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Holy damn, that sounds incredible! Thanks for sharing it :)

This is awesome game! PLEASE, post link to LD to me have an ability to rate your game!!!!

Not so bad, but pretty boring to be honest :)

Pretty nice ps1 horror attempt, but ambiance is not as scary for me :p Still good

"Why the hell I'm doing that shit?" - AHAHAHAHA XDDDDD
Dude, absolutely amazing neat idea!!! Love it!

That's absolutely amazing! Fuck casual games :p

Hey, we are really sorry for that. You can try to switch the quality knob on the right side of the screen to the lowest value, but if it not helps - we can't help you right now as the whole game has to be redone and we don't have time for this :C

That's amazing and very-very cute!!!



I'll do my best for spreading a word about this game. 

Спасибо за такой развёрнутый отзыв и за то, что поиграли в нашу Z-Лупу!
В дичайших темпах джема нужно было быстро придумать няшного персонажа, и им стала кошечка ( ибо понятия тождественные ).
А касательно геймплея - спасибо за замечания. Кстати, эта игра победила в номинации "Лучший геймплей" у Индикатора :)

Very cute game! Neat idea!

ABSOLUTELY DOPE GAME MAN! First scene was a little bit boring, but when I've seen the whole space and all that psychedelic stuff - I was so satisfied...thank you!!!

От лица всей команды выражаю благодарность за то, что вы поиграли, и радость - за то, что вам понравилось! :)

Большущее-пребольшущее спасибо за столь добрый отзыв! :3
Про esc - обязательно учтём в следующих апдейтах :)

Очень рады, что понравилось! Спасибо за отзыв :3

Огромное спасибо за такой развёрнутый конструктивный комментарий!

This is absolutely tremendous... I glad I've found this.

I'm SO f**king impressed!!! You are incredible!

Really medative and tremendous gameplay, but it's so hard to find the "right" place to ski, you should make a special track and lead player to this track :)

Thank you so much for this nice commentary! We are sorry about all issues possible, we just had really a little amount of time and really big amount of ideas :)

thanky thanksy thank you! ;3

We really appreciate your commentary!!! Large thanks for such a nice review!!!

We are so glad you liked it!!!   Our aim was to create the most hypnotic and chill gameplay even possible and your nice words mean we managed it!

Omg, we didn't even expect such an exciting reaction,  BIG THANKS to you BRO! We worked so hard during the jam and this is extremely pleasant to read your commentary!!! <3

Hey, thank you very much, all members of our team are inspired by your kind words! :*

Excellent!! So cute and nice, neat idea!

Amazing idea! It's the best work  I 've seen here, the most thematic I'd like to say.

This is tremendous!

Well, two months later you will have on opportunity :D Thanks for you comment!!!

That's actually the BEST browser game I've ever played. I'm a big fan of a Stanley Parable and your game is really something especial for me! I have searching for something like this for months! Thanks!

Oh, that's because s̵͙̺̰̀̿̎̕͘ö̷̼̣̤́͋̎͐͝m̵̦̺̫̐͛̌͝͝ẻ̵͔̞̏t̶͍̱͒͂͠h̵̝̥͇͍̕ǐ̸͚̹̼̘n̶̺͈̬̭̎̀̾̏͑ĝ̷͓̦̊̂ ̵̖̮̮͖̯͆̓̉̋͝g̷͔̈́̅̓ŏ̵̫̪͙̪̎n̵̨͓̹͛͘ḙ̵̩͒̀̍̒ ̷͕͙͕͂́͠ẅ̷̫̦̚r̵̠̙̄̌̐ô̷̺̬͕̂̅̌ṅ̷͓̪̝̫̬̇̋̑͝g̶̭̣͉͊̽͊͌̇ͅ

You need to press "space" :) Sorry for that!

Thanks a lot dude! Yes we do, we even have already a new ided, so just wait :3

OMEGALUL! That's incredible you've made a let's play video for our game! Dude, you're awesome! Thanks you a lot for this, we will definitely provide new levels in near future, and you really inspire us to do that!
(Btw, there is a quality knob, you can choose low-level to minimize lags. You are hero in our eyes, because that was really hard to play with such fps :D )

Yeah, now I feel stupid, thanks and sorry :D  

Please, Coda is real?

Awesome guys :D

Its incredible! I really like this game, I can't believe you made it so good just in a week! You are gods!