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Awesome guys :D

Its incredible! I really like this game, I can't believe you made it so good just in a week! You are gods!

Hey, thank you very much for you comment! We are incredibly glad to hear you liked it! Every comment like that encourages us to make more games and improve its quallity , thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ;p

Gee! Thanks brother ^_^

Thanks a lot for your feedback, man! Updates are coming soon! :)

Thank you for your honest feedback! It's very important for us to hear about all problems that cause bad feelings while playing. But two days were extremely short for our little team to fix all bugs, so we are working on that all right now, hope u will try later versions of SOLOUS. Have a nice day! ^_^

Hey, that seems to be really cool one, but where is background music? :D Please, please, PLEASE add this to later versions of game. All other thing works correctly and I played it 20 minutes at least, so yeah, it's pretty good, thank you!

Thank you for trying , I know these boxes are little bit unpredictable :D We are on the way to fix it, and also our team admire every person who is brave and patient enough to collect ALL DATA , lol :)

Gee man! I'm really glad to read such positive comment from you! We're working on the "ALL BUGS AND ISSUES" right now and I can proudly say that game have to be much more playable and exciting than it's now! So thanks for feedback , see ya later! :)

Super-thanks for your kind comment! Such words always make us stronger to move forward ,so we will fix all the bug's stuff as soon as new version will be uploaded :)TY ^_^

Yeees, the aren't, unfortunately :c But we will firstly fix it in our next versions , thanks a lot for your comment, bro! ;D

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One thousand thanks for your comment , duuuuude! :p  Also tried up your game and know what? I'm really impressed! Good music, interesting and really hardcore gameplay! I like it) If you wanna tie rhythm and gameplay , you could make possibility for shooting the bullet only every 4-th bar of the beat, for example. But it will probably make your game totally impossible to play ahaha :D  Overall if you'll really add something like that , we will be very pleased our game has inspired somebody ;) Good luck!

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Yeah, man, thanks a lot for your comment! We were so insane fast , that just couldn't fix some problems , unfortunately ( But game jam - is game jam, only two days and we tried to make all stuff as cool as we could, thanks :D