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A dimensional tactics game made for GMTK 2019
Submitted by Squid1501, Stefenism — 1 hour, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#10413.5003.500

Ranked from 32 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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An unusual but cool tactics game~
Not yet sure there's much benefit to using as many tiles as allowed (I cleared it using only two spaces) but at least there's the option
nice work!


Very clever! Great work on this! it was tricky to learn without a tutorial, but I know how jams go! 


Hey, that seems to be really cool one, but where is background music? :D Please, please, PLEASE add this to later versions of game. All other thing works correctly and I played it 20 minutes at least, so yeah, it's pretty good, thank you!


This is insanely original and impressively designed.


thanks! I super dig your game too.


I have no clue what i was doing in the game but i think i understand what you were going for and i think its quite original! A proper tutorial would be much appreciated by the way :D


yea I think the mechanic is strange enough that a tutorial is important. Unfortunately 48 hours forces you to make priorities.


Sorry for being late (missed your comment). Very original concept. Id like to see where jellys will attack and maybe you can let player copy cells not snapped to 3x3 grid.


I took me a moment to figure out, but once I did I was having a lot of fun. I think this is brilliant, however I don't really see the "only one" idea apart from starting with one guy. 


Had a hard time figuring out how this strategy/puzzle game works. Some tutorial would be great. It was also unclear when the jelly's and when the keeper was attacking.

I liked the idea in general though, but it is quite hard right now. I just kept duplicating the enemies and I stood no chance.


Interesting game, but I usually die after 2-3 turns, so it's not for me... :P


A pretty tough puzzle for me personaly. Great idea anyhow!


That is really clever. When I first played this game, I was confused about everything works. After playing 2 times, I understood the game but had no idea how to win. After losing twice again, it all became clear and I was seriously amazed. This is one of the most fun turn-based tactical games I've ever played. It is also fun to replay since you can try to start differently and see if you can win with a different strategy.


Thanks for saying so! I had a lot of fun making it. I appreciate you taking the time to figure it out before discounting it. 


Interesting twist on a simple turn-based game. Using your clones to create a safe path is a great idea and works well with the cloned boards. Great job!


Interesting blend of ideas 

It feels kinda like a tactical combat game meets checkers with a twist, i liked the idea of duplicating the board to gain ground, it's quite a unique mechanic, however a more detailed tutorial could help better understand the move possibilities, also had a small issue where if i copied the board and put it on the top right, the UI can overlap some tiles.

Other than that this is really a neat idea, Congrats :)


That was interesting, kept die to soon to really get into the game, but that could be I didn't fully get the rules or something. Overall a nice one.


This... was... great!

Totally different, never seen something use this mechanic. It was a puzzle game but also some kinda of mini action game. Loved trying to get the best possible layout and placement of my guy to clear as many enemies with the generator in one go.

Took a while to understand the best strategy but once you have it the game is very fun.


Nice little submission! Clever idea and solid execution! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Wow, I was completely blown away by your submission! Coming in I really didn't expect this depth of tactical decision making, congratulations on a 5/5/5 from me :)

How long did you brainstorm to come up with the broad idea, and how long until you figured out the specifics? (Like the attacking pattern of the slimes and movement options for the keepers?)


Thanks for playing

I had the basic idea for a tactics game where you duplicate the board about 6 months ago but It surprised me how little I had pinned down until I started on this. The first thing we did when we started was make paper prototypes so we could test out the mechanics before designing it. We ran the game probably 6 or 7 times with different mechanics until we settled on the balance that is currently in the game.

The first design had no way to fight back other than making copies and the players could only move one space but it felt really limiting. The 1 for 1 attacking and 2 space movement was added so that the player could have more options and create space on specific boards. The slime's movement and attack never changed from the first concept. We wanted them to be slow and predicable, taking a lot of inspiration from the bugs from "Into the Breach". All in all, after picking the game idea we had it designed in about 5 hours.


Thank you for the extensive post-mortem :)

I think testing the game with a paper mock up is really smart! We always make drawings, but that doesn't do well when the game state changes too drastically too often.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Pretty peculiar idea, I enjoyed playing it. But absense of turorial make this game hard to understand from the beginning. Nice work.

PS. I love the sotory!


In firt time i  not sure that i play right but your jelly is cool. We work with jelly too. Please check our too:


I don't usually have the patience to play strategy games but I just had to restart until I won ! Feels very great when you start taking the advantage. Good job !

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