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Interesting concept. I havent seen anything like angry birds for ages. Visuals look cool. For me this game felt too simple. I think its good thing to add some kind of chain reactions and make physics better (more gravity, friction etc) to not let all blocks fall in random directions because its too easy to set everything on fire. Also burning time feels too long, try decreasing it.

Good start and cool graphics but gameplay has some issues. First it doesnt feel really dynamic because enemies move too slow and not smooth. Also its better to make enemies spawn in timed waves so it makes player do stuff quicker.

Cool game. One thing that felt a big bad to me is that the player is too slow and movement doesnt feel "platformy". Great start anyway!

Good little game. A bit similar to what I have made. Movement feels good but the burning mechanics is lacking a few things. First id like to see some kind of chain reactions also the moment of starting fire is not significant as it should be (like @Kiveloctiy said). Make fire particles smaller and more distinct. Great start anyway :)

Amazing minimalist graphics and solid simple gameplay. I liked the artstyle. Also difficulty level is quite high like in most old games.

Liked the music and art style. Gameplay is good but it has a few downsides. Jumping feels great but movement is missing some basic platformer things. Try decreasing air acceleration and make slide speed dependent on current player speed. Amazing game anyway!

Amazing game! Gameplay feels really dynamic. Visuals are simple and attractive. I think it would feel be even better to have a bit of fire physics and make all momement a bit smoother but its on my opinion.

Simple and minimalist game. Music and visuals are great but controls feel laggy and acceleration is too low. The gameplay will feel better with less smooth movement.

I dont think I really helped making this game but thanks :)

Saw your post on discord. Really amazing concept. You have already uploaded your game and I even havent started yet :)

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Really amazing rework of typing games. It gets impossibly hard at some time but its really fun anyway.  5 for music

I liked the tiny minimalist graphics. Very simple and enjoable

New look on typing games, quite cool :)

I liked the this tiny pixel graphics. But the game is really missing some kind of aim or problem. If its a sandbox then try to add more interactivity. Good try anyway :)

Interesting concept. Really impressing graphics for this short jam.

I dont get how to play it

Feels really satisfying to play and move. Very fluid gameplay.

Guitar hero on impossible difficulty

Yes it's very hard to make it suitable for everyone, the only thing I can do is add difficulty settings

Cool and challenging game. I really liked the brewing system. I think you should continue developing this game, but i think unity is better so i can help you with that if you want.
You can contact me using email ( or discord (FreezedIce#3670)

I think most people do that :)

I think its better to update background and camera movement in FixedUpdate because background is too shaky. But the concept is quite unusual and movement feels good. Good luck :)

Also check out my game

Nice game :) Music is really good

Also check out my game

Better than No Man's Sky. But gameplay is still a bit boring.

Music is really great!

Thank you for your review. We just took on too much. I was both making graphics and coding and i just didnt have time to make levels more interesting. The tutorial was done in the last few minutes. We didnt have time for story so we just put it in the description :).

So amazing. How many members are there in your team?

Really cool game!

Cool game :) I think you should make some delay between hooking because you can just click very fast to move in any direction. Also you could add like rope physics or something.

I cant decopress it for some reason

Please create zip archive too :)

Sad :( But there are so many game jams and so few friends. Good luck :)

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Cool! I think i can do all the coding myself. But you can help with gameplay ideas and game design especially if Lodugh does composing.

Also I will make a discord channel in a few days and invite you here.

My friend is voxel/lowpoly 3d artist, he can join us too.
Also please leave something like discord or email, so that i can contact you.

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Hello! Im working with Unity. It will be great if you join me, you can contact me here or using email (
Also here is my discord (FreezedIce#3670)

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Im free from 23rd to 26th.

I can also do a bit of pixelart and a lot of particle design.



Girl Character



Movement Test
Feel free to contact:

Game is really awesome, the concept is cool and graphics is good. Jumping is a bit crappy and too fast

Really hard, but i liked it! I think its better to add more lives. Also the graphics and sound is great!

Very hard, but the idea is unique