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Hey! Thanks a lot for playing and that's actually a very speedrun time! My PB (100%) is 2:32:) 

Hi! You can contact me via

Yeah, we had some debates about this design decision, but it seemed to work nice for most of the levels. The second level's goal is to teach you that.

Hi! Do you mean the second level? Once you teach the golem to carry berries, you need to help him as well!

Awesome art and fluid gameplay! I feel like you nailed the platformer part, and the metroidvania bits are just a cherry on top! My only complaint would be that some jump timings felt a bit too stiff, perhaps you can slightly increase the wall distance? Otherwise, amazing game! 

Very cute art! Reminds me of the old flash games. The gameplay loop feels somewhat boring since you never seem to have any control over the RNG, even the items you get are completely random. Perhaps, the people you meet could give you hints about the subway's location? (or reveal parts of the map)

Loved the idea and voice over! I wish it had a bit more depth, though. 

Charming art and presentation!

Liked the idea and presentation! Dice animations are satisfying and snappy and the small tutorial in the beginning was really helpful.  The core gameplay loop feels a bit flawed, though, since even with augmentations there is usually only one correct move (and it's often obvious). Perchance, you can introduce some mechanics that span over multiple turns to allow for more strategic depth.

Really liked the art and presentation! I feel like gameplay could use a little more strategic depth, though. For example, the player could roll multiple dice at once and some of them could synergize (e.g. 2 attacks rolls can deal extra damage or maybe some elemental reactions?). Also, you could dip into the autochess mechancis a bit, allowing the player to freeze a dice to retain some control. Otherwise, a really lovely game, good job!

Haha, happens! Initially, we wanted for the dialogue to affect the rolls, but it seemed harder to signal to the player or justify logically...

Hi, glad you enjoyed the story! The RNG always the same (except for Raven). But each character can gift you their dice without playing if you pick the right choices (including raven too).

Grim retro visuals and music give the game a unique atmosphere, which I really enjoyed. The gameplay felt somewhat lacking, however. Enemies are mostly just annoying and pose no real challenge, and most power ups have no significant effect on the gameplay. I'd suggest adding a bit more depth to the game's fight system, for example by having smarter enemies with telegraphed and deflectable/blockable attacks or adding some extra dangers for the player to look out for such as projectile shooting traps. 

Unique take on snake genre! The tunnel collapse mechanic makes you carefully think about your path, which, together with the sluggish controls, adds a strategic feel to the game. As others have noted, it would be nice to give a player some warning about spawning bugs.

I'm really curious about how you made the tunnel "trail", the shrinking animation looks awesome!

Cute and chill rhythm game! Had lots of fun playing it. The music and visuals contribute to the game's unique relaxing feel, which makes it stand out from the flashy and dynamic games in the genre.

 Double hit notes are a nice twist, as they definitely add some "reactive" parts to the gameplay. However, I still feel like it would be better to make them stick out a bit. Also, perhaps the life system could be changed so it clears the screen of notes after you lose a life? Otherwise, it's really easy to panic and immediately lose the game. 

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Interesting, you don't mind sharing your system/browser specs? 

Hey, thanks for feedback! The hub was kinda a last minute decision, so it's a bit of a mess (doesn't track level progress, no correlation between level number and name), something we can definitely fix in a post-jam version.

I'm honestly curious!

Yeah, unfortunately I don't have the library server running anymore. I might get it back up at some point.

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Hi, one thing you could try is disconnecting your controller (even if you don't use it to play). If that doesn't help, you can also try a web build (in the description). Happy new year!

You need to put at least one timer node (hourglass) somewhere in the loop

Yeah, it was one of my main concerns throughout the development of the game. I was thinking about ways to discourage people from just randomly clicking on people, e.g. introducing cooldowns, having some requirements for each person or even minesweeper like gameplay where if you click on the wrong Ivan, you straight up just die (kinda savage, but it could work if there was a reliable way to find the right Ivan). Unfortunately, the development took us much more time than expected (as usual), so in the end we just wanted to have something that is fun if played "fair". Your idea is great too! I guess it could be simplified to just giving player a single chance to pick when the time runs out (or when they think they are ready).

I guess its not that obvious, but the guy in the opening cutscene tells you to bring all Ivans to him. Also there is more than one Ivan at the party, so different people might point to different Ivans (hence the clues can be contradicting).

I was thinking more about completing the words itself in correct order, but I guess it might introduce impossible situations where all valid letters are obscured by something else... 

Cool twist on factorio x order management, it's honestly impressive that you've coded all this in a span of one week! Maybe you can some random events to make the game more chaotic (machinery breaking, unusual orders, belts changing speed etc.).

I like the concept and visuals. The gameplay feels a bit bland, there is seemingly no reason to use the fire extinguisher, so the game boils down to dodging the cameras and pressing ctrl. Maybe if you add more flammable stuff and make some chain reactions, so that player can prioritize burning specific stuff to avoid trapping themselves. 

Thank you for feedback! The game can feel both easy and hard due to its random nature (sometimes almost the first person you talk to will be Ivan). But in the average case it might still take a while to follow the clues and track the right person.

Interesting idea, but the city feels empty most of the time (scared npcs just run towards the edge of the map and get stuck there). Also, destroying environment doesn't feel rewarding, maybe you can make destroyed objects drop some small bonuses (heals/buffs etc.). 

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Very polished and cute :) Maybe you can add some way to reward the player for hitting the letters in right order (I actually thought it would work this way before playing), so you'd have to snipe the right letters and change bullet types to switch between different words. Anyway, it was a great experience overall!

Also, looks like you've added some kind of smoothing to the mouse (to make stuff harder to hit I guess), but it gets kinda annoying at times.

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The idea is kinda interesting, but the balance feels very off. Once the bullets start following you, there is almost nothing you can do (only sit somewhere safe and hide, which is rarely possible and not really fun). And as there is no way to destroy bullets (most of which are being fired from your enemies), the game punishes you for just existing (even if you don't miss any of your shots and move as fast as possible). I'd suggest decreasing the number of enemies that shoot stuff at you and adding more ways for enemies to dodge your bullets (or just move fast enough), so that bullets you've missed actually punish you afterwards.

Yea, we didn't have enough time to add events and stuff, so the game isn't too chaotic (even under time pressure)

Yeah, I was thinking about that, but it could make the game a little too easy (especially because different Ivans can have a few overlapping features). Also, if you haven't noticed, you can remove items from the clue list by just clicking on them (and get them back if you talk to someone again)

Definitely chaotic, maybe even too much. It feels really frustrating when you press a key right when the controls change. Maybe you could a small pause in-between changes to give some time for the player to adapt (and decrease it over time)?

Very cute art style, but there is not much gameplay besides that. Zombies have no interactions with each other (as far as I could tell), so there is no need to prioritize targets or perform combos.

Cool mashup of papers please and overcooked. Even though papers don't bring much into the usual "cooking game" formula, they do increase the general level of chaos. It's really hard to tell when the food is actually cooked, so you might wanna add some way to check it for sure (or make the cooking levels more explicit). Nevertheless, it's a good and unique experience :)

Yeah, seems like the small intro cutscene at the beginning wasn't enough, so its not very obvious where to bring Ivans. Thank you for the feedback!

HTML build is a bit unstable, you can try the windows build instead (if you are on windows)

here is a windows build

Huh, that's weird. What browser are you using? I can send you an executable build.

Simple and enjoyable! As others have noted, perspective makes it easy to confuse lanes, so maybe you could add some lane delimiters or even change the camera angle to a more usual from behind position.