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Yeah, unfortunately I don't have the library server running anymore. I might get it back up at some point.

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Hi, one thing you could try is disconnecting your controller (even if you don't use it to play). If that doesn't help, you can also try a web build (in the description). Happy new year!

You need to put at least one timer node (hourglass) somewhere in the loop

Yeah, it was one of my main concerns throughout the development of the game. I was thinking about ways to discourage people from just randomly clicking on people, e.g. introducing cooldowns, having some requirements for each person or even minesweeper like gameplay where if you click on the wrong Ivan, you straight up just die (kinda savage, but it could work if there was a reliable way to find the right Ivan). Unfortunately, the development took us much more time than expected (as usual), so in the end we just wanted to have something that is fun if played "fair". Your idea is great too! I guess it could be simplified to just giving player a single chance to pick when the time runs out (or when they think they are ready).

I guess its not that obvious, but the guy in the opening cutscene tells you to bring all Ivans to him. Also there is more than one Ivan at the party, so different people might point to different Ivans (hence the clues can be contradicting).

I was thinking more about completing the words itself in correct order, but I guess it might introduce impossible situations where all valid letters are obscured by something else... 

Cool twist on factorio x order management, it's honestly impressive that you've coded all this in a span of one week! Maybe you can some random events to make the game more chaotic (machinery breaking, unusual orders, belts changing speed etc.).

I like the concept and visuals. The gameplay feels a bit bland, there is seemingly no reason to use the fire extinguisher, so the game boils down to dodging the cameras and pressing ctrl. Maybe if you add more flammable stuff and make some chain reactions, so that player can prioritize burning specific stuff to avoid trapping themselves. 

Thank you for feedback! The game can feel both easy and hard due to its random nature (sometimes almost the first person you talk to will be Ivan). But in the average case it might still take a while to follow the clues and track the right person.

Interesting idea, but the city feels empty most of the time (scared npcs just run towards the edge of the map and get stuck there). Also, destroying environment doesn't feel rewarding, maybe you can make destroyed objects drop some small bonuses (heals/buffs etc.). 

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Very polished and cute :) Maybe you can add some way to reward the player for hitting the letters in right order (I actually thought it would work this way before playing), so you'd have to snipe the right letters and change bullet types to switch between different words. Anyway, it was a great experience overall!

Also, looks like you've added some kind of smoothing to the mouse (to make stuff harder to hit I guess), but it gets kinda annoying at times.

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The idea is kinda interesting, but the balance feels very off. Once the bullets start following you, there is almost nothing you can do (only sit somewhere safe and hide, which is rarely possible and not really fun). And as there is no way to destroy bullets (most of which are being fired from your enemies), the game punishes you for just existing (even if you don't miss any of your shots and move as fast as possible). I'd suggest decreasing the number of enemies that shoot stuff at you and adding more ways for enemies to dodge your bullets (or just move fast enough), so that bullets you've missed actually punish you afterwards.

Yea, we didn't have enough time to add events and stuff, so the game isn't too chaotic (even under time pressure)

Yeah, I was thinking about that, but it could make the game a little too easy (especially because different Ivans can have a few overlapping features). Also, if you haven't noticed, you can remove items from the clue list by just clicking on them (and get them back if you talk to someone again)

Definitely chaotic, maybe even too much. It feels really frustrating when you press a key right when the controls change. Maybe you could a small pause in-between changes to give some time for the player to adapt (and decrease it over time)?

Very cute art style, but there is not much gameplay besides that. Zombies have no interactions with each other (as far as I could tell), so there is no need to prioritize targets or perform combos.

Cool mashup of papers please and overcooked. Even though papers don't bring much into the usual "cooking game" formula, they do increase the general level of chaos. It's really hard to tell when the food is actually cooked, so you might wanna add some way to check it for sure (or make the cooking levels more explicit). Nevertheless, it's a good and unique experience :)

Yeah, seems like the small intro cutscene at the beginning wasn't enough, so its not very obvious where to bring Ivans. Thank you for the feedback!

HTML build is a bit unstable, you can try the windows build instead (if you are on windows)

here is a windows build

Huh, that's weird. What browser are you using? I can send you an executable build.

Simple and enjoyable! As others have noted, perspective makes it easy to confuse lanes, so maybe you could add some lane delimiters or even change the camera angle to a more usual from behind position.

Simple and enjoyable! As others have noted, perspective makes it easy to confuse lanes, so maybe you could add some lane delimiters or even change the camera angle to a more usual from behind position.

Fun: Juggling with the bodies and balancing between eating or breaking them feels really good. It was a bit clumsy at first, but I got used to it quite fast. Grabbing the bodies requires a lot of precision and feels quite annoying at times (maybe its a good idea to increase the grab area size). Also, missing an enemy creates a strong negative feedback loop (as the enemies start to pile up and kill you very fast), I think it would be better if enemies died after attacking you (e.g. eaten)

Originality: The swinging/juggling mechanic is not new in itself, but with pushing objects around it feels fresh and original

Presentation: Crisp sounds and blood splashes add a lot to the immersion, also dynamic lights are a nice touch (might have looked even better with pixel normal maps)

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Thank you for the feedback! It was probably the least polished game we've made so far because I skipped most of the 1st day. But I'm excited to see that someone actually played it through :) I'll check out your game as soon as I can

Thank you :)

What about the top 10 though?

Its on purpose. Reverse controls modifier works like a challenge. You take it hoping to find another one in the next few rooms to cancel them out. It allows you to skip a few rooms

Oh, that's a nice idea. Thank you

Thanks for feedback :) I actually experimented with acceleration a lot, but any smaller values made the game feel a bit unresponsive. 

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

I just stored player's position and animation clip at each frame (in the array). The clones were reading values from this array in the reversed order and updating their position and animation.

Really cute graphics but the time rewind mechanic seems a bit out of place

thank you :) yeah I totally feel you, the difficulty was a much harder than we expected (it took a lot even for me to complete some levels)

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Gameplay seems a bit too simple but the game itself feels very dynamic and juicy! Also very unique take on the theme, congrats! It can make a good mobile timekiller if you add a bit more depth to the gameplay.

Amazing idea and execution. By far one of the best games Ive seen here. My only complaint could be that sometimes its quite hard to time everything right because clones move faster than you do or at least it feels like it, so maybe you can make the clones have the same speed as the player does (or even slower). Anyway amazing game :)

Intresting idea and amazing level design but controls are a bit funky. A few things that would make the rewind mechanic feel more intuitive: bomb trails, visible rewind cooldown timer, maybe smoother transition between rewinding and normal time. But anyway the game is great! Good job :)

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Thank you so much for your feedback :) I'll definitely check out your game tomorrow 

AMAZING game, easily one of the best ive seen so far! Very minimalistic and polished. Kinda has a similar idea to our game but much more cuter :)

Nice game but the rewind mechanic feels too subtle. I would have been better if bullets moved much slower so you could feel like you are rewinding something and not just getting randomly healed.