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Thank you :)

What about the top 10 though?

Its on purpose. Reverse controls modifier works like a challenge. You take it hoping to find another one in the next few rooms to cancel them out. It allows you to skip a few rooms

Oh, that's a nice idea. Thank you

Thanks for feedback :) I actually experimented with acceleration a lot, but any smaller values made the game feel a bit unresponsive. 

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

I just stored player's position and animation clip at each frame (in the array). The clones were reading values from this array in the reversed order and updating their position and animation.

Really cute graphics but the time rewind mechanic seems a bit out of place

thank you :) yeah I totally feel you, the difficulty was a much harder than we expected (it took a lot even for me to complete some levels)

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Gameplay seems a bit too simple but the game itself feels very dynamic and juicy! Also very unique take on the theme, congrats! It can make a good mobile timekiller if you add a bit more depth to the gameplay.

Amazing idea and execution. By far one of the best games Ive seen here. My only complaint could be that sometimes its quite hard to time everything right because clones move faster than you do or at least it feels like it, so maybe you can make the clones have the same speed as the player does (or even slower). Anyway amazing game :)

Intresting idea and amazing level design but controls are a bit funky. A few things that would make the rewind mechanic feel more intuitive: bomb trails, visible rewind cooldown timer, maybe smoother transition between rewinding and normal time. But anyway the game is great! Good job :)

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Thank you so much for your feedback :) I'll definitely check out your game tomorrow 

AMAZING game, easily one of the best ive seen so far! Very minimalistic and polished. Kinda has a similar idea to our game but much more cuter :)

Nice game but the rewind mechanic feels too subtle. I would have been better if bullets moved much slower so you could feel like you are rewinding something and not just getting randomly healed.

Interesting idea, but the level generator feels kinda broken. Sometimes I just faced against a solid wall of asteroids.

Very original idea! Good job on visuals and post processing, I liked the dissolve effect a lot. Gameplay has some issues though. I think spawn rates should increase a bit slower and also sometimes its quite hard to determine the bullet direction because its too dark (maybe you could add some kind of small laser pointers to the bullets stuck in your character)

There is no game. If you accidentally deleted it and you cant upload now, just upload it somewhere and put the link in the descripion.

Interesting idea but the gameplay needs some polishing. As other people already noted, the rewind action feels a bit too slow and unresposive (also slow motion effect feels kinda laggy). You can definitely make the game feel much better with smoother animations and signals (like when the enemy is about to shoot you can spawn some particle effect). Good job anyway :)

You forgot to upload the game data folder

Thank you :) Could you give some feedback about the difficulty? Did the game feel too hard or it was ok?

Yeah some levels can be very difficult. You can use left/right bracket keys to skip them.

Really liked the mood and the graphics, the game feels super eerie and magical. The main mechanic is quite unique and well executed. Sadly I cannot get past level two (I need at least one bounce to hit any shard inside the glass box).

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Wow this is one of the best ideas Ive seen so far. While some parts of the game are not really obvious and lack some visual indication (its not quite clear when enemies shoot for example), this is definitely a very innovative and fun game. Good job :)

Amazing game! The voice acting got me immersed. You dont often see atmospheric games at game jams :)

The fighting mechanic is super interesting but very unintuitive. It took me a while to understand how it works. Definitely needs some visual feedback when you slice through enemies .

Definitely an interesting idea but the gameplay has some issues. It feels really difficult to keep everything in the head (current timeline position, all your past actions) and most of the times its easier just to cheese the level by repeating a single action a couple of times and then using all other ones.

Graphics looks nice but I kinda dont get the point of the game. It could have been much more enjoable if stealth mechanics did work, but for now you can just jump over enemies without any risk to be seen. Try decreasing the jump height and add a bit of friction to the movement (so you dont feel like you are moving on ice) :)

There are two types of stars, with and without the black circle. The number in the latter indicates the total number of stars in the constellation that star is in, not the number of connections.

Wow, thank you :) Clever use of the last level

Interesting idea but the gameplay lacks responsivity (not sure if its the best work here but i think you get what i mean). You dont really feel like you are doing something. I suggest adding some particles and camera shake to show acceleration, also you can make background scroll faster so you dont feel like you are moving too slow. Some hit and collision sparks can make a great addition too.

Cool for the first game. The idea is interesting but it requires more polish because some levels feel very confusing. Good job anyway :)

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Amazing work on enemy design! All boses feel very polished and well done. 2 movement speed mechanic was quite original. Would be nice if it was used more in the game (like homing missles that you cant dodge in slow speed or some projectiles/boss patterns affected by your speed)

Cool little game. I liked the music and graphics a lot. Gameplay feels too linear though,  I just kept going forward without really mapping the maze. Would be nice if some doors were far behind the others so the player had to remember where which door was. Also you can add some distinctive marks around the maze to make different parts of it more recognizable. Good job anyway :)

Oh thats super cool. Thanks for feedback, Im gonna check your game as soon as possible.

Thanks for feedback. Ill try to speed up restart time a bit. Suprisingly, I think I spent most time working on physics. The seed kept clipping through walls and that was super frustrating. Glad I managed to fix that eventually :)

Very cool for the first game. You did very good job at combining such different genres. It was quite hard to get into the rhytm though. Would be cool if it had more visual feedback for rhytm (like disco floor in necrodancer or just some particles)

Good job at level design. Controls feel a bit laggy but amazing game anyway :)

Good job with post processing and particles. I feel like screen size is too small in comparison with ship speed so its really hard to aim percisely, try decreasing camera zoom or make the player slower. Cool game anyway :)

Amazing work on shaders and visual style. Would have been nice is buttons had some visual feedback when activated.