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Sorry for being late (missed your comment). Very original concept. Id like to see where jellys will attack and maybe you can let player copy cells not snapped to 3x3 grid.

Gotta rebalance things a bit after jam. Thanks for feedback :)

Oh im glad you liked it. Looks like youve played longer than me XD

Visual design is cool but it feels veerry hard. Maybe its only for me but music feels a bit delayed.

Visuals are really clean and catchy. Gameplay feels quite good too but aiming feels a bit bad.

I like the art style and metroidvania feel

It was my first experience with godot and I liked it :) Fucked up with music a bit.

Dynamic arcade where you throw axe at enemies, hope you like it :)

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Fast paced arcade game where you throw axe at enemies.

Sorry for crappy music didnt have enough time.

Fast paced arcade game where you throw axe at enemies.

First try in godot.

First game in Godot engine. Already love it :)

Very clever and original game. One of the best Ive seen here. Execution has some issues (like sometimes you can mess up the controlls and sometimes you dont see the perspective you are facing). But overall its amazing!

I liked the concept a lot. Maybe it would have been better if you can hold to choose direction (morse long), tap to charge and double tap to shoot. But anyway the game feels quite good. Got to the ending credits.

I really hate doing this but if you want you can check my game

Visuals look cool. Its really hard to hit birds. Try increasing the size of stone collider.

Wow! Very original execution of the theme.

AMAZING arcade game. One of the best executions of the theme Ive seen yet. Gameplay feels really fluid and responsive. Maybe it would be cool to see a bit of trajectory before shooting.

Nice idea but execution has some issues. Try making the ship waay smaller and make it move a bit slower because now its just too fast. Good luck :) 

I really enjoyed the music and atmosphere. Gameplay has some issues. It would be nice to have an arrow showing the rotation direction of the shield. Also some particle effects for bullets and taking damage because sometimes its not clear if you are hit or not.

Cool arcade game. I liked the parallax effects though its sometimes hard to see on what route you are.

Switching colors is sequencial.

Good execution of a concept and well designed levels. At most of the times it was quite obvious where to jump but I liked it anyway. I suggest making more platformy jumping (this explains it very well for unity but the idea is the same in any engine) with more acceleration when falling.

Thanks a lot :) I never thought my game will be featured in a video. Really sad that I didnt have enough time to make decent music.

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Good concept and artwork. Movement feels really viscous and the spark mechanic works a bit buggy (i cant recall it sometimes). Platformer movement issues are a common thing in unity try chaning sensitivity and snap values for Horizontal axis in Input Axis settings or just check for pressed keys directly. For jumping I suggest this video. Also you can take a look at a game featuring similar mechanic. Good luck :)

Thanks for feedback :) Its not really an original take on the theme but I glad you liked it. Here is similar game from this jam

Ugh thats weird. Its javascript error so the problem is probably on godot side. You can try this standalone version if you want. Cant add it to the game page because uploads are disabled.

Can you give more details so I can fix this error? What were you doing when it happened?

Yeah I know how good it feels when someone really gets pulled into your game.  I dont know the exact jam rules. But I think you can update your game to fix small bugs and issues just dont change the game in general or add more content in other cases its completely fine. 

Almost my first game in godot. I like how it works with pixel art and low res.
Dynamic arcade game with axe throwing mechanic
Game kinda features a humanoid character so you could try if you want

Artwork is amazing. Animation feels quite dynamic. The upgrade system doesnt seem to work, you just respawn on the same level again.

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Very interesting idea but its extremely hard to play because you have to remember position of each thruster. I think it would have been better if you had at least a model of your ship displaying all thrusters in GUI.

Super spooky monsters and awesome game mechanic. I like that you can complete most of the levels with different stategies (remember the path and sneak without candle or kill monsters or just rush)

Good spooky atmosphere that really dragged me into story. I like that permadeath makes your choices weight much more. I wish it had more readable font though (i suggest manaspace or yoster island font)

Thanks for feedback, I will balance enemies and combo system a bit when I have time

Glad you noticed that hidden combo system. I didn't have time to tweak it properly so it has some issues 

Very fluid and responsive gameplay. Difficulty curve is good too. I wish it had some sounds

Amazing visuals. Gameplay is pretty simple but challenging

Beautiful and responsive visuals. One of the best games ive seen so far. Good job :)