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Thank you very much!

I'm not good enough to follow the virus :)

Is there an end scene if one can win enough games in a row?

Thank you!

Being out of control is the main point here, but I wasn't able to make better level design in time.

Maybe I just wasn't fast enough to use it.

I don't really understand why, but one time I was able to get Perfecto!

Why couldn't I use the knife I found in the other room to defend myself?

I was close to start drawing a map :) But then I thought the rooms order is random..

Nice puzzle!

But it's fully controllable.

Pretty cool puzzle game.

But I wouldn't say that there is something out of control.

Thank you! Yes, that would be good to make some better designed levels later. 

I think I'll add some sounds later. Thank you!

That is the matter of luck and weak labyrinth design of course. To be honest the labyrinth was made in last half of hour before deadline. So, of course, it should be better.

Thank you very much!

I wasn't fast enough this time to make more and better. Sorry for that!

You were out of control ;-)

But you could try to walk your clones to the exit intentionally.

It just casts a circle around current body and choose a new one at random from the cast results.

Switching is random, you can't control it.

Thank you for playing it!

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Before you'll download it, please read it.

The game isn't ready, it doesn't really have a gameplay right now. You can move two spheres with two hands, but that's all.

I submitted the prototype just to participate, but I'm sorry, there is not much to play. More explanations on the game page.

Thank you!

But don't think I could accomplish that scenario in the nearest future.

And personal question, not according to the jam:

How did you do this neon-style levels? Are that some ready assets or you did it using only unity's tools? (I'd like to learn how to do it)

Intence game! I think that's a great solution for a tower defence with one tower! You have to think and you have to switch. And you can't juse see and wait enemies to be killed.

Interesting idea! Really changes feeling while playing tower defence.

But a firepoint often means more then bonuses types. And there is not many spots to choose from. Maybe it would be more flexible, if there were more spots to fire from, but not every spot would give you a bonuse.

On the second level it doesn't look like he puts coils on square area on the left. Should it work?

Funny game!

But the portal closed and took my hand with it. So I couldn't finish all the orcs.

I'm sorry I didn't understand why it changes directions and finally I stuck angled in a corner.

Thank you! Your feedback is very valuable!

Thank you for the resource link.  It will be great to finish this game later.

Will be grate to have more levels later.

I like puzzles very much! Especially that kind of puzzles, without time limits.

Clear intuitive mechanics is good too.

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Thank you very much for your feedback!

Good game, I like it! And it is interesting to investigate this invisible level.

But it will be too sad, if there will be the only one level in future.

Thank you!

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I keep loosing. But i'm smiling! It's Fun!

Now I have to go to sleep, but I'll keep trying later!!! Music is very nice!


And I killed the boss through a wall :)

But it is pretty playable already.

Word 33 "are".

Very, very original game. 

Unfortunately, gameplay ends very fast.

"are" word 33 of 45.

Would be good to have some score counter of destroyed enemies or timer to see how efficient you were. Also maybe apply some pennalty if a player missed an enemy.

This core gameplay maght be used for a multiplayer duel game.

I missed a way to start a new game without restarting the application.

Very interesting concept for the jam theme! 

There are some bugs in windows build, but it's still pretty interesting to play switching views.  Though, maybe it would be better to have ability to switch views in both directions.

Impressive memory training game. Especially in Extreme mode.

The first time i saw that ring-ghost-girl, I thought it was my imagination :))