playing for a bit I noticed how significantly the melting affects your movement (deceleration, bounciness, etc). It was a lot of fun and I think it has significant potential if the idea is refined and more content is made. Good job!

Good idea, very fun, like the particles and controls are intuitive. Could use more content but that's a classic jam problem. Good job!

I wasn't able to enter the gate  on Windows - am I missing something obvious? This is in the first level right after the sign.

I'm on Windows. I went back in after you said that and turned the volume WAY up and the music is there, seems like, just REALLY quiet. I like the music a lot though (I played through the first couple levels again with the music on) and I think it fits well.

I love the idea of a control bar and I like how scary and oppressive it is when you get low on control. The metaphor is not lost at all. Very cool idea. Could even be a little more difficult - my first run through I never got low enough on control to feel the effects!

זייער גוט געמאַכט

Nice aesthetic, good idea, I like the feeling of fighting against the operator. Definitely requires a good amount of thought. One thought is that maybe the path it shows should move with the robot because it takes a while to understand what is going to happen after you put in an input. Great art and the sound design is good too. Great job!

Loved it! Really enjoyed the portal-like theming of the omniscient overlord deceiving you, and unraveling the mystery as it goes. I think you could do a lot with the format too, you took a classic puzzle format and add that sort of autonomous independence and 3rd person section, it could be expanded into something really cool. 

One thing, I noticed the 'mute music' button at the beginning but (at least on my computer) there was no music and no sound effects. Not sure if that was because you ran out of time or it should be in there and it's a bug. 

Great job!

I'm getting SERIOUS Super Meat Boy vibes! Very difficult (frustratingly so) but a really cool original concept, beautiful art, stellar level design, and cool music/audio design. 

My only complaint is that the difficulty between various levels can vary wildly, and some of those levels are seriously hard. It's difficult to iron out this stuff during a jam (especially when everyone has been playing the game over and over). But seriously awesome job!

I loved this one! Totally a lot of fun, super original, really well polished, and the subject of herding sheep is great. I found myself literally saying 'this is out of control' when the panic would spread through the herd. Seriously a great time.

My ONE complaint is that near the end the strategy sort of falls away and I found myself spamming bark while jumping around in every direction, but that was at stage 5 and 6. Good difficulty too, btw!

Loved it! I definitely was not expecting the change that happened, so that's really cool. The theme is there and I enjoyed playing. Didn't see any (unintentional) bugs.

I feel like it might have been cool to have a lose state on the second part, and playing on a big monitor is a little disorienting since you move so fast across the screen, but I think the disorientation is part of the chaos and makes it fun.

Production quality (menus, credits, etc) is awesome - I need to practice that stuff so it's really nice to see it looking very good and working perfectly.

Super simple and intuitive - doesn't need any explanations or introduction! As soon as I saw the glasses sliding I felt like I knew the goal of the game. The art is funny and the animations look smooth, the game runs well, what more can you ask for. 

I'd recommend putting in a quit feature so you don't have to alt-f4 out of the game, but that's really my only complaint. It would also be fun to see how else you can mess with the controls as the character gets more and more drunk. 

Overall good job!

I like the controls = health idea a lot. I thought I understood what was happening initially but the fact that it changes which actions are disabled every turn is really interesting and I didn't expect that.

I know you put a warning at the beginning of the game, but it still tripped me up to lose the key when I picked up another item. I did that on the 4th level and it was enough for me to stop playing (I think I made it impossible to move on).

Overall, I think your theming is really good. The controls are a little wonky but maybe someone who plays this type of dungeon crawler more often will understand them more intuitively.

The art direction is really cool, I like the swapping camera position and I think if you played with that (and moving it all around the room, rather than just to one other spot) it could be really disorienting and chaotic. A specific end goal/win condition might be nice too, but still I think you did a good job. Cheers!

Really cool music and presentation - the game works well and it is intuitive. Got stuck on the 4th or 5th level when I couldn't make it to a guard without running out of movement - maybe I was missing something. Good job!

Whose gonna stop you when you can kill anything in one hit?

I absolutely loved it! What a meta games experience. And great choice of ending song. Good stuff!

I was getting stuck in the cart a lot and got frustrated, but the idea is sound. Good stuff!

For a game only made in one day, I really like it! Of course there's some things that could have been polished (a more fitting font, for example), but the core idea is there and it's fun and simple.

I recommend in the tutorial to keep the smoke dangerous so it doesn't send mixed signals. Good job!